Lawrence & Memorial Hospital-Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Especially not when it comes from L&M.

Things like this which was posted as the new header on Lawrence and Memorial Hospital Corporations’ Facebook page THIS MORNING


WOW! They got some big brass balls, huh? Either that or they think the rest of us are completely gullible. Hummmm…guess which one it probably is…gee, I wonder.

So I went to their Facebook page and told them they had it wrong. They’re not “celebrating their new century of service (cough choke) with a key component to their success; people” Their new key element is JACK BOOTS! (In a few moments I’ll find their Twitter page and start harassing them over there.) The least they could have done was replace ‘people’ with ‘out of towners’ or ‘scabs’ or…something closer to the truth anyway. Seriously, is this is their idea of good PR they need a new PR firm and swiftly. Post haste there Bruce Cummings and the mouthpiece Mike O’Farrell. Chop Chop, guys. Either that or you flaccid dweebs could always “get thee to a nunnery”…again post haste would be best.

I read many interesting things such as Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation is paying its technician scabs $100.00/hour! The TECHS! I wonder what the scab nurses are getting, don’t you? That’s on top of being flown here, given housing, and daily food allowance. WOW! What a sweet deal…if you’re a scab. If you’re an honest worker you got the shaft like always. But if you’re willing to beg at the Master’s feet you can have anything you want, well, until the Master tires of you and puts you down or turns you into the nearest shelter for something newer and shinier. I keep wondering if L&M has a ‘secret’ deal with these individuals for say, I dunno, 3 weeks or a month? I mean even a scab might have a hard time coming up here to good old New London for just a day or two…even at $100.00/hour. So, there needs to be something in place that truly makes it worth their while.

Sad. Truly sad. Pathetic, let’s not forget pathetic. And gutless. And ball-less wonders of the world who are doing everything they possibly can to Save Money, Live Better. Didn’t I hear that one of those turds just had a massive addition put on their house? Gee, hummm, yes I believe I did. Corporate Greed it never ends. Want proof?


No matter what the Corporate Fat Cats spew, trust and believe, this isn’t about ‘patient care’ unless you want to say ‘caring about the money in patient’s wallets’ then I’ll go along. It’s not about ‘security’, that was one of the most good-natured strikes I’ve ever seen. I believe with all my being that the nurses who work at L&M have nothing but the best of intentions and give nothing the highest possible quality of care to the patients. Ah, the nurses that actually belong there that is. Actually, the nurses have always been the best thing about L&M. I’ve never had a complaint against a nurse in my life. Doctors? Hell yes! Being grossly overcharged? Oh fuck yes! ($2,000 for 5 lousy stitches? I’ll do myself from now on.) The Nurses? Hell no!

I, for one, am very glad that I don’t have to depend on Lawrence & Memorial Hospital during this time. If I get sick…well I won’t go to the hospital anyway we all know that…but if I absolutely had to go to a hospital right now I’d be making the trip up to Backus in Norwich. I can see that may be true for a good long time to come. After all:

According to L&M Hospital Unions United last Facebook status update:
What we know for sure is that
6.2 oncology is closed
ICU is closed
4.2 Ortho was closed but has reopened in a limited capacity
3.6 floor is closed
The cardiac unit is running with only one monitor tech
The Emergency Department was on field triage all weekend which is basically diversion to Backus. The Backus ED is swamped right now so that may be why they have come off diversion.

The main thing is there are next to no patients in the hospital. Some of the units are actually overstaffed because they are sending people away.

Oh yeah, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation is concerned with YOU alright.


But, of course, there’s no reason to believe me about anything. Google is your friend. Use it. You may find articles like these:

Defiant Locked Out L&M Hospital Nurses Vow to Fight Corporate Owners to Protect Nurses and Patients

Corporation Operating L&M Hospital Chooses Lock-Out Over Critical Care

Hospital Locks Out Workers

Hospital Locks Out Workers

What Caused Nurses Strike at Connecticut’s Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Nurses & Technicians Strike at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital

And oh so many more!

So to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporations Board of Misdirection
Ulysses B. Hammond, Chairman
Granville Morris, Vice Chairman
Fred Conti, Treasurer
Marilynn Malerba, Secretary
Maureen Anderson, Assistant Secretary
Scott D. Bates
Timothy D. Bates
John E. Allen, DMD
L. James Carroll, CPA
R. Alan Hunter
Mary Ellen Jukoski, EdD
Robert Keltner, MD
Daniel P. O’Shea
Leon Olivier
Carol Ridgway
Kathy Steamer
Bruce D. Cummings, ex-officio, President/CEO
Donald Felitto, M.D. – ex-officio, President, Medical Staff
Henry Amdur, M.D., ex-officio, Past President, Medical Staff

Ya know, ladies and gentlemen (and I use those terms loosely) once upon a time I would have just called the entire lot of you scum but to tell the truth, in this case, that would be an insult to scum and one-celled organisms everywhere. Why? Because as Sigourney Weaver so aptly once put it; At least you don’t see them screwing each other for a percentage point.

If you’d like to make your opinion known you can write to the above at
Lawrence & Memorial Hospital
365 Montauk Ave
New London, CT 06320

Call the Main Switchboard (yes, they still have a switchboard!): 860-442-0711
Public Relations: 860-235-3399
Visit to drop them an email.

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