What a Day!

Wow! My head is still spinning a little bit.

Hubby got the strangest email from the advertising rep for Adam & Eve.com the other day. They wanted to hook up with him or rather his portion of my site. He showed it to me, I read it, thought it was someone phishing but…what the hell? I answered them as him and directed them to me figuring I’d never hear back. But I did! In exchange for putting a small banner and link to them on the main page of my site they offered me $100.00 a year! And I TOOK IT! LOL

Hell, it was 5 minutes work for me and that money will sponsor the site in total every year. In fact, it even puts $20-$30 in my pocket! Well next year that is. Site’s paid for already for another year so this year I have $100.00 extra in my advertising budget! WOOT! Now I’m trying to find a good place to spend it. Something will give me some bang for my buck. Any ideas?

I never even thought about offering advertising on my site before but I’m seriously considering opening up that door a little bit wider. I had been hooked up with Google AdSense but they totally suck! They don’t pay off until you hit AT LEAST $100.00 which can take a year or more so, in the mean time, they’re using what is essentially YOUR money. I dumped them a while back, I even left $84.00 in that account and walked away from them. There’s no reason whatsoever they can’t pay out quarterly no matter what small amount of money you may be due.

I wouldn’t mind getting hooked up with a few other sites along the lines of Adam & Eve or a book review site or….well I’m open to anyone right now so if you want a banner on my site drop me a note. I work CHEAP! It won’t be anywhere near what some other places charge. I figure $100.00/year is a good deal for anyone especially when you figure in the cost of an ad in an eMag or on some websites they can cost you that in just a month or less.

Yes, I did tell the nice lady from the advertising agency I’d be willing to forgo the cash if they put my banner on their site😉 But they don’t have a book department…darn! LOL

I spent a good deal of time combing my Facebook page for every ‘friend’ and ‘liked page’ that had ‘book’, ‘review’ or ‘paranormal’ in the title and solicited about 50 places for a spotlight/interview/review. I heard back from 2 of them. The first doesn’t offer services to self-published authors but they do offer them to Indie Authors…hey Book Slut! You do NOT offer services to Indie Authors. You offer services to small presses. Self-published authors are the only true Indie Authors! I dropped them a note told them to put that on their site so they could stop wasting their time and the time of other people. The other one I heard back from would put me on their review list and offered me advertising; $100.00! The site lists less than 100 followers. Yeah not paying them a $100.00….no way. I only shell out cash to sites that have 1000 followers or more otherwise it’s just not worth it.

BUT, as I noticed today my Events Schedule has grown quite a bit! LOL Check it out


November 4th

Paranormal Haven
New Interview

November 8th

Aspired Writer
Excerpt, Promo and Giveaway

November 9th

Deal Sharing Aunt
Promo and Giveaway

November 14th

Reviews Unleashed
Interview and Giveaway

November 18th

Lusty Penguin
Excerpt, Promo and Giveaway

November 19th

Salacious Reads
Excerpt, Promo and Giveaway

November 20th

Some Like It Hotter
Excerpt, Promo and Giveaway

BTS eMag
Website Interview

November 21st

Kristy Centeno
Excerpt, Promo and Giveaway

November 22nd

Dalenes’ Book Reviews
OF WAR Series Review and Giveaway


The Romance Reviews eMag
Author Spotlight

December 5th
Got Fiction?
OF WAR Series Spotlight and Interview


December 11th
Fae Books
OF WAR Series Spotlight

Yeah, Yeah, I know…I was calling a halt to this whole promo thing on November 4th…..so much for that! LOL I was really happy to pick up Got Fiction and Fae Books. So if anyone out there wants me on their blog/site post a comment here or drop an email lisabethdarling @ gmail . com

To top all of that off…someone grew a brain at my job! I know they’re throwing snowballs in Hell today! LOL Yeah, someone finally said ‘ok’ to taking credit cards over the phone. Like that was a big decision or something. Every person who barely speaks English learns how to work the credit card machine their first day on the job at the local convenience store and every person who works at Domino’s or a Chinese Food place learns how to take credit cards over the phone during their very first shift. So this is really a no-brainer. BUT, of course, we’re still not taking credit cards in MY office. No. They must think that’s too difficult for me or something…ROFL. Oh yeah, I’ve never put credit card transactions through. Everyone at the Doctor’s Office paid cash! Yeah, right, sure they did! hahahaha It’s no sweat off my back if they want to keep inconveniencing the members at my Hall. I just direct the Members to the ‘other’ Hall. I’ve gotten really good at saying; “No, I’m sorry, you’ll have to call the other office for that. Their number is…..” If they want all of the work they can have it. I’d love really to put my talents and expertise to work for them but….nah. Obviously they don’t want them since I never got control back of the website…and it’s gone to CRAP quickly. I don’t even use it anymore, I don’t direct any of the members to it either, just can’t trust the information on it. It STILL has info about a cook out on AUGUST 7TH ON IT! ON THE FRONT PAGE! ROFLMFAO! Members complain to me all the time about it because they know I did it, I just say: “I’m so sorry but it’s out of my control, they thought I wasn’t doing a good enough job on it and gave it to someone else.”

They are soooo not getting the level of service I provided for them any longer but if they like cutting off their noses to spite their faces that’s just fine with me. No sweat off my back. Especially not at my pay level. No, at my pay grade, that site was an outright gift to them. One they were too stupid to realize the value of and ultimately refused…oh well. I’d consider taking it back but I don’t think I have to worry about that. Some people are too much of a control freak and too blindly self-absorbed to be able to understand what they had in me and what I could have done for them.

I’ll just keep courting larger places like Adam & Eve and keep working my tail off to get myself and my books out there. Do I know I turned down a job at Pfizer’s to continue to working for the Union? Yep, I sure did and they were courting me HARD for weeks with phone calls, texts, and emails. They REALLY wanted me to be their new Data Specialist. I kinda wanted the job. If it hadn’t been offered on a 3 month contract I would have jumped at it. Hey, it was paying $20.00/hour!

But hey, someone of merit out there realized my talents and creativity. So that was nice.

Now I’m off to find out where to spend my new little windfall.🙂

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