Just Another Political Rant

Yep, that’s all this is. Now you can decide whether or not you’d like to click out and come back….say…..tomorrow when my next Blog Hop starts and you’ll have the chance of winning something from me instead of listening to me opine.

This showed up in my FB feed this morning:

Accompanied by: My house took a vote and in order to amend our budget for the next fiscal year something had to go. In democratic fashion we decided what would be cut – SORRY OBAMACARE – YOU HAD TO GO Please read and forward to everyone you know – If the Pres. can exempt himself and anyone he deems “worthy” – BY GOD WE CAN EXEMPT OURSELVES!!!! Please tag as many people as you can and SHARE SHARE SHARE

OK, dumbass this is sorta like trying to pull the old “taxes are voluntary” bullshit. Nice try but no ice. Speaking of your taxes, as an American you ARE FORCED to PAY THEM…don’t know if you want to call that a ‘purchase’ or not but since money does change hands we’ll just say it’s along the same lines. It’s also along the same lines of having to insure your vehicle (yes, most states if not all of them do require that). Also along the same lines of insuring your house. Yeah, no, you don’t *have to* if the bank doesn’t own it with you BUT if you forego it and your house burns down don’t look to me or anyone else to replace it. You will be homeless at that point and probably indefinitely.

Sorry, Charlie. But hey! Look on the bright side! You’re the one who decided to roll the dice and now you have lots of fresh air and open space all around you. Sweet.

By the same token: if your ass doesn’t have health insurance–when you’re being given a darn good opportunity to get it–and your ass gets majorly sick….don’t look to the State or the Federal Government to pay the bill. That would be Socialism! We all know how some people feel about THAT. So again, you’re sick, you can’t work, your bills are piling up, you can’t make the rent….tough shit. You now have the ‘right’ to be sick in the street and please don’t put your hand out or whine about it. Just freeze to death quietly so as not to bother the rest of us. OK?

Oh, wait, that’s right, the reason we got the Affordable Care Act in the first place was because people were losing their homes, being refused care, and dying in the streets.

Hummmmm…..what a pickle.

By now you probably think I adore the Affordable Care Act or something but the truth is I don’t. Nah. It doesn’t go far enough for me. It isn’t what I wanted or what I think this country actually NEEDS at all. Then again, on the whole, we’re more into taking care of our wantsies than our needsies to begin with. I think we should start with that shitty attitude.

As to the ACA….I don’t like being forced into keeping my kids on my health insurance until they have children of their own. I think that stinks. I miss the days when turning 18 meant your ass was responsible for itself and if your parents wanted to continue helping you out then that was very kind and generous of them.

Then again I don’t like coming in somewhere around 30 on the Hit Parade of Most Prosperous Developed Countries either. I don’t like that at least 29 other countries think we’re a big fat joke. I don’t like that they laugh their asses off at us and consider us unruly spoiled children who can’t take care of themselves–which we are but that should be just between us. We’ve discussed this crap already so let’s not beat a dying horse instead let’s leave it in the street and then someone will come along and collect the carcass later.

In fact, hey look! New Employment Opportunities just opened up! For those who don’t like the Affordable Care Act and would rather take their chances, we’ll have a whole brigade of Corpse Collectors to keep our streets nice and tidy. But don’t go expecting a nice funeral or nuttin’ like that, nah, we’re just gonna toss your dumb ass on the bon fire and…hey…look! MORE opportunities! So many places are already going ‘green’ and/or ‘renewable energy’ instead of going back to burning wood (like many places are doing) we’ll just burn bodies instead. Wow! Hey man, this Affordable Care Act could work out for many of us after all by providing useful jobs and FREE energy.

Ok, it’s a little morbid but who cares?

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  1. LorettaLynn

    I shared!

  2. LOL, I don’t like Obama care either and didn’t want it either. Obama Care is socialism! Also the way he has it set for himself and the politicians in congress/senate – they are exempt and that pisses me royally off! First we are all stupid to put people in office that would do that to us. One other reason I hate Obama and every one of those fools in office. Right now, Obama has it fixed to where he is some kind of King or some shit and it makes me hate him even more. We are so stupid, we are paying in taxes and now extra for Obama Care we didn’t want in the first place so his ass can be exempt along with all those cronies in office – I mean we might ought to go ahead and stamp STUPID FUCK HEAD #1 on our foreheads because that is what we are. Well let me exempt myself because I didn’t put Obama in office or any of those republicans, no I voted independent – independents never win in an election. Maybe one day that will change.

