HSBC stands for; How Scumb Bags Con

Yes, oh yes it does.

If you have HSBC for a mortgage company…listen up. If you’re thinking about going with HSBC…listen up!

I’ve had these greed mongers on my back for years! They are HORRIBLE. Outside of CountryWide Home Loans, HSBC is hands down without a doubt the WORST mortgage company in the country. Let me explain:

Several years ago, when House Flipping was all the rage, hubby and I looked for a bank to refinance with. If you think the Banking Industry is ‘above board’ you are so wrong. If you think a couple of bucks is enough to punish ‘predatory lenders’ you are SO WRONG! To start, I was told time and again by several banks that ‘the LEAST they could lend us would be $100,000.00′! WTF? Here I am looking to simply refinance and maybe get a $13,000-$20,000 loan on top to get some appliances and do some repairs maybe even add on a deck and fix that lovely leaky garage roof. The LEAST I can get is $100,000.00


Are you feelin’ me yet? If not, get outta here. Come back some other day.

Eventually, hubby and I ended up at HFC. Household Finance Company is a name well-known and long treasured, very trusted, so we went with them especially considering they were the ONLY ones willing to lend us what we NEEDED and not overburdening us with what THEY WANTED to ‘give’ us. It was high time that we SWITCHED from HSBC who had taken over Champion which was our loan company. HSBC was horrible. Wicked. Nasty. If you think my books are down n dirty this place has got nothing on them. Uh-ah. No way. Example; HSBC took over Champion and promptly PAID MY PROPERTY TAXES.

What’s wrong with that?

If was a fuckin’ Home Equity Loan…no property taxes figured in and the taxes weren’t even LATE! Up up up went my monthly home equity payment. When I asked why they did that and why the fuck I should pay them back and not consider it a ‘gift’ they had to balls to tell me it was in the Terms of the Loan.

Ahhh, no it wasn’t. If it WAS then Champion would have PAID property taxes on my behalf and they never freakin’ did because it was a HOME EQUITY LOAN and NOT a freakin’ mortgage. Get it?

Yeah, HSBC was after MY house from the get-go. You bet they were. I had NO LEGAL obligation to repay them for the property taxes they paid on my behalf BUT they insisted I do so anyway.

Long-story shorter….HFC ‘refinanced’ our existing home equity loan with an actual mortgage (property taxes figured in monthly) and we took that little bit more for appliances and a deck and all of that happy stuff that goes along with home ownership.

That was nearly…what….wow…oh my…ahhhh…..10? years ago.

Do you know what happened when the very first mortgage payment bill arrived?

It was FROM HSBC! That’s right, I was tricked into refinancing with the company I was trying to get away from.


You have no idea how pissed I was when that bill arrived. To say that I ‘saw red’ would be a ridiculous understatement.

I’ve had nothing but problems with them ever since. Their biggest bestest most bullshittiest crap is; “We never got the check. Overnight us another one to avoid the fees.”

Don’t listen to them. Its crap. They are holding your check and simply not posting it. Instead they LIE right to you and say they never got it. How can you prove otherwise IF you sent a paper check OR paid them through their website? It’s just their word against yours.

THEN, AFTER your ‘replacement’ check arrives and you TELL THEM there’s a stop-payment on the first one…they try to cash that first check anyway! THEN, when they can’t cash it, they CHARGE you a $50.00 fee! AFTER they were TOLD NOT to CASH the check!

Ya know what, I’m not sure it’s even legal to attempt to cash a check that you KNOW has a stop-payment on it. I’ll have to look in to that.

It got soooo bad….

(How bad was it, Moonie?)

It got sooooo bad that I completely STOPPED sending them a paper check. I pay the SOLELY through MY bank online.

It’s a good thing too cuz they just tried to fuck me without dinner or a kiss…AGAIN.

Last month, I did as I always do; I paid them online through my bank. The bank promised the check would arrive by 10/21. I get nasty phone calls from HSBC; Where’s your payment?

Ah…I paid online and it should have cleared by now.

Day after day after day, and sometimes 3 or 4 TIMES a day the phone calls came.

I got in touch with the bank; Where’s the check? Has it cleared.

The bank started an ‘investigation’ and sure enough come 10/26 the check hadn’t cleared the bank so THE BANK put a stop-payment on it, issued a NEW check which THEY OVERNIGHTED TO HSBC AND CALLED AND TOLD HSBC THEY WERE DOING IT!

Today I get a nasty letter; oh, there’s a stop-payment on your last check, issue us a NEW check IMMEDIATELY and, btw, there’s a $50.00 CHARGE for the stop-payment fee.

