He’s the newest edition to the clan. I picked him up yesterday after much searching for a new Fur Buddy. Miss Nicole found him on CraigsList and I emailed right away. I waited. I waited. I waited until I felt sure I’d lost him to someone else but then the lady who had him called me back. For a $30.00 “rehoming fee” he was all mine. Gee, do you remember when people used to GIVE kittens away? Now everybody wants a “rehoming fee” or a Vet Reference (which can cost up to $50.00!) But, it was a better price than the shelters wanted that’s for sure. $200.00 for a kitten at the Humane Society! $200.00 for a full grown cat at PetSmart! Damn! In their defense you can get an ‘senior’ cat or dog from the Humane Society for $90.00. That’s not too bad.

So I went to PetSmart yesterday and got; 1 scratching post, 2 bags of liter, 15 cans of food, 1 bag of kitten food, 1 bag of ‘organic’ cat nip, and 3 cat toys…oh wait…4 cat toys. One of them is a laser light that I got for my hubby who will have oodles of fun with it.๐Ÿ™‚

Then I went over to Groton and picked up Charlie. It was obvious that the lady who had him wanted me to take his mother too as she brought both of them up from the basement where she was keeping them. I almost took the mama cat because she looked exactly like Ozzie who I still miss. BUT I figured the mama cat and Harry might not get along so I said ‘no’. Miss Nicole was supposed to leave my cat carrier on her back steps for me BUT…no dice. Poor Charlie had to ride home with no ‘safety harness’. He whined and cried and mewed and then….silence. More silence. MORE silence! I’m goin’ down the highway looking in the rear view mirror to be sure I’d shut all the windows and he didn’t actually jump out like in my dream! I got home. No Charlie. I tore the car apart looking for him until I was ready to break down and cry thinking he must have fallen between the seats and was crushed….to death! But then I found him. Under the driver’s seat.๐Ÿ™‚ Poor little thing was shaking and his heart was beating so fast.

I got him in the house, introduced him to Harry. Spent most of the afternoon playing referee between them but they seem to be doing ok. I think Charlie thinks Harry is his dad or something. Harry doesn’t seem to mind the kitten, he knows he’s the King Kitty no matter what so all is well on that front.

Then we had the stickler of; What To Name the Kitten. I was going to call him Raven but I don’t think he liked it. I thought about Cap…short for Cap’n Tripps but….no. I thought about Pumpkin for Halloween and hubby came up with Sam (short for Samhain also for Halloween). I even asked on Facebook and got many cool answers. BUT, I tried to think of African-American characters in my books and hit on Charlie who is in “Kingdoms” and, the character is named for a kid I went to school with, Charlie Green, and has sadly departed this world. Some people have not so nice stories to tell about Charlie but, to me, he was always a Gentle Giant and I liked him a lot. Not to mention the fact that well, the kitten just looks like a Charlie so that’s it. AND, if you haven’t guessed by now, I have a habit of giving my Fur Family Members ‘people’ names and not things like ‘Spot’.

Charlie is 8 weeks old and although you probably can’t tell from the pictures he’s actually a black tiger cat. I’ve never seen a black tiger before. It should be interesting to see how or even if his markings emerge as he gets older.

I snuggled him in bed last night and found I have an instant TV Buddy. Yep. He wedged himself between the pillows….sitting UPRIGHT and he actually WATCHED TV. He seemed fascinated by it. Wait until I introduce him to Bones and Blondie! LOL I cuddled him through the night so he wouldn’t feel alone. I’m sure he misses his mommy and doesn’t understand what’s happening. He slept right in the crook of my arm, under the covers, most of the night. I didn’t sleep very well until he moved to cuddle to hubby. LOL

He’s a bit of a whiner but he purrs like a motorboat too. I’m sure he’ll stop mewing once he becomes accustomed to his new surroundings. He uses the liter box. Loves to eat….especially chocolate frosted donuts…LOL. I was eating one in bed last night and he trotted right up to give me kitty kisses. Ok, he was licking the chocolate off my lips.๐Ÿ˜‰ So he ate one end of the donut and I ate the other. He’s very precocious and is more adept at going up and down stairs than I would have given him credit for.

Welcome Charlie! I hope you like it here.

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  1. LOL’ing about the donut. Sounds like something our Sofi would do. Poor thing is gong nuts with me shut up in the bedroom. She keeps coming to the door crying. Bri said it looked like she was trying to figure out how to use the doorknob last night

  2. besides the kibble at this age you can introduce raw food : meat fish, you can give anything raw apart from anything pork (something in there they can’t digest)
    congrats on the new addition!!

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