ON STRIKE-Lawrence & Memorial Hospital

Well, it looks like the nurses are going on strike at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital and I know that more from the massive amount of hits I keep getting on this post rather than anything in print that I’ve read. That’s basically why this new post even exists; I’m sick of people hitting the other one and I’m sure those nice folks are sick of looking at the lovely parking lot L&M built for my viewing pleasure. So here goes.

I support this strike.

I do.

I support the Common Man, and his/her right to organize labor, to be paid a living wage, to be compensated for vacation/sick/holidays, to be treated with respect at work, and, well, you know, all of the happy stuff that makes going to work WORTH Going to Work!

I do not now nor will I ever support Corporate Greed. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening at L&M. Greed.

Once Upon a Time in a land right up the street from me, L&M Hospital was a lovely community hospital that actually cared about the community. Well not so much when it came to parking but you get the idea. Today it’s part of some conglomerate. It no longer behaves as though it’s part of the community it behaves as though it believes the community is dependent upon it and should bow down to it’s every wish. Patient Care and Your Well-Being are now distant seconds to The Bottom Line. This has been going on long before “Obamacare” even became a Thing…hell it was going on before Obama graduated college. Let me explain:

Years ago my husband had shoulder surgery, torn rotator cuff. The surgery went fairly well even though they sent him home roughly 4 hours late and still so doped on anesthesia that he couldn’t WALK! No joke, I had to get him into the car by myself and he outweighs me by quite a bit, I drove basically around the corner to home, he puked the whole way, I got him in bed where he promptly passed out and didn’t wake up until the next day. To say I was a bit nervous would be an understatement. A short time later, from out of nowhere, he developed a pulmonary embolism and was hospitalized. His doctor strictly stated this was due to the surgery he’d had earlier and, in part, to far too much anesthesia that he received during said surgery. He had his lungs drained TWICE each time producing roughly a 2 liter bottle full of blood and liquid. During the second hospitalization, L&M wanted to kick him out because Blue Cross decided he’d had enough ‘treatment’ and could be released. The hospital even drew up his Release Papers KNOWING his DOCTOR was firmly AGAINST this. It got so bad…

How bad did it get, Moonie?

It got so bad that then Attorney General Richard Bluementhal got involved on our behalf. Blue Cross paid. L&M kept him until his doctor released him. But if it hadn’t been for him and the DOCTOR L&M would not have stood up for my husband. They would have released him only to have him re-admitted or die on me. A less experienced and/or self-assured doctor would have let that happen. That’s what L&M wants; employees they can steamroll over and treat no better than Wal-Mart treats the poor souls scraping by on that lousy paycheck.

Unfortunately, we are far from the only ones that something like this has happened to with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital and hospitals all across the country. The ONLY person who should EVER be able to say that you are well enough to go home is YOUR DOCTOR. Not your insurance company and not the treating facility. We all know how much I can’t stand doctors to begin with so I guess that’s really saying something, huh?

The nurses and healthcare technicians are set to strike on November 27th if a compromise can’t be reached. If that happens and they need it I’ll gladly go down there on the 27th, pick up a sign, and march in line with them. I’m available any time after 2pm.


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