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She had ONE thing right; Bust a Deal and Face the Wheel.

Of course the only options on MY wheel are “Gulag” and “Slow Painful Death”. Oh, ok, if you insist, I’ll give ‘freedom’ a 1/10th slot on the wheel too.🙂

Yep, you know it, this is gonna be a political post. There’s your warning. You know how I get. If you wanna click out be my guest I won’t be offended. You can come back another day when I’m just bullshittin’ and havin’ fun. That’s fine. No worries.

Have you heard about this debt ceiling thing?

I know, that’s like saying; Do you know smoking is BAD for you? or Have you heard about Jesus Christ?

Whenever someone tosses one of those questions at me I always say ‘yes’ and then I hit them with the other question. You should see how freakin’ confused they get!🙂

So, I got to thinking today about China and the US not making any money. Never mind “ShutStorm 2013” that lazy bastard don’t never make no money. Never. I’m beginning to think we need to kick Uncle Sam’s lazy ass to the curb. Which reminds me. Did you get your


I’m tellin’ ya, man, you need to have one of these. It’s important.

If you haven’t done so yet, maybe now really is a good time to go out there and exercise your Second Amendment Rights. Gods know I’m thinking about it hard. That kinda scares The Big Guy cuz he knows what a peace lovin’ hippie I am AND because he knows I ain’t interested in ‘self-defense’ or ‘self-preservation’ and I probably never was. Call me crazy but Death doesn’t scare me. Not that I’m suicidal or anything but I’m kinda looking forward to going off on that Last Great Adventure. So whereas I have no doubt that I would defend someone I love ‘to the death’ for myself…eh…fuck it.

If you think that’s crazy and I am mentally unbalanced (snicker) just remember I am legally entitled to own any freakin’ gun I want in this country.

Did you just get a chill? Cuz, ya know, I did. HomeLand Security did too. Yes, I see you, you fat fuck. I don’t know what software I’m paying for you to use but you’re not hiding from my stats. So hello, HLS, pull up a chair, tell the NSA to come back and join in for a while, I’m gonna get in your face.

Yeah, I should NEVER have a gun. I should NEVER even be considered for gun ownership. Know why? First, and most obviously, I have an inherent and very real problem with ‘authority’


in any variety and second I will shoot your ass with it if you piss me off. Yes, I will.

Now don’t get me wrong, in all likelihood I won’t ‘shoot to kill’ although I might get lucky. No, when I’m Queen I’m going to enact a worldwide law that simply says; When Someone is an Asshole…You May Shoot Them in the ASS.

No where else. Just in the fleshy part of the ass and you must use the smallest caliber gun possible. Other than that…go for it. No one will bother you over it. Oh yeah and the Asshole doesn’t get his/her medical bills covered by insurance or “Obamacare”. No, they have to pay out of pocket for being an asshole and walk around for several weeks with a constant reminder of what a pain in the ass they are!

Also, when I am Queen, I will settle the US’s debt with that despot China by either eliminating China or selling some prime real estate along the Gulf Coast. I figure we don’t really NEED 50 states and we sure as hell don’t NEED all of those territories so let’s settle up. China takes Florida to Texas along the Gulf Coast, nice water views, very historic, some areas may need a little fixing up but there’s tons of potential. I’ll even throw in Arkansas so China can have Wal-Mart Headquarters and be that much closer to their Profit Line. Hell, I’ll even throw in Arizona to sweeten the deal. The rest of the country gets to be debt free. And, those so inclined, will no longer have to worry about the Mexicans invading the country and being such a burden on our society. They’ll be China’s problem.

Yes, I know; Apologies to Fred, Kristina, Ronda, Lisa, Barbra, Lizdel, Chris, and so many other friends of mine in Florida and Texas. To my knowledge I have no friends in the other states, if I do….oh well. BTW, it pisses me off to NO END that WE OWE MONEY TO CHINA. I hate fuckin’ Nixon! China is one of if not the biggest Human Rights Violator on the planet and WE get into bed with them? WTF????? I guess we deserve to be roo-roo’d as hard as possible and without a kiss, dinner, a movie, or any lube.

As always, residents in those states will be given 30 days to move out of those states if they so choose and take up residency in any other state of their choice. Hell, I’ll pay for the move. Not the house/condo/apartment but I’ll pay for the move. I’ll even buy you a hotel room for a month while you look for a place.

Also, when I’m Queen (you’ll notice I’m not ‘running’ for the job I’m just gonna take it! LOL) everyone across the globe will be paid a Living Wage. That’s right. No matter who you are or where you are or what you do for a living, if you work 30+ hours a week you WILL make enough to support yourself. Yeah, no, not in ‘high style’ but you won’t have to worry about paying the rent or eating that month. I say ’30+ hours a week’ because that’s swiftly becoming the new ‘norm’ in this country. I know that because, to pass the time, I participate in online surveys. Each one of them asks if I’m employed; Full time (30-40 hours a week) or Part-time (less than 30 hours a week) or Unemployed. Trust me, no one is more surprised than me each time ’30-40 hours a week’ comes up for ‘full time employment’. It used to be 40 but we’ve cut back or something like that. Oh no wait it’s just

Like our recent countrywide grades for little things like education and standard of living.

