Unexpectedly, my giveaways ended last night at midnight. Gee, I gotta learn how to tell time one of these days! I meant for all of them to run through today and end at midnight but they ended at midnight last night. Oh well.

So I got my winners from GoodReads those books will be ordered and shipped directly to their winners on Monday. I don’t have to sign those. I picked the winner for the Hot Halloween Heroes Blog Hop but haven’t heard back from them. I need to send the winner of the Wicked Warriors Blog Hop their $15.00 gift certificate on Monday too. I changed the site, took all of the info about the giveaway off it along with the info on buying signed paperbacks…I’m not doing that anymore. I WILL do it one last time when “Kingdoms” releases but that’s it. I got the OF WAR 1 & 2 Combo Pack back to its original price of $3.99…anyone who missed out when it was FREE or when it was $0.99 is now SOL. I haven’t decided if I’m taking it off Kindle Select Exclusive yet or not, the Anthology is up on Smashwords at $7.99 and I may put 1 & 2 up there as well mostly to get it into iBooks and Kobo, both of which keep with Kindle fairly well. Basically, either one you buy it’s either “buy 1 get 1 free” or “buy 2 get 1 free”.

Everything is back to what has come to be considered ‘normal’ with all of the above.

All’s well there. Phew.

Upon realizing the Super Grand Prize Giveaway had ended I went over to Rafflecopter and had the thing select a winner. I admittedly I was a little disappointed when I saw the only thing they’d done was sent out a Tweet about the giveaway but a deal’s a deal. I emailed them letting them know they won. They got back to me in a few hours. Oh they were so excited! I was excited for them until I read the shipping address; Romania.


I stated the contest was open to US Residents and/or those overseas who had someone in the US willing to take delivery. I did that because sending a little bracelet to Belgium cost me a small fortune and there’s no way in hell I’m paying for overseas shipping on a 15lb package! Uh-ah, no way, I don’t even want to imagine what that fee looks like! LOL

I emailed back saying I was sorry and re-stating the contest rules, I offered to send her all 4 ebooks instead of the 4 paperbacks, 1 coffee mug, 1 tshirt, and 1 calendar. Thankfully she was just as thrilled with that so I sent them to her and apologized again for the confusion. I don’t hold her responsible I have little doubt she entered through one of the Blog Tour Posts I had going last month. I KNOW for a fact that MOST of those blog owners did NOT post the rules for the giveaway they just posted the Rafflecopter so people could enter.

Yeah. That’s the last time I do that! On so many levels. The thing wasn’t worth the money I shelled out for it and neither is the one coming up that I’m just ignoring for now. I paid for 15 stops for the upcoming tour and I got 7 or 8 out of the debacle. One is supposed to contain a review for the entire series if that goes well then maybe it will be worth what I paid for it, which admittedly, wasn’t very much cuz I got it ‘on sale’.🙂

I tried to pick another winner but the stupid Rafflecopter thing wouldn’t let me. I must have hit the wrong button or something and closed the thing out completely.

This leaves me with a big dilemma; what to do with the prize pack? It’s sitting right here. It’s been sitting right here for almost a month just waiting for someone to love it. Truth be told, I am very bummed over it. I put a LOT of time and effort into the whole Last Blast Promo thing and now I’m stuck with the Grand Prize. What a let down. How anti-climatic can you get?

Oh bother.

So I’m thinking about doing some type of Christmas Giveaway. Actually, I had been thinking of running MY OWN HOP for Christmas; Indie Light. Or something like that. If I go through with it then it will be for Indie Authors ONLY so I don’t know how much interest I’d be able to garner for that. Maybe we’ll see. Maybe we won’t. LOL If anyone out there is interested in such a thing drop a note and let me know. If I don’t do that then….I dunno. Run another FB party? The last one was successful and people seemed to have fun. Heck, I already have 7 prizes to giveaway! I could add a few more. I do have the annotated copy of “Dream Weaver” and a regular copy of “Dream Weaver” someone might like to have “Dream Weaver” with author’s notes scribbled all over it…I guess. If FAB finishes with all my f’ups in “OBSESSION” there might be a copy of that as well to giveaway. I am hoping she finishes with it soon as I’d like to re-release it around Christmas but it’s no big deal either way.

So…if anybody out there has any ideas on how I should go about running my next giveaway please let me know!

One thing’s for sure; I will NEVER do anything like this again. It nearly zapped ALL the FUN out of writing for me. I am done with big promos and the lack of a winner for the Grand Prize Pack kinda proves my point on that one.

So bummed!

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  1. Lovetiggi's Book Reviews and Promotions

    Oh My I had probs setting mine up too the times nailed me. So I just added a day and it worked out. I so would have helped out with the blog tour… Sorry I am everywhere, and at times, I am nowhere it seems. I just need Women of War to complete my set.Will get it when I can. Times are tight right now. Do you have any signed book plates you could send me so I can attach them to the three books I do have?

    Sorry to hear life threw up
    Its ugly head.


    • Me too! LOL! I think I do still have some book cards around here. Let me take a look and see if I can find them. If I come across them I’ll let you know. Thanks so much for the offer of assistance, I did think of you during the big promo tour but I know you have a lot on your plate and didn’t want to be a bother to you.

      All the Best, Lisa http://www.moonsmusings.com

      • Lovetiggi's Book Reviews and Promotions

        No problems Lisa! Just PM me whenever you want me to share something… I do have a plate full. I am happy I rarely get bored…. burnt out is another story…

  2. Oh wow! Now I may have miss read this but are you taking your books off of amazon? I have participated in blog hops and helped out with tours and it sucks when hardly anyone does what they are suppose to! If you ever need anyone in the future if I am free on the day you need I can help out. Rafflecopter sucks big balls lol, especially when trying to figure out winners. And they all end at midnight unless you pay and you can set your own times. You can do another rafflecopter if you feel up to it. Or if the facebook event went good then do that. I honestly have no ideas, mine always do rafflecopter so much easier lol. Good luck.

    • Oh! You’re very kind! No, I’m not taking them off Amazon just off the “Kindle Select Exclusive” thing. I thought the Rafflecopter thing would be easy too and it WAS! It was GREAT! Until I picked the ‘winner’. Darn! Whenever you have time for me I certainly have time for you! I’m always looking for exposure. If you’d like to have me on your site I’d LOVE to be there just let me know what date works for you and what you’d like to have from me.🙂

      All the Best, Lisa http://www.moonsmusings.com

  3. I am so sorry you did all of that work that took so much time, with so little gain. It sounds like you enjoyed your Facebook party and I bet that is where your loyal readers go… so perhaps do that again?

    I love your books and don’t want to see such a great author too exhausted to write.

    Hang in there and Happy November!

    • Thank you! I’m so thrilled to know you’ve liked my books!!!! I think I’ll do a Facebook party again it’s just such a shame to have this whole package sitting here and not have anyone to give it to. I was really looking forward to that.😦

      All the Best, Lisa http://www.moonsmusings.com

  4. 😦 sorry it didn’t work out, i was sitting here with my fingers and toes crossed,lol.

  5. I am so sorry this was such a hassle and problem for you, which sounds like quite an understatement to me. I love to follow hundreds of blogs and authors and entering the giveaways of course is always fun, but even I have grown tired of some of the incredible hoops one has to jump through. I really wish there was more of a payout for these efforts made by authors such as yourself and had no idea the mess it could bring. I generally come away feeling good and saying to myself that even if I don’t win a prize, at least I was able to spread the word about a good book / writer. I have won some awesome prizes, but only after investing hours of effort LOL but I do love to share about books and read the posts – here is to a better experience in the next endeavor and good thoughts of joy in the process. Whatever you do, don’t let this interfere with your wonderful writing🙂

    • Thank you! I wish there was more of a payout too…LOL! It’s really a labor of love for me and so many other authors out here doing it for ourselves with no back up.

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