    I mean everyone wants equal rights and shit which is what the democratic party screams for but I wish one freakn’ democrat would tell me what is equal about Obama and the Washington cronies being exempt from what everyone else has to pay for and use.

    If it sounds like I am pist – hell yes I am pist.

    Also, I don’t mind paying for Health Insurance but I’ll be damned if I will pay for Insurance for a lazy ass fuck who doesn’t work and who is capable of working, who is illegally here, and who hates our country but expects us to support them.

    I am all for equal rights, I don’t care who you want to marry, fuck, worship, what color you are, or who you want to be – just be responsible for yourself people and quite living off of others. If you don’t have the money to have those kids then don’t rely on everyone else to support you. If you get raped then get an abortion if you don’t want it or put it up for adoption. close the borders and lets support and protect our own country.

  3. I personally think the program is good and I think it will help alot of people which don’t have insurance. BUT, making it a law is bullsh*t
    1.Now small businesses have to close because they cant afford insurance rate for their employees “More Unemployment” or better yet just hired part time to skirt the law”More People below the poverty line”.
    2.This law has been imposed on me and I have to pay the taxes on it so officially I have pay for something I don’t want. Like 16000 IRS agents just to make sure I pay for something I don’t want.
    3.I have to listen to people complain about the fine which will gradually increase over the coming years.

    I can list more

    Dear friend please listen to the other side…
    Instead of imposing the will upon the masses educate them make them more elightened so maybe just maybe as a country we will strive to do better improve oursleves. Not just enforce a program which the majority of its people don’t want.

    • But the majority of the people DO want it. You and I both know employers have been moving to part time for years before Obama was even elected. They were doing it for exactly the same reason; they don’t want to offer benefits. Now they have an excuse for their irresponsible behavior and a nice scapegoat to boot.

      Personally I’d rather see either heavy regulation of the healthcare industry or true Universal Healthcare but neither of those things will make it past the House floor.

      If my options are paying extra taxes so I my family and those who reside in this country can see a doctor without breaking the bank OR keeping the status quo I’ll pay the taxes.

      Don’t feel too sorry for Mom n Pop Shops. Sadly I have found they are some of the worst places to work. Low pay. No bennies. Little to no vacation/personal time…unless you’re the boss.

      Sent from my iPad

  4. La De La Please read the first sentence its a good program BUT I am being forced into something I might not want. Small business employes a large amount of our population. So you are willing to be ruled by the big business and thier lobbyist?

  5. Well I can put it this way. I choose not to drive so I don’t have to pay it. You know I can respect your approval of this goverment run program and I think it can be a great thing and help alot of people but I want to have the right not to have a program which is run by the people whom want to have a woman carry a product of rape to full term, restrict my ability to own a weapon “like thats working example Naval Ship Yard in a area which has strict gun control laws in our country” and wants to arm the IRS “hint hint” Prelude to this new program. Go for it. Not me. I know one thing and one thing for sure next time I go to the polling station I will be even more informed before I vote because I will have the right to bitch about goverment run programs which are now entering my life on a personal level

    • UnFortunately you can’t choose not to have a body or to get sick. As to the rest they’re each separate topics and don’t have anything to do with healthcare. Do I trust the government? Nah not particularly. Am I stuck with them election after election? Yes. No matter who gets in they end up sucking. Until the people are willing to take to the streets…good luck with that!…we’re all stuck right here. My argument on the Affordable Healthcare Act is that there’s more than enough precedent set in place to make it legal to have to buy health insurance. Of course the big winners here aren’t the American People it’s the insurance companies.ūüė¶ Sent from my iPad

  6. Instead of having Obama Care, why couldn’t they do what a lot of states do like have their own way of dealing with healthcare. My state/ Austin Tx has its own medical program – not Medicaid – this program is for workers – income based.

    I understand Healthcare is very expensive and everyone should have the right to get medical treatment without it costing an arm and leg. They should of just fixed Medicaid to allow people with jobs to buy it.

    What we have with Obama care is so in humane – go look up what it says about people over 60 – funny how there will not be equal treatment for those over 60. No the older you get the less care you will be allowed. Also u are required at age 60 to do a end of life screening. If you need surgery u will not get it because of your age, your life has no value any more.

