Locked Out at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation



Here’s a few articles for you if you’re interested. Here’s one from The New London Patch Hospital Workers End Strike Tonight but L&M Still Plans to Lock Them Out

And, if you get to this post within two weeks of its posting, here’s an article from The Day for you Unions Says Strike Over; L&M Says No Contract No Return To Work

Here’s the way WTNH reported it

I told you about those Gestapo Boots…didn’t I?

I think I did. Don’t be fooled by L&M’s cry of ‘patient care’ and ‘loss of funds’. If you’re buy that you’re too naive to read here. This is L&M Corpration’s slightly underhanded way of trying to get rid of the unions. Plain and simple. I’ve told you for months that they’ve been ‘moving services off the main campus’ and gobbling up land/buildings around the community like a fat man at Thanksgiving Dinner. These are not the actions of your Friendly Community Hospital that’s oh so concerned with you, your care, and well, the community in which it is situated. These are the actions of any comparable Big Business in 2013. Any piggish business at all that’s more concerned with its CEOs Saving Money and Living Better than it is with doing business in an upright and fair manner with the town in which is situated and with the people in its employ.

Let’s not forget they’re Not-for-Profit status. That little annoying thing which shields the Corporation and keeps it from paying its fair share of taxes which would, in turn, truly benefit the CITY upon which it is feasting.

But, we’re not here to talk about the actions of that lip-sticked pig today. No, if you go over and you read the articles I posted then read the comment sections you may find yourself wondering if all of you have actually READ the same article. As always, it’s my neighbors, my community that both enlighten my heart and fill it with saddened confusion. It’s a strange mix, I grant you that.

I live RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from the “old” Emergency Room entrance…at the freakin’ light…that’s MY street. Yep, I heard some whooping. I heard some hollering. I heard some cheering. I heard cars honking in support of the workers. I sure did. Each honk and rousing cheer made my heart swell with pride. I wouldn’t say it was overbearing at all I would say it was more filled with good-cheer even in the pouring rain and the bitter cold. I didn’t see or hear anyone fighting or getting each other’s faces. I certainly didn’t see any rock throwing.

I wonder if some of my ‘neighbors’ and I actually witnessed the same event. Yes, I realize there are buildings on Montauk Avenue where most of the picketing went on but the overwhelming majority of them are doctor’s offices. There’s a school. More doctors offices. Maybe a residence or two then a little grinder shop and a liquor store. Going the other way there are doctor’s offices and more doctor’s offices and more doctor’s offices and then maybe a residence or two until you get past, oh, I dunno, Bellevue or something where it turns into all residences before hitting a church, Cumberland Farms, Liquor store, restaurant, dollar store, church….blah blah blah. In short, if one lives ‘4 or 5 blocks from the hospital’ I’m doubting they heard much of anything at all except car horns and maybe a voice through a bullhorn here and there.

I wonder where these ‘neighbors’ were when AmTrak was pounding away down there at ALL HOURS of the night? Where were they when L&M put in that parking lot? They made all that noise which resulted in a complete and utter destruction of a graceful woodland area enjoyed by the generations of families.

I wonder why some of my ‘neighbors’ decry the striking workers as being ‘all about themselves’ when their very posts are simply about how inconvenienced they’ve supposedly been over 4 days.

I wonder why some of my ‘neighbors’ are so narrow-minded their their definition of the word ‘community’ seems limited to New London. Yes, I agree, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation should go out of its way to HIRE PEOPLE WHO RESIDE IN NEW LONDON. It doesn’t, of course. Its unconcerned with that. However, given that statistics show me the commute of the average American joe is somewhere between a half hour and forty-five minutes ONE WAY I’m willing to say that those who may reside in Westerly, RI or Hope Valley, RI and surrounding areas are indeed part of our ‘community’. Let’s face it, if Westerly Hospital (now owned by L&M Hospital Corp.) was hiring or paid well or anything like that they’d try to get jobs there which is a tad-bit closer to home.

I wonder why it’s perfectly okay with so many people that the worker, the common man, the average joe, gets the boots put him again and again while corporation profits soar. I don’t understand why in 2013 Selling Your Soul to the Company Store seems to coming back en vogue. Let’s not forget that these are NURSES. They’re not WalMart workers where closed-mind people say something idiotic like; You start there and work your way to a better job, WalMart and McDonald’s are for teenagers to start out with not to make a career out of. (When I come across them I always find myself praying that one day such people will climb into the DeLorean, get it up to 88 miles per hour, find that 1 gigawatt strike, and be able to join the rest of us in the 21st century.)

The nurse STARTS OUT in the neighborhood of $50,000.00 IN DEBT with student loans and such because s/he went for the ‘higher eduction’ line we’ve all been forced to buy into by those who think working at WalMart is a worthless job. (OK, I’ll give the the nurse hopefully also had a higher desire; a passion for healing and helping as well.) If you START OUT with that much debt you NEED to make around $30.00/hour just to keep your head above water; to pay back the loan, pay rent, pay insurance, pay car loan, get gas, utilities, food, clothing and all of that happy stuff. With that in mind, I really don’t want to hear about the nurse is ‘over paid’. I certainly don’t want to hear they’re ‘overpaid because they’re union’.

What bullshit.


Since the hospital does/did have a contract with said unions, yes, they should have been moving union employees to these satellite locations the entire time…if they were playing fair. If they were acting in the best interest of the community, that’s what they would have done. But they didn’t because the hospital has been taken over by Big Business which acts solely in its own best interest of Saving Money Living Better.

If you want WalMart in charge of your healthcare where you can get the shoddiest made crap at the most rock bottom prices…continue your support of Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation.

If you’d like something a bit better than that; stand up! Say something! Say it anywhere! Just make your voice heard.

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