Yeah. Right. Kiss my Fine Middle Class White Ass You Prick.

Oh yeah, and fuckin’ letter is dated November 7th. Today is the 14th. Do you really think it took 7 days to get a letter from New Jersey to Connecticut? This is another one of their little games. They either purposefully put the WRONG date on their letters OR they withhold the letters a few days. I know that cuz the POST MARK is 11/12. See how that works in their ‘favor’? Are you feelin’ me now, play-ah?

In any case, at some point BEFORE 11/7 the original check miraculously arrived and the bastards tried to cash it KNOWING there was a stop-payment on it. That’s soooo NOT the first time for that. I’ve had them call me to tell me the payment is late when it’s ALREADY passed through my bank. I’ve had them call me to tell me ‘they never got the check’ only for me to panic, turn around, issue another check, and then have the bastards CASH the first one putting me so far into ‘the red’ I thought I’d never get out!

I went to my bank’s site, I popped the ‘messages’ and had them open and sitting in front of me as I spent 20 minutes on the phone with someone who barely spoke English…geez I HATE that! Look, don’t tell me your name is ‘Shirley’ when you’re clearly of Indian descent, ok? Don’t fuckin’ START the conversation with A LIE. This does not instill confidence. At all. It took me 20 minutes to get ‘Shirley’ to understand that the stop-payment was placed on the ORIGINAL CHECK and the check they CASHED WAS the REPLACEMENT CHECK. I told her flat out I wasn’t paying the $50.00 fee. She offered to ‘spread it out over the life of the loan.’

Screw you! I am NOT paying it.

More time on hold listening to the most godawful Muz-Ak ever invented until she finally came back and told me that they couldn’t waive the $50.00 stop-payment fee BUT they could waive any ‘future late charges up to fifty bucks’. Even though they were wrong in trying to even cash the check in the first place.

Dicks! Limp ones at that!

Yeah, and I get in trouble at MY job for not putting a U# on a check! Harumph!

Guess what…for the next two months I’m taking my sweet time making the loan payment. Yep, I’m just dropping my jeans halfway, bending over partway and tellin’ ’em to pucker the fuck up, bitches.

A Word To The Wise from The Severely Burned; never ever ever under any circumstances issue a paper check to your mortgage company (HSBC or not) and never ever ever pay your mortgage through the mortgage company’s website. ONLY pay them through YOUR BANK’s WEBSITE. Why? If I didn’t have MY BANK to BACK ME UP these sonsofbitches would have steamrolled right over me again. The second I told them that my bank already contacted them…over 2 weeks ago, they did an investigation, and they issued a new check and they put a stop-payment on the old one it was all; Oh, no, wait, hold on Mrs. Gorman, we’ll look into this right away. We’re so sorry…blah blah blah.

Whereas without my bank for back up they would have flatly told me I was screwed.

I will NEVER pay them any other way. Come spring I’m going to start shopping around for a nice small local bank to refinance with. At least there English is the first language and no one lies about their name.

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  1. that’s just aweful😦
    while looking for a new bank to refinance maybe also look into a way to report this? i mean they must have stuff on paper where they claim you didn’t pay or send check thought you can proof you have (bank statements and such) that it’s clear they’re simply trying to rip you off for cash?

    • Nobody cares. That’s the problem. The government doesn’t give a shit. They gave these ‘banks’ fines so tiny it was totally laughable and not one exec is going to spend a day in jail and they nearly collapsed the entire economy! It’s just ‘business as usual’ over here. Totally sucks.

      All the Best, Lisa

  2. Well that day finaly arrived…the funny thing is that HSBC didn’t take any bail out money from the govenment, so they don’t take part in the obama plan. Washington mutual sold my loan to hsbc, now I am stuck with a sucky rate….8.99 adjustable rate. And we are upside down iin our loan paying 1400/mt for a house that is worth 90k if that where is the justice in that!!!!! How can the banks do this to people. We want out and into a better home, granted we are never late with our payment for the passed 10 yrs now…..we deserve better and the people who took the easy way out and forclosed on there home look out cuz they might come after you….not now or tmrw….but down the road you might get that letter saying hey you owe us in full.

  3. Speak to your bank or check its website for the address of the complaints department. Generally these things are best done in writing, but most will accept a call. Just ask they note it down as a formal complaint, and ask for written confirmation. Don’t feel you have to be formal. Just explain the point clearly, concisely and honestly as if you were explaining to a friend why you’ve been wronged. Explain what you were trying to cancel, and what happened when you asked the bank to stop this payment.

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