Playin’ Catch-Up

Good News! I got the Wii fit to work! Yep, once I turned that Wii Fit Board around everything went well. Strange, huh?😛

My new Wii Fit Age is…..35. Not bad considering I’m 47.

I’m still Unbalanced. I get a chuckle out of that every time it comes on the screen after a round of Balance Games. Oh, if the stupid thing only knew how “unbalanced” I really am…wow. Yeah, let’s not go there. LOL

I’ve used it a few times now and the thing is very fun. I’m enjoying it. I’ve played tennis and bowling. I tried baseball but didn’t hit a single ball. Later in the night it came to me that I may have been standing on the wrong side of the plate for a right-handed batter. Hummmmm….I’ll have to try again. I’ve danced and hula-hooped. Went jogging. Walked a tight rope. Did some yoga, well still trying to get the first one down before moving on. Breathing and standing still are a lot harder than I ever thought. So far I’ve stayed away from Strength Training mainly because I just don’t want to get down on the floor. Who knows when I’ll get up again and I don’t have Life Alert.

In short, Aunty Moon highly recommends the Wii Fit! If you like video games and were thinking about getting one go for it. I understand you can pick up used units in great shape at your local Game Stop. Get the Wii Sports game/cd/thing to go with it so you can bowl, play tennis, basketball, baseball and who bunch of other stuff. It’s Actually rather addictive. I understand that I can get Quest Games wherein I can actually hack and slash the monsters with my Wii controller.🙂

Since using it seems to give me a burst of energy and I keep using it at night, I think I’ll start playing with it for a while after work and then come down to write. Sounds like it could work. I’ll just not feel bad about writing after dinner that’s all. After that, a hot bath and some TV and I should be ready for sleep.

Oh yes, have you noticed? TV’s Back on the Menu Boys! (and girls!) UNFORTUNATELY Monday night I fell asleep around 7:30, woke up to see the opening credits of “Bones” said to myself; Oh just a couple more seconds then I’ll get up. Yep. The next thing I saw were the closing credits! I missed the whole resolution with Pilante! Damn it! I can’t even get it online until a week after it’s aired. The same goes for Blondie. I hate that he’s on at 10 on Sunday nights. They’re KILLING that show! It’s always pushed back because some stupid football game ran over. I haven’t seen an episode on TV yet! Bastards! I have managed to keep up with “NCIS”, “NCIS LA” and “Person of Interest”. I happen to think Mr. Reese is rather yummy.😉 And yes I like the storyline and I love Benny-Boy, I can’t help it. My new surprise favorite show is “Sleepy Hollow”. What a guilty pleasure this is.

I grew up with The Tale of the Headless Horseman (you may have too) and I’ve been to Sleepy Hollow, NY. It’s a lovely town. I wouldn’t mind living there. The Tale of the Headless Horseman was one of my absolute favorite ghost stories growing up, I even had on…gasp!…an album…AND a 45–it came with a small read-along-picture-book! I listened to it over and over and over and over until both worn the hell out. This TV show is really good and Ichabod Crane is a hell of a lot hotter than he was in that picture book! Yes, oh yes he is. Me like. Even without our handsome out-of-time hero, the storyline is really good. It has all of the paranormal elements that I love yet still made-for-TV so there’s never anything that comes close to ‘the top’ (kind of a bummer). If you haven’t checked it out yet I recommend it.

Can anyone tell me when “Castle” is on? And maybe WTF is happening? I watched like 5 seasons worth of the show over the last year with TNT’s back-to-back-to-back episodes and suddenly…boom…the re-runs are off kilter! One season ender had to where he told Becket he loved her, they sorta broke up, then she showed up at his door. I saw up to there and the next thing I know…they’re dating, saying ‘I love you’ and he asked her to marry him which looked like another season ender. So help me out here if you know what the hell happened in there. It’s killing me!

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