Playin’ Catch-Up

Seems like I’m always playin’ Catch-Up lately! LOL

Well, let’s see….my giveaway didn’t go as I wanted but I did manage to give away the 4 books and the t-shirt I had hanging around from the Super Grand Prize That Wasn’t. So that was good. I still have the mug and the calendar. I think I’ll put the calendar in my office at work. What the hell? No one but me will see it where the yearly calendar hangs anyway so no one will be able to accuse me of trying to huck my books to members. I also gave away several e-books, “OBSESSION”, “Rising Son” and “OF WAR 1 & 2” so that was good. It’s funny, well over 700 people saw the posts…I know that because Facebook told me so…yet only about 6 people bothered to step up and enter any of the contests. I have 789 “fans” over there. So…what’s the deal? I dunno. But I guess I shouldn’t feel too badly and I’ll tell you why in a minute. I managed to get all of the books and the t-shirt packaged up this morning and taken to the post office this afternoon. I also managed to order and send the 3 copies of “The Heart of War” people won through GoodReads. Do you know only ONE winner out of the 3 bothered to contact me and say ‘thank you’? A Sign of the Times I guess. Everybody nearly *expects* to get something free and not to say ‘thank you’ for it. Weird. If I did that my mother would have had my butt in a sling and my dad would have been right behind her.

Oh well, at least all of the giveaways are done and everything’s on its way to its respective winner. There’s one more giveaway coming up on December 5th for a blog I’m on that day but that’s it until Spring 2014 or more.

Yeah, yeah, I know…believe me I know; 789 “fans”. Me? Who the hell would have ever thought THAT would happen? Not me that’s for sure. You know I hate to call them “fans”, they’re Readers and Friends and a few stalkers.๐Ÿ˜‰ Stephen King has “fans”, Rock Stars have “fans”…oh wait…POP STARS have “fans” there aren’t anymore Rock Stars, but I just have a few nice folks who want to come along on this journey with me and I am very glad for their company.

I also managed to do something just for myself; I watched Blondie! OH I HATE that they moved “The Mentalist” to Sunday night at 10 o’clock. It’s always preempted because of some dumb football game or something. Makes me so mad! I only saw 1 ad for last week’s episode and the announcer SAID it was “the LAST Red John episode” so I HAD to see it. I’ve been waiting YEARS for this! Know what?

No Red John.


I was on the edge of my seat for the whole episode, my heart was pounding, I was pulling for him; “C’mon, Patrick!” and….nada. Sonofabitch! That’s the only spoiler I’m giving out on that one…I still don’t know who Red John is and it’s killing me!

BUT here’s why I don’t feel so badly about the small number of people who showed up for my giveaway. As I was watching “The Mentalist” online my eye scanned down and I saw that only 900 people shoved the link around on Google+, about 1000 tweeted it, 13,000 sent the link around on Facebook. That show has MILLIONS of followers all over the world and less than 15,000 of them can be bothered to click a link? Hummmm……

Yep, it must be some type of Sign of These Crazy Times all right.

And yep, I’ll be back on next Monday to find out what happens๐Ÿ™‚ I’m too old to stay up past midnight on a Sunday and get up for work on Monday morning.

I went grocery shopping after work yesterday. The house needed it. We were on less than bare bones, kinda felt like Old Mother Hubbard. I spent $268.00 restocking most of the house, still have to get a few staples but other than that we’re in pretty good shape for the coming winter. I got all the fixings to make homemade Mac & Cheese which I put together last night and it came out much better than my first attempt. Very tasty. Very creamy. But still not perfect, needed a little more cheddar. Next time I’ll double that amount but hubby and Becca did not seem to mind but that’s mostly because I added nice crispy bacon this time around. Yum!

Hubby and I have spent I don’t know how many hours playing Diablo III. It’s gotta be around 40 or 50 by now. I think we’re almost done with the game or at least playing the first time around. You have to play them twice now. On the second round you get more goodies and stuff. We haven’t played a game this hard since WoW and I’m enjoying the hell out of hackin’ and slashin’ my way through monsters and dungeons. I made it to level 29. Hubby and I are almost dead even on that one and that hardly ever happens usually I end up a few levels behind him.

I imagine he will go to Open Mic tonight which means I’ll either have to get back to writing…oooooo that’d be good, huh? OR take a long hot bath. That’d be good too.๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. lol I feel the same way about the whole RED JOHN thing!!! I was saying to my hubby… wouldn’t it be funny if Lisbon was in on it? or if Jane was actually Red John and didn’t know it! probably not but that would be wild!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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