Making it Right-Ruby Glass Co

The Broken Window Saga Continues & Concludes

I called around this morning looking for places in the area that replace windows. Got a bunch of stuff on Google for ‘replacement’ windows. It did take a few attempts to find someone who does this type of work. That’s kind of a shame but that’s another blog post altogether. I finally hit on Johnson’s Hardware in Groton, I gave them the exact dimensions of the window (I had my receipt from Ruby Glass sitting next to me) and asked the price and length of time to have it repaired. Price was $20.00 less than what I already paid and he could have it for me by tomorrow afternoon without a problem.

For the third time in three weeks–2 of those times being today and this coming call–I called Ruby Glass and calmly informed them that I would be by around 2pm to pick up my unrepaired window whereupon I was going to take it to Johnson’s Hardware as they could have it for me tomorrow. The lady thanked me and then we said our good-byes. I sat there looking at my cellphone thinking; Did she just thank me for taking my business elsewhere?

There was no offer to ‘put a rush on it’ or any honest apology for the long wait and inconvenience.

Ummmm…. Ok. I guess. But still, I thought it a bit odd.

I mean we are talking about a glass company, a place that has hundreds of sheets of pre-cut glass, my window is very ordinary no ‘special ordering’ required one of those sheets will pop right into the frame, putty it up, let it sit, call me to come pick it up so 3 weeks is a bit of an extraordinary wait. Then to kept being told ‘maybe’. “Maybe Saturday”. Two weeks in a row. What’s that?

To tell you the truth, I was just happy that I was going to get the thing fixed and I had a very reasonable time frame in which it would be ready and the whole thing would be over. When it came to Ruby Glass, I didn’t expect to have a problem getting a full refund of my money since the work was not done and there is nothing about No Refunds on the receipt clearly marked ‘paid in full’. If I did get a hassle over it I was going to ask to speak with the owner other than that I was just going to go in, pick it up, and head over to Groton with the darn thing.

I posted of my discovery on Facebook and later in the day hubby called Ruby Glass Co., to see what the hold up was. He spoke to the owner. The owner was upset to hear of the unusually long delay in getting our bedroom window repaired. In fact, Hubby had two conversations with the owner of Ruby Glass Co., today and…I have my window back plus $20.00 was refunded for the inconvenience.

To the Owner of Ruby Glass Co.; Thank you! Thank you for being a stand up guy and doing right by your customers even if their job is rather small. That was very refreshing and I commend you. I’ll put your company back on my list of New London Businesses to Patronize and the next time I need shower enclosure–which reminds me, we really do need a new tub/tile one day–or fancy mirrors I’ll call you and we’ll talk.

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