Playin’ Catch-Up

Again! LOL

Yeah, there’s actually more going on than the nurse’s strike at L&M but it’s still the most interesting ticket in town. Says a lot for my town, don’t it?๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, were you a good little consumer over the past few days? Did you participate in Black Friday? Me? Hell no. How about Shop Small Saturday? Me, why yes, yes I did but not because I planned on it. Saturday was my son in-laws birthday and we went to their house to celebrate. She made chicken and dumplings. It was very good. My daughter is turning into quite the cook! Yes, she is.

On the way to their house we stopped at Game Stop for a gift certificate and at Munsons Chocolates for his gifts. If you love chocolate for the love of God click that link! Forget Godiva or Lindt or any of them….go to that site! I swear it’s the best chocolate in the world and it’s made right here in little ol’ Connecticut. My dad handed them down to me so they’re a family tradition.๐Ÿ™‚



Are the most awesome chocolates ever created! EVER! They melt in your mouth and dribble down the back of your throat in a luscious cascade of caloric goodness not matched anywhere. You can buy them HERE! This box is $10.50 but that wasn’t good enough for us we went with 2 pounds! 1 for us and 1 for Nate๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah, $26.50/lb is a little pricy but so worth it!

So I did “shop small”. That’s good.

I did not participate in Cyber Monday either.

Gee, I’m a horrible American, aren’t I? I only managed to peg 1 out of the 3 most important shopping days in the year. Bummer.

I don’t know about you but I had to work and after that I certainly wasn’t in the mood to go dragging my old butt out there to face the manic shoppers, of which I hear there were more but they actually spent less. This was Miss Rebecca’s first Black Friday and she reported the mall was not packed and, in fact, it was only a little heavier than a regular Friday. Yes, she was happy to be disappointed, she wasn’t really looking forward to a mob. Who can blame her?

I guess, on the whole, we really are tiring of cheap plastic crap made in other countries…no matter how cheap it gets. It’s lost its luster. Too many of us have started seeing The Big Picture and realizing that Saving Money and Living Better comes with an extraordinarily high hidden price tag no matter what Wally-World’s new ad campaign tries to lie–ah, tell–to you. That’s a good thing. Could be. I mean, after all, I heard Cyber Monday was big boomin’ business this year. Let’s face it, it’s easier to shop online! You can visit any and every store anywhere in the country or the world right at any time of the day or night. You can do it on your own couch, with your own coffee, and in your own PJs….or office attire provided the boss ain’t looking. It was Monday.

We did the Thanksgiving Thing on Thursday and, I know it was just the 5 of us and I know I said I wasn’t going to do too much but it was Thanksgiving.

There’s Tom, stuffed with cornbