It Just Gets Better–OBSESSION

Yep, yesterday just kept on getting better! I know, I know, I shouldn’t say that too loudly and yes I am knock-knock-knockin’ on wood!

Near the end of the day FAB sent me an email with the nearly finished copy of OBSESSION. Woot! She caught two major screw ups….thanks so much FAB….AND she was able to stay within that wacky tense and pace. I couldn’t believe it. I gave her full license to do whatever she wanted with that; keep it or upgrade it to the ‘usual’ fare. She kept it and now every place where I fumbled and fell out of it is fixed and it’s pretty darn good.🙂 She actually made it work the way the story and I wanted it to.

And I learned that Glocks do not have safety locks. LOL This book is full of guns and things that go boom and I don’t know jack-shit about that stuff. You should see me stumbling around the Internet researching weapons. Anyone who knows anything about them would find it quite hysterical.

And, yeah, two bottles of water is not enough to put out a bed burning after being doused with gasoline.🙂 I meant to go back and grab that but it slipped my old addled brain.

I spent an hour and half formatting the file for print last night. It’s all nice and formatted. I’ll get to putting out that fire in a different fashion later today. I spent some time making a new cover. I was never happy with the old one. It’s a good thing this story was only available for a few weeks back in 2011. Yeah, it’s taken me that long to even think about getting it back on the market. It’s always been available in paperback mostly because I totally forgot it was available in paperback and forgot to take it down. Oops. I think, in nearly 3 years, maybe 5 copies of the paperback sold. I feel sorry for those people but, if this writing gig works out for me, they have collector’s items. LOL

Any-hoo here’s the old cover


Here’s the new cover


Creepy, huh? I hope so. I tried so hard to put the big red moon and maybe a cabin on the cover with our pal ‘Eddie’ but it just didn’t work the way I wanted it to. The more I futzed with it, moved things around, and deleted things, the more my eye just kept coming to ‘Eddie’. I know the cover is simple but I think it’s powerful. It’s the very first time I ever put the bad guy on the cover and he got the whole thing! I’ll do the back cover this afternoon when I get home from work. I’ll put the red moon there. Maybe some dog tags too.

Yes, I’ll post an excerpt!!!

I’m not going to promo this thing but if any reviewers out there are interested in reading and reviewing please let me know. I’ll be glad to have you.

OBSESSION is a standalone HORROR NOVEL. There is nothing supernatural about this book AND it is, without a doubt, the darkest, grittiest, nastiest, thing I’ve written to date. So there…you’ve been warned.😉

Oh yeah, before I scoot to work; All Romance Ebooks got my advertising money. I signed up for a “Featured Author” thing in January. Also inquired about a few free promo ops they run so hopefully I’ll get one or two of those after the first of the year. I still have $25.00 left over for something small somewhere else or swag or whatever.

Now I gotta go and take my old butt to work. Hope the day goes quickly. I really want to get back to OBSESSION.

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  1. i liked obseesion!🙂 creepy as it was haha

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