Do you know there are like 30 other countries ahead of us on those lists? Yeah. Not shittin’ you, man. 30 or more. We used to be in the Top 10 on both…at least! No more. So much for “No Child Left Behind”, huh? No today most kids are left behind and we’re liking it that way. Don’t ask me why. We must be or we’d do something other than throw money at and take money away from ‘the problem’. Right? As far as Standards of Living go well, who the hell needs THAT?



No need to pay a living wage to people. No need to ensure that our citizens don’t starve to death in the streets sick and homeless. Right? I clearly remember Ronnie Reagan telling me that people were homeless in this country because they WANTED to be. Don’t you? So it must be true.

Meanwhile, other countries like…Australia…kick our asses in education and in the economic market. They have health care for all and they ensure their citizens are paid a living wage no matter what job they do. Hummm….strange, huh? How can that possibly work? I dunno.

After all WE don’t do that! And; We’re Number One.

Except, of course, we’re not. We’re #30 and falling fast.

I think there’s a small number of people who want to find out just how long it takes before we reach the bottom. Small but vocal and RICH. UBER rich not just ‘wealthy’ or ‘well off’ but sickeningly disgustingly grossly even perversely rich. Like, for instance, I read ‘the majority of an article online’ that stated the Wal-Mart heirs are RICHER than the bottom….49%…of Americans. If you don’t find something totally completely insanely WRONG with THAT then you don’t use your heart for anything more than keeping your circulatory system going.

We’re not talking about people who are working on acquiring their 3rd home they’re working on their 12th. You get me? They won’t be happy until we are no longer a Class Society but a Caste Society, which we are rapidly becoming. You know, I read where the American Dream is no longer 2.5 kids, a house, a yard, and a car in the garage. Nope. Today’s Generation believes the American Dream is simply being “debt free”. They don’t even aspire to owning a home anymore. That’s sad. But, I suppose, when you’re told you ‘must’ go to college in order to find a ‘career’ that will ‘support’ you and you START life $50,000 or more IN debt, being “debt free” looks pretty damn good.

Too bad Uncle Sam doesn’t aspire to the same thing.

So, when I’m Queen I will enact the Camel Law. Yes, I will. I will force certain hypocritical groups of people to obey it. After all, for the most part, it comes straight from their Book;

Matthew 19:24-It Is Easier for a Camel to Go Through the Eye of a Needle than for a Rich Man to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

In case you weren’t aware, I’m pretty sure that goes for Corporate America too. Yeah. I’d like to be there when some of those CEO’s “meet their Maker”.

I surely would.

Until then I guess I’ll just keep my copy of


Close by. Well, when it arrives. Yes, HLS and NSA, I DID order one. But Google and Amazon already told you that, didn’t they?🙂

The writer and romantic in me says ‘no’ it says ‘wait’ it says ‘everything will be all right’ and ‘all I need is’

And yep, yep, yep, part of me does still cling to that sweet old fashioned notion of Prince Charming Coming to the Rescue….

Excuse me? What did you say?

Oh fine…fine. NOT Prince Charming. I’m looking for a Dark Knight a Tarnished Hero. Better?

Much and…At Your Service.

Yeah. Right….GET A BODY!

So until then…..


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  1. LMAO!!!! Sending you some love girl. Yes your Texas friend here is laughing at your comment about giving the southern states along the gulf coast to China – LOL. I would love to see that! Truly! I’d like to see the Mexicans try to force their language upon the Chinese -LOL I’d love to see the Mexicans being forced to speak Chinese.

    I love how you state “when your Queen”. Hee hee -you go girl! LOL I hate the way our world has become. It amazes me that we have all these smart people in our country but none of them use their common sense.

    Politics really gets under my skin some times and I’ll be up front with you, I literally hate Obama! Not because I’m a racist either. I’m not republican or democrat.

    My views are mixed, not too far right or too far left. You see I don’t care what or who anyone worships – that doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is a religion that thinks everyone is infidels and they want to kill you if you don’t convert. Yes I’m talking about Muslims and I hate them for many reasons – they’re acting like the first Christians / Catholicism Rome did killing those who didn’t convert stating they used witch craft or any kind of magic etc…

    I hate most hard core democrats views because they are socialistic and I blame them for our out of control debt and for allowing these illegal aliens to stay in our country.

    I blame the republicans for the corruption of the rich in how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Most Republicans are religiously brain washed and that is why no one can compromise with anyone.

    I blame both parties for the debt we owe China. I think Obama Care will destroy our country financially. One important thing that needs to be done and that is for them to learn how to compromise and until they do this country will continue to fail.

    So I say let’s keep our country from becoming socialistic, everyone buy a gun, everyone get a lover – doesn’t matter if they are male or female, he’ll grab two or three lovers, and it doesn’t matter your color or who you pray to just as long as everyone is treated equally. Let’s fire every single person in congress, senate, and the president. Let’s get an independent in office who can give all an equal ground, equal pay, equal work regardless of sex, age, or color.

    Lets use our common sense, pay our debts and live within our means. Let’s make sure we can take care of ourselves before we send our money to other countries.

    Let’s end welfare, let’s close our borders. Let’s speak one language.

    LOL I could go on and on. The way things are headed now I’m almost to the point of wishing I lived in a different country.

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