Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation-Strike

Yep, they’re still preparing to strike.

Sometimes I wish things moved a little faster. Me? If I say I’m going to do something I just do it right then and there no waiting no bullshit. But that’s me and I like to live a bullshit free life so, take that for whatever it’s worth to you.

Any-hoo, the nurses and techs should strike on Wednesday which will really suck for them because we seem to be expecting a hell of storm just in time for Thanksgiving. Oh joy. That’s another post altogether.

I’m still in support of the strike for numerous reasons but mostly because it seems Lawrence & Memorial Corporation is reportedly in “the red” this year. Oh, gee, ain’t that a shame? Seems to me that Lawrence and Memorial Hospital Corporation has been doing a lot of over-reaching lately and now they’d like to have their employees pay up for it. Hummm…ya know, from what I saw Backus Hospital is ending the year in “the black”. Strange, huh? I mean with all of this talk of ‘patent volume’ and not getting enough state and federal money (cough choke) you’d think Backus would be in “the red” too, huh?

Oh wait, Backus didn’t buy another hospital let alone buy a whole other hospital and close down its maternity ward. That’s right. They didn’t build a ‘new’ cancer center when we already had one but it was privately owned by a couple of well-intentioned doctors. Backus didn’t build new parking lots. In short, Backus didn’t spend money like it was water and go out of their way to put themselves a hole. No, Backus was what we like to call “fiscally responsible” so they get to end the year with money in their pockets and their employees’ pockets. See how that works?

It kills me that L&M Corporation is in bed with Joslin Diabetes Center and Dana Faber and they still can’t make money? Is somebody cooking the books here? Part of me really hates to think the people at the top of the L&M Corporation Pyramid Scheme are truly that damn stupid. But…they probably are. After all nobody works in the board room. Workers are reserved for the lower levels of the pyramid.

As a Citizen of the “great” City of New London, I have a proposal I’d like to put forth; I think it’s time this city invested in something meaningful so how about we get an in depth Cost/Benefit Analysis on just what OUR situation is with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. I think it’s time New London found the bottom line on what it actually COSTS US every year to “host” this irresponsible corporation. How much are we losing in tax money? The L&M Corporation has gobbled up a lot of land here in town. Land that could be useful and prosperous to the City. Gods know with our crummy tax base we need to retain all of the taxable land we possibly can. How many NEW LONDON citizens does the hospital actually employ? How much does it cost us to retain all of those Birth and Death records? In short, are we actually getting anything worth while out of this deal? If not, then it’s time to rethink. It was one thing to “host” a nice little community hospital it’s quite another to host a business that masquerades as a “not-for-profit” medical institution. So how about it, New London? Are you up for it? Can you take it? I’m betting we are getting royally screwed and we don’t even know it. I’ll make a further wager that most of us don’t want to know it.

Painful though it may be, I think it’s time we swallowed that jagged little pill and found out the actual bottom for ourselves.

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