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We’re all set for the release of “OBSESSION”. Here’s the final cover…..drum roll please……


What do you think?

It now has a home on the site complete with excerpt, sexcerpt and trailer. I didn’t play around with that I left it alone. Come visit OBSESSION get to know Helen, Kevin, Rafe and our dear friend Eddie a little bit better. I promised those who read here their own excerpt so here it is:

Kevin doesn’t sleep a wink all night, instead he stays vigilant in the dark cabin, pulling sentry duty and waiting for the son of a bitch to come back. He’s not alone; Rafe waits with him, together they put away two pots of coffee before the sun rises and Helen begins stirring. The night remained quiet and uneventful.

The sun is almost fully up, bringing with it all of the light they’ll need to have a good look around the yard. If someone was out there last night, if Ellie didn’t open the window on her own, there will be some sign, some track, left behind.

There are plenty of tracks, starting with the fresh boot prints on the deck. “Son of a bitch, you have got to be kidding me!” Kevin rails at the sight knowing whoever it is came right up to the door last night while they were there and awake. “Oh he’s got balls, big brass balls.”

Slowly the two soldiers follow the tracks off the deck and to the grass covered in frozen dew. It’s easy to see Ellie hasn’t mowed the grass in a few weeks; it’s tall and clearly shows well-trodden trails around the property. Anyone else might think they were mere game trails left by larger animals, deer, moose, maybe even a bear or two, but they know different. These trails were not made by an animal but by a person, one who comes often to the yard and stays long.

The shortest trail leads from the deck to Ellie’s bedroom window where the same boot prints are scattered in the dead flowerbed. Directly under the window sits a deeper set of boot prints and they are perfectly preserved. Kevin thinks back to the night before. He remembers closing the drapes because he had the nagging sensation someone was watching them. Now it looks as though they were. The pervert stood here in the pouring rain, watching them make love, leaving behind his prints in the mud that then froze when the temperature dropped drastically overnight. A bolt of anger shoots through Kevin and he has to take a deep breath to clear it, wondering why he didn’t listen to himself then. These aren’t the only set; there must be six different prints here below the window. However, they are the deepest and the closest to the house, Kevin understands this is because the bastard had to stand right next to the exterior of the cabin to peer through the tiny crack between the drapes to keep watching them. Not wanting to disturb the deep boot prints, any fingerprints, or the gouges in the wood, Kevin stands next to the largest grouping of prints and looks to the window where he has a perfect view of the bed. “He stands here and watches her sleep.”

I hope you enjoyed that little tease😉

While I was working on getting OBSESSION settled in I also managed to settle in Kingdoms of War. There’s an excerpt and sexcerpt to read. No trailer yet but I have plenty of time. No blurb either. Again, there’s still time. I just figured while I was futzing I’d save myself the future headache and do both books at once. Both are up on the main page as the first two offerings so people now see something new when they come in. I even made the book covers larger on the site hoping to give them a little more pop.

I still don’t know if I’m doing anything special for the launch of OBSESSION. Technically it IS my ‘usual fare’ but people have become accustomed to the series and I don’t know if they’re ready for this. I expect it to get bashed to hell and back when people do leave reviews for it. We’ll see how it goes. It is dark and it is nasty. It’s also not without its charms.

Now I have one last interview to do before I can turn my attention back to Ares and Alena who are very patiently waiting for me. Hopefully I’ll finish it this afternoon before Nikki and Nate get here for dinner. It’s freezing out there and I’m making a massive pot of beef stew! It’s starting to smell really good in the house. Got some Italian bread and a caramel apple pie to go with it. Unfortunately Miss Rebecca will not be able to join us this evening but that’s only because…she got a JOB! A REAL one! In a real place that’s not some hole-in-the-wall. With a real paycheck. On real books! With real hours! OMG! We’re very happy for her. Today is her first day and I think she’ll like it. She’s very excited to be going back to work and making some money.

Us too!

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