The Disheartening Hunt

A few weeks ago, I made the discovery that I didn’t have any sweaters. I DID have sweaters. I HAD a ton of them. I cannot find them. Not a single one. It’s getting cold. I also discovered I am again down to 3 pairs of decent pants. Hubby’s work slacks were getting frayed. He needed new underwear. Miss Rebecca just got her job and she too needed some appropriate clothing for work.

Yep. Time To Go Shopping.

You know I hate this. I dread it. Once there was a time I could walk into a store, head straight to the Juniors Department, grab ANY size 3 jeans/pants/slacks off the rack, pay for them and walk out without trying them on. I would get them home and all would be well.

Those day are far behind me and getting further.

Yesterday after work Miss Rebecca and I started on The Disheartening Hunt. We went to local designer consignment shop that had oodles of wonderful stuff and wonderful prices; Design to Consign. It’s right next to JR Shack. Lovely little place. I didn’t find a damn thing and neither did she. We shared a dressing room. We commiserated as nothing wanted to go over our thighs. We wondered why designers seem to forget that women have thighs and butts. We put everything back and left.

Off to Old Navy, a short stop at a The Piercing Pagoda to say “Happy Birthday” to a very old and dear friend then we went into the store. I didn’t want to pay any of those prices. We walked out. We went to Burlington Coat Factory where it took no less than a half hour to pick out a new winter coat. I pulled ONE off the rack, put it on, it fit, it looked nice, it was $50.00. It was mine. I stood there so long waiting for her my feet started hurting and I got a hot flash. Finally she decided on a coat and we went upstairs to continue our hunt.

I loaded up a cart with tops, jeans, and pants sizes 6-8. My other size 6-8 fit just fine and I didn’t get them that long ago. BUT…nope. I ended up with two pairs of size 8 Gloria Vanderbilt that I just threw into the cart out of frustration. I took them back today. We came home disheartened, exhausted, depressed, and wanting to eat an entire dozen of cupcakes from The Cake Lady–which is right next door to Burlington so it’s very convenient.😉

This morning hubby decided he was going shopping for clothes. I wanted to take those jeans back so, very begrudgingly, I agreed to go with him. Our first stop, as always, was Sally’s Alley (Salvation Army). I pulled tops from the rack–every single one fit just fine. I ended up with many new tops. Hubby found a BOSTON (the band, not the Sox or the town) vintage zip-hoodie. I HAD to have it, at $5.00, I sure as heck bought it. Then I spent twenty minutes trying on jeans sizes 8-14! 10’s seemed to work nicely for the most part. I was a shamed. I slid on a pair of Vera Wang jeans and they fit nicely too. Size 14. I looked at them and reminded myself that Vera Wang is a very small Asian woman. Most Asian women do not even know what hips, thighs, and butts are. Still, I didn’t forgive her for it. I did, however, buy the jeans. Hubby got two new slacks and some dress shirts for work; one’s a very nice orange/cream. Looks nice against his skin tone.

Back to Burlington we went. I exchanged the GVs and went shopping…again. He went his way. I went my way. I grabbed a few more tops. Can never have enough of them. And, yes, I went through the slacks/pants/jeans one more time selecting ONLY size 10s. Each one fit and made me feel fat. By this time my lower back was completely locked up from walking around so much and trying on so many pairs of pants. I actually had to sit down to try on these last ones. I selected two pairs of brown/tan slacks and one pair of rich brown leggings. I got them because of a rather odd top I got Sally’s it’s very Asian with the funny butterfly buttons that I love, it’s long, nearly to the knees, so the leggings will go nice with it. In a fit of depression, walking out of the dressing room with my head hung low and my heart in my feet, I wandered over to look at the boots. Thankfully my feet are still the same size or I would have broken down in tears right then and there. I tried on a couple of pairs, found a couple that I liked, and one that really popped at me but $50.00 was on the high side. On my second trip around the boots I found the perfect ones, the ones that I just had to have that would make me feel better; knee high moccasins complete with fringe. Yep, the hippie in me lit up and cried out; Oh, please, can we have them?


Yep, you bet we can.

So I got those too. BUT, I know in my heart I am going back for that $50.00 pair. I am. Hubby walked by them, picked them up, and said; “Get these.” I didn’t even point them out to him. They are nice. Black leather, just below the knee, fashioned like a biker boot but with a small heel and…I swear…a Tree of Life for the buckle. That’s why I have to have them.🙂

Hubby wanted to go to Radio Shack so I checked out with out purchases and went to the car to wait for him. He came back with half a dozen cupcakes from The Cake Lady to cheer me up! I love him…thanks honey!

Now I have to clean out my closet and I a mountain of wash to do. I had ‘regular’ wash but now I have to do the stuff from Sally’s Alley too. We can never get out of that place without at least two big bags of clothes. Where else can you do that for $70.00? I’m doing it a little at a time and trying to figure a way to afford liposuction or something. I can’t figure it out. I haven’t touched the cup cakes. I don’t eat any more or any less or anything fattier/heavier than I always did. I’m not any more or less active. So what’s the deal, man? I don’t get it. I wish I liked exercising, I kinda do, but like writing, it’s all in psyching yourself for it and I don’t have that kind of mental energy.

Either that or designers are truly screwing with us. I saw ladies shopping in the Women’s Department looking at clothes marked 1X and I looked at them and thought; No way! There is no way that woman is a 1X she’s way too small! At best, I thought maybe she was an 18. I wondered how long it was going to be before I was shopping in that rather tiny department.

Very disheartening indeed.

I know I’m 47, not in high school anymore, not chasing small children around anymore, and not nearly as active as most would like me to be but I don’t consider myself a sloth or to be greatly overweight. Until I go clothes shopping. Then you can just call Omar in and see what he can whip up for me.

Anyway, we did discover that the moon roof on the car actually opens! I had no idea. I never even looked up to see the buttons that open and close it. We also discovered there’s a rather screwed up cup holder in the car. If one FLIPS the center seat there’s…something. It’s plastic. It’s compartmentalized. It looks like it’s supposed to hold cups and goodies but it doesn’t slide down into place. It’s sort of at a 45 degree angle. I’m not putting a cup of hot coffee in there. Nah. That’s ok.

As a last hurrah for the weekend since I paid the phone, electric, water, and car insurance bills, oh yes and I got groceries too AND we were still able to spend a good deal of cash on clothing for those in the household….phew….. we’re going to see “Thor 2” tonight. Yeah! Maybe get a bite of something juicy and completing fattening too. I’ll review it for you tomorrow if I’ve recovered.😉

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