We have several new people who have signed for this blog over the last few months….Welcome All! So I thought I’d make a quick post on passwords so everyone’s aware.

MOST POSTS on this blog are fully open to the public but we do have TWO password levels.

Level One: Is given to just about anyone who has contacted me over the years and may contain sneak peeks to stories or just something silly that I don’t want everyone and their brother to know about. These passwords contain ‘RoP’ in the post header. That’s short for Regular Ol’ Password. Feel free to contact me and ask me for it, I may give it to you if we’ve had some sort of contact in the past.

Level Two: Is given ONLY to the people I KNOW either in the RW or have had a long term relationship with on the Internet. These posts are marked with ‘SSP’ or state ‘Super Secret Password’. If I do not know you please don’t contact me and ask me for it I hate saying ‘no’ to people. These posts contain very off-beat things which happen to me or that pop into my head. Mostly they’re things that have happened to me, mostly dreams or strange happenings with The Big Guy, that again, I don’t want everyone and their brother to read about but I understand that friends may get a kick out of them, understand them, or even offer some advice. Mostly they won’t think I’m absolutely bonkers.🙂

All right, so that’s it. Carry on.

About lbdarling

Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I know I use to have the passwords but I deleted all my emails and lost them. I will have to hit you up again. Which by the way the last I heard you found a good job how is that going for you?

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