    This is just one problem I could go on about. All I know is this new healthcare law needs to be thrown out and they need to hire some real working class workers to create a new medical law. This one law we have now was made by some rich ass socialist. The bill needs to be made by working middle class mothers for they are the true bread winners in all house holds, they are the ones who know how to manage. There are a few exceptional men however but u get what I’m saying.

    • I hear a lot about the “death panels”….which already exist in most major insurance companies but they don’t call them that. However, I can’t find anything anywhere that says the Affordable Care Act is going to kick people over 60 to the curb. I went to Google and found nothing on any respectable website. So I went over to the AARP site, told them I was over 60 and unisured and this what they spit back at me.:

      How the Health Care Law Works for You Shopping for Coverage

      It is important to know what the health care law means for you and your family. There are more coverage choices and more protections available to youóand you might even be able to get help with some of your costs. Did you know?

      The health care law creates more ways to find and help pay for coverage. As you consider your options, be sure to read Choosing a Health Care Plan for more information. *You Have More Ways to Get Coverage*

      The health care law works to make sure everyone can get access to health coverage and may lower insurance costs for you.

      Starting October 1, 2013, you can shop through the Health Insurance Marketplace for coverage beginning in 2014. The Health Insurance Marketplace is a new way to compare and buy health plans and to get your health coverage questions answered. Through the marketplace you can:

      – Shop online and get help by phone or in person to find the plan that works for you and your family. – Compare health plans. Health plans will now offer four different tiers, known as metal levels. The tiers allow you to more easily compare plans and costs ďapples to apples.Ē – Find out what kind of financial help you may be able to get to buy health coverage.

      *There Are New Options to Help You Pay for Your Health Coverage*

      The Access Health CT can help you find out about financial help to pay for your coverage. The amount of financial help is based on your family size and income.

      – You may be able to get a new type of tax creditto help with the cost of your monthly premium . – You may also be able to get a subsidyto help pay for costs like deductiblesand copayments .

      *Your Coverage Has a Core Set of Benefits*

      Plans must cover certain health care services.

      – Plans must cover certain important health care services, including: – Doctor visits – Emergency room care – Hospital visits – Maternity and newborn care – Mental health and substance abuse treatment – Prescription drugs – Rehabilitativeand habilitativeservices and devices – Laboratory services – Preventive and wellness services and chronic disease management – Pediatric services, including oral and vision care.

      – Your plan covers more preventive care. For example, health screenings and tests for breast and cervical cancer, diabetes and heart disease are now covered if they are recommended for you. See the full list of preventive services .

      – You can seek care from an obstetrical or gynecological (OB-GYN) specialist who is part of your plan without a referral from your primary care provider.

      *You Have More Consumer Protections*

      The health care law makes sure your coverage works for you when you get sick, no matter which plan you choose.

      – Your health plan canít deny you coverage because of health problems you had before your insurance started (known as pre-existing conditions ). – Your health plan canít drop your coverage if you get sick. – Your health plan canít put annual or lifetime dollar limitson how much it will pay for most of your medical bills. – Your health plan canít charge you more because of your gender or if you get very sick.

      *Health Coverage Goes Further *

      The health care law makes sure health coverage goes further than it did before, no matter what plan you choose.

      – You can keep your children on your family plan until they reach age 26óeven if they donít live at home, are married or attend school. – Your plan must spend at least 80 cents of every dollar on health care rather than on administrative costs (costs that are not related to your care). – There are limits on what your plan can make you pay for your deductible, copaymentsand coinsurance .

      Beginning in 2014, most people must have health coverage. Most coverage available meets the requirement to have health insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, TRICARE or veteranís coverage; a plan through an employer; or coverage offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace. People who donít get health insurance may have to pay a penalty. Check with the Access Health CT or call (855) 805-4325, to learn more.

      If you are new to the United States and living here legally (sometimes called lawfully present immigrants), you can purchase coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Undocumented immigrants are not allowed to purchase coverage through a health insurance marketplace, even if they pay the full cost of coverage. *Get More Information*

      Remember: If you are not able to get health coverage through your work, you can buy health care insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

      – Visit the Access Health CT or call (855) 805-4325 to learn what new options are available to you and whether you can get help in paying for your coverage.

      – You can soon look forward to signing up for Medicare, the health insurance program for people who are 65 and over and for some younger people with disabilities. Find out more about Medicare at http://www.Medicare.gov .

      If anyone was going to raise a stink about people over 60 being denied coverage and/or care, in my opinion, it would be AARP.

      All the Best, Lisa http://www.moonsmusings.com

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