Even Sick I Can Be Productive

I’ve been home sick today. That was unexpected. I felt fine when I went to bed last night but my tummy has been churning and burning since about four this morning. Ick. So I thought while I was home I’d spend my time wisely.

If I haven’t told you yet I have a new pet peeve; EBOOKS that come in “BOX SET”. It’s really pissin’ me off. It is. Look, ebooks don’t come in a box, or a jewel case, or even a sleeve. They don’t come in anything at all. Believe me, a lot of people in this country are dumb enough already without being made to think that EBOOKS COME IN A FREAKIN’ BOX!

To add insult to injury most of these kind authors are putting their ‘boxed sets’ out there for a measly $0.99…some of them containing anywhere from 5 to 15 ebooks! $0.99!!!

How cheap are you, Reader?

Better yet I guess the real question is; How hard are you, the author, willing to whore yourself out for a sale? Just how far up the butt are you willing to take it?

Me? Nah. That’s ok. I’ll pass on ‘ebook box sets’ and basically standing on a street corner begging spare change. Let’s face it, if I don’t think my work is worth more than $0.99 why should anyone else?

SO…..I reduced ALL paperbacks to rock bottom prices. They’re ALL AT or like a dime over COST. I’m not making any money off these at all. Two of the books you can for the price of your average ebook. Prices in effect until December 31, 2013. If you want one Go Get You One or Two or More

NOW…for those $0.99 centers out there. I’ll skip the change and retain my pride as I just said. In that vein….The Heart of War, Child of War-A God is Born, and Christmas Eve on Olympus are ALL FREE TO READ ONLINE. That’s right…FREE. Wanna read ’em Click Here. A slight warning: Pages are encoded to prevent theft and piracy. You MUST have Java installed and working to view these pages. They cannot be saved properly. You cannot copy/paste. They are FREE to read ONLINE. Get it?🙂

If you want to read it OFFLINE…buy a book!

Personally I’m really interested to see just how many people come in, go straight to The Heart of War and to Chapter Twenty-Five so they can finally find out how the story ends.😛 It’s only been 3 years now and people STILL look for the last few chapters free online rather than buying the ebook. Baffles me but, oh well, it’s the holidays, might as well try to make ’em happy for the next month or so.

Now I’m headed to the couch with the blankets I just washed.

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