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The hospital strike is a big thing around here and it’s goin’ strong! The nurses and techs seem to be getting a lot of support from the public and that’s always a good thing. I had hoped that Lawrence and Memorial Hospital Corporation would soon come to its senses and do the right thing.

Silly me!

Hospital Workers End Strike Tonight but L&M Plans to Lock Them Out.

Yeah, as you can see they’re just greedy pigs. They were hoping for the strike. They were. This way they could try to get rid of the union altogether and the entire lot of employees…good honest well-trained experienced employees. Now you can be tended to by, oh I dunno, “Shirley” with the middle eastern accent a la HSBC and so many other ‘fine’ corporations. Again, I say Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation is NOT our nice little Community Hospital any longer. It’s a business and it’s a big business that doesn’t give a damn about YOU or your HEALTH or your CARE. Nope. It only gives a damn about how much money it can get from you and your insurance company while making profit margins soar with workers who are less than we’ve come to expect.

I digress. I made this particular post because I see there’s a ton of people improperly searching this blog for my posts on Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. I thought I’d comprise the following list for those folks. These posts are in descending order. I will try to keep it updated with links to new posts throughout the strike. Should I fail to do so you can always look to your right where it says ‘recent posts’ to see a listing of the LAST 10 posts on this blog.

What Your Price Trois

What Your Price Part Deux

<a target="new" href=""&gt; What's YOUR Price?

A Tale of Two New Londons

Lawrence Memorial Hospital ‘Final’ Offer

Lawrence Memorial Hospital-Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Locked Out at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation Strike

ON STRIKE-Lawrence & Memorial Hospital

Officially On Strike

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Is Gordon Gekko

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital-The Parking Lot

Looking Ahead

I’m Positive You Can See It Now

I Think You Can See It Now

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital-A Public Service Announcement

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Strikes Again

The Day Paper Loves to Kiss Ass

The Backyard Saga

The Crying Game

Ok, that’s about it for posts on this blog concerning Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. Enjoy!

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