Officially On Strike

They did it. A lot of people kept telling me that it would “never happen” that either the Union or the Hospital would “cave” at the last moment.


I know that, not because “The Day” or The New London Patch told me so (I haven’t even checked them out yet) but because my bathroom window looks out onto that lovely parking lot L&M built. Every morning I sit there bleary eyed, look out the window for my daily dose of disgust as I take in said parking lot but today was different. Today I looked out the window and the lot is empty. I mean barren. Not a single car. I thought I might be up way earlier than I thought and maybe I should go back to bed. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case–you know I love my sleep. Then I thought; Damn! The sucker is EMPTY! Ya know, it’s kinda creepy. Zombies? (I don’t even watch “The Walking Dead”! But for a fleeting moment I did wonder if the world had ended over night.)

Then I thought; Oh, yeah, it’s Wednesday, today’s the day.

What a nasty day they got for it too, oh it’s awful out there! Just rainy, windy, and totally not friendly.

I stared at the lot while sitting on The Throne and thought; Good for them. They’re not going to be walked on by the Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation.

I finished my morning routine, watched a little GMA and climbed into my car to go to work. Pulling out of my driveway and looking up at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, I wondered if a power line was down or something as there were people in that lovely ‘safety green’ that’s so flattering to everyone and flashing lights and the entrance to main hospital parking lot was barricaded. I got up to the top of the street and read the barricades; Contractors Gate Only.


Oh joy!

(Do we still use that word? I dunno but I’m sticking with it for this post.)

I got around the corner and on to Ocean Avenue and there they were walking the picket line with their signs. Cops are there with their flashing lights hoping to stop drivers from running over the striking nurses and technicians in this crappy weather. To tell you the truth, I was surprised to see them on Ocean Avenue I figured the hullabaloo would be on Montalk Ave only, that’s the main entrance to the hospital. I imagine they’re down there as well.

I tooted my horn and waved in support as I drove by and made my way to work. I noticed a strange thing; buses I’d never seen before. Big white buses with dark tinted windows and I thought it was odd until I realized they were headed to the Crystal Mall and then I knew those are the Scab Buses.

Considering my job and where I work (which I understand most of you don’t know but some of you do) the grapevine is lit up like the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center! Oh Myyyy!

For those who are supporting the hospital here’s a few tid bits for you;

Those Scab Buses are chock full of people from the MIDWEST! L&M couldn’t even be bothered to temporarily replace the Nurses and Technicians with LOCAL PEOPLE. That’s nice.
L&M PAID for these scabs to come out here
L&M is paying for their housing
L&M is giving them a per diem food allowance of somewhere in the neighborhood of $75.00/day

Go ahead and add up the cost of THAT in your head versus settling the strike before it even happened.

Your “patient care” is now dependent upon people who don’t even know the hospital. They don’t know the routines. They don’t the procedures and they sure as hell don’t know YOU. So, would some of you like to tell me again of how you don’t really care if the people in charge of healing you have any experience or not? Would you like to tell me again that Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation acted in “good faith”…on any level whatsoever? C’mon, I dare you. I double dawg dare you.

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation also has roughly 4 cameras per entrance to the hospital focused on the striking workers. They have a command center inside the hospital from which they are watching, recording, and probably listening, to everything going on out there. And, oh yeah, if any of the striking workers get caught blocking traffic for “more than 30 seconds” they are going to be arrested. If it happens on Ocean Avenue, well, that’s a State Road, so the State Police will be called in and, if arrested, you’ll be taken to Montville instead of a little trip through scenic downtown New London.

Yep, that’s your nice little local “community” hospital, sure is, don’t pay any attention to the Gestapo Boots. Just pretend they’re not even there.

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  1. Lovetiggi's Book Reviews and Promotions

    WOW! I sure as Hell want to know who is taking care of me, especially with my health issues.

    30 seconds or be arrested? WTH? That is just ridiculous.

    They probably had to go outside the local areas, due to the strike. The further away the better. Just thinking out loud.

    I am not one to talk Politics, but, how freaken stupid can a Corporation get? Really? Sounds like a Power- Trip to me… “If you don’t conform, we will just simply replace you.”

    Sorry for rambling. LOL

  2. The Joslin Diabetes Center Affiliate at Hallmark Health System , which opened at LMH in 2011, brings the expertise of the world’s preeminent diabetes research and clinical care organization to the community. Patients can now receive the most up-todate diabetes and endocrinology treatment without traveling into Boston. The Center builds on HHS’s solid reputation for comprehensive, patient-centered diabetes and endocrinology care while offering patients the latest advances for treating diabetes and its complications as well as patient education. Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH) is a 134-bed acute care hospital offering a range of medical services including Urgent Care Cente r, emergency care , cardiology , oncology/hematology, day surgery, general and specialty surgery, acute medical services, geriatrics, medical-psychiatry, Center for Weight Management and Weight Loss Surgery and comprehensive diagnostic and outpatient services.LMH physicians are rated among the best in Massachusetts. The LMH Independent Physician Association (IPA) ranked among the top four in the 2002 Tufts Health Plan assessment of over 83 groups. Residents from some of the top medical schools in the country come to Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

  3. Great Blog,was born at L&M in 1966 and have had many family procedures done there…My aunt recently Passed there.I support the Nurses and Techs 100%. Hope this gets settled soon.Keep us posted please ide rather read this then watch the news….🙂

    • Hi, I’m sorry to hear of your aunt’s passing, please accept my sympathies for your loss. I, too, was born in 1966 perhaps we went to school together. Although this blog isn’t anything more than One Woman’s Opinion, I’m very glad to know that you enjoyed this post, thanks so much for coming by! I also hope this is settled soon.

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