We went and saw “Thor 2: The Dark World” last night and….I loved it! It certainly doesn’t hurt that this Hemsworth guy is like on fire but the movie is good too🙂

If you liked the first one and/or The Avengers definitely go see the movie you won’t be disappointed. Yes, stay for BOTH sets of credits to get both little snippets. They are worth it and, hey, it’s nice to sit for an extra minute or two and acknowledge all of the people who brought you the flick.

I don’t want to giveaway any spoilers but I did come away with a new affinity for Tom Hiddleston who I didn’t like at all–in fact I loathed him and what they’d done with Loki in general after seeing the first movie. Yet, there was something sexy about him in this flick. I’ll have to keep on eye on him the future. I hope to see more of him in this role. I even came away with a new affection for Natalie Portman who I like but wouldn’t bend over backwards for necessarily.

The effects are wonderful and the storyline is very good the whole thing gels and comes together quite nicely. If you’re a fan don’t wait for DVD you really should see it on The Big Screen.

The movie aside, I have been keeping my eye on this Hemsworth kid and I think I can finally say I’ve found my Ares. People ask who would play the part in a movie and I never have a solid answer but I really think Chris Hemsworth could pull it off. Give him dark hair and contact lenses and he’ll be all set. Yes, of course, we’ll clad him in black leather head to toe.😉

Yeah, if a movie ever gets made (ha ha ha) he is definitely my first–and let’s face it my only–choice.

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