Depressed and Whining

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Yeah I’m here to bitch. Don’t worry I don’t give a fuck about politicians or the Affordable Care Act today. No. I’m here to complain about “publishers”. I know, I haven’t done that in YEARS. That’s mostly because, up until today, I was fairly happily self-published and proud to be an Indie Author.

Right now…I’m a little miffed and a lot pissed. So if you’re a die-hard Freedom of Speecher you might not want to bother with this post. However if you’re one of the few who believe in Freedom of Speech, Personal Responsibility and GOOD TASTE you might want to stick around. Other than that…go back to the previous post where you might suck $15.00 out of me. I’m sure that will make you happy. You’ll get another chance at that in a few days.

I wanna quit writing.

Not a joke. Not said to get your attention.

I really would like to throw in the towel on this one. Here let my friend Stephen Colbert explain to you….ok, skip past the First Gay Marriage in New Jersey part. Click Here I can’t get it on youtube! BASTARDS! Click it…it’s important or I wouldn’t post it!

Did you watch?

Aren’t you just dying to get into Dinosaur Erotica now??? DAMN! How did I LIVE without THAT?

I wanted to write Stephen a letter asking him to back off on Indie/Self-Published Authors but couldn’t find a ‘contact’ link on his site. Don’t get me wrong I ADORE Stephen Colbert as much as I’m IN LOVE with Jon Stewart. Geez, I’d do Jon in a heartbeat! LOL C’mon, his quote “They will find out what is unique about you and they will destroy you for it” didn’t get ALL OVER my site by accident!🙂

Still, I wanted to inform Stephen Colbert that for every asinine Dinosaur Erotica “writer” out here there are AT LEAST 10 authors BUSTING THEIR ASSES on really GOOD MATERIAL. Yeah, ok, I’d kill to get the “Colbert Bump” but that’s not what I’m after here. I’d just like him to know that, by no means, are we ALL that dumb inane and just plain fucked up. MOST of us have really GOOD stories to tell but the ‘mainstream’ won’t let us. Simple as that.

Yes, I did have up to 5 “publishers” on the line for “The Heart of War” but they all SUCKED! I wasn’t willing to trade my dignity and integrity for a publishing contract with some low-level internet based “publisher”. I’m still NOT!

However, I cannot take one more ad or pump or promo for some Dinosaur Erotica/Fall in Love with a Zombie/Screw my CAT BOOK published by a “real” “publisher”. This is just too FUCKED UP even for ME! So you know it’s BAD. I can go along with damn near anything…hey man, like Sheryl Crow said; “If It Makes You Happy It Can’t Be THAT BAD”.

But…me and Sheryl were WRONG. It can be worse than “that bad”.

It’s killing me. It really is. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even WANT to WRITE anymore. I figure; what’s the fuckin’ point in any of it?

If bullshit, utter tripe, and just plain old HACK like Dinosaur Erotica has a market…what the hell am I doing here? Not to mention outright SHIT like “Fifty Shades of Gray” and “Twilight”. I gotta tell ya, I have slammed E.L. James in every single place I possibly can. It’s not ‘jealousy’. She got a contract. Good for her. Let’s see her get one without buddies in the publishing business trying to sell revamped “Twilight” FANFICTION! Yeah, good fucking luck you HACK! She jumped off the shoulders of a ‘better’…or at least more well known….’writer’…to bring you “Fifty Shades of SHIT” and YOU bought it! Everywhere I post I liken her to a Boy Band. It’s that simple. I dunno where you are but, at least here in America we were TOLD that WE LOVE HER and TOLD that WE LOVE THIS TRILOGY and so we DID. Just like 98 Degree, N’Sync, Hanson, The Backstreet Boys and the Jonas Brothers. She’s no different on any level. Pure crap. Pure schlock. No substance. No talent. Just shit sold to the public in a pretty package. Man, I bet Jacqueline Susan is rolling over in her grave at the mere thought of E.L. James. If one listens to the hype surrounding that crap you’d think the Sexual Revolution never even happened.

I’ve done some housecleaning on Facebook and am happily DUMPING “publishers” that I deem ‘unworthy’ of my time, my support, and my attention. Same goes for “authors” I’ve befriended on FB. I simply can’t take this crap and feel good about MYSELF anymore. Nope. Can’t do it. I can’t open my FB and find that crap staring back at me anymore one more time.

I don’t mean to be ego-centric or full of hubris or anything but I know in my heart and beyond ANY shadow of a doubt that “The Heart of War” is BETTER than “Fifty Shade of Shit” and/or “Twilight” any day of the week. I’ll stack it up against “Once is Not Enough”, “Flowers in the Attic”, “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” and even “Dreams Die First” and take my chances. If I lose to Jackie, Harold, Judith or VC….I’ll take it gracefully knowing that at least I competed against peers and not someone far less talented than myself who simply got lucky and was turned into the latest “literary” version of a Boy Band.

Yes, I know….it’s ego-centric. That don’t mean it ain’t true.

I will NOT stack any of my novels up against Master King. I know when I’ve been beaten and shouldn’t even try.😉

Since I am fed up with the state of “literature” and “publishing” I honestly think that, after “Kingdoms of War” releases next March I’m going back to doing this for FREE. If I write anything else it won’t cost you a dime to read it. You will have to read it ON my site. We are going back to encoded pages so I don’t get totally ripped off but if this is the ‘wave of the future’ then I don’t want any part of it. I was happier doing this for free and just having fun so I’m going back there.

I thought that “publishing” would make me happy but it doesn’t. It’s a hell of a lot of WORK and I don’t get crap in return for it. So, while the OF WAR Series and other novels of mine already “published” will remain for-pay anything after the re-release of “OBSESSION” will be FREE to read online. That if there’s anything after that.

I may just take up knitting and quit writing altogether. Other than my marriage and raising my kids I have never put more work, time, heart, and effort into anything besides my writing.

On the other hand, I’ve never been more disillusioned with anything in my life and, with any luck at all, I never will be. The only one who can put a stop to it is me. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Buh-bye crappy “publishers” who can’t tell their assholes from their elbows or a verb from a noun. Buh-bye shitty ‘author’ ‘friends’ that are more talented at flipping burgers for Mickey D’s than conjugating verbs. I hope all of you have fun and make oodles of money but after this, as one of my least favorite Presidents once said: You won’t have Tricky Lisa to kick around anymore.

That’s my official resignation from the Indie Publishing World. I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    I’m sorry to hear you so down, but I’m glad it’s not on yourself! I for one think you’re an awesome writer (Of War got me back into reading again!). But, I’m only one, and I can’t make you rich alone! I will always look forward to anything you put out there Zander buy it if it’s not free lol. 😜

    • Hey Donna! It’s not about getting rich. It’s about being passed over for friends and for writers who are far less talented than I am. Not saying I’m the next Hemingway (who I’m probably actually related to) but I know I’m better than most people who suddenly become ‘traditionally published’ and become ‘over night sensations’ these days. I’m tired of busting my ass for nothing. Promo takes a lot of time away from and ALL the JOY out of writing. So I guess it’s more about self-preservation than anything else. I don’t want/expect to make a million bucks at this, I know it’s a fools game and I’m a big fool but no more. I’m thrilled to know that you liked the series so much! But for everyone like you who has been so kind and contacted me over it there are at least 100 who can’t be bothered. Now…neither can I. No worries, if I ever come up with another a good story….you’ll get to read it FREE!

      All the Best, Lisa

  2. ehhh not even going to click on the dinosaur link or catfuckn etc lol however, don’t give up… I enjoyed reading your books much more than the fifty shades of shit… as it was fuckn boring.. You better be crankn out the next one…. and just keep it going with others assoc w/Greek Mythology etc… one of my fav for sure..horror and mystery right up there as well xx I order may take a bit but I’ll get there

    • I am trying to work on the next one but it’s so disheartening that I can’t crank out more than a few sentences a day anymore.😦

      Instead of giving up completely, I’m going to finish the OF WAR Series if it kill me and then….nobody knows. I may give up altogether. Call it a day. Pack it in.

      All the Best, Lisa

  3. If you don’t they win… keep it going you’re a strong woman… and find that tenacity deep inside of you

    • The older I get, Cher, the harder that becomes. I see this CRAP show up in my feed day upon day upon day and I wonder why I even bothered. I should have just stayed in my little corner of cyberspace giving it away. At least then I wouldn’t have to spend so many hours every week doing promo. Totally sucks.

      All the Best, Lisa

  4. That goes for everything…the older we get the less shit we take..I found it offensive w/my gram but shit now I understand why bitterness, anger and no filter comes w/age . but don’t let it affect what makes you happy. Writing is a part of you… why let it wither…. even if you just jot down a few lines a day, get a bottle of your fav wine, nice steamy hot bubbly bath, and get yourself back to Lisa Seduction mode lol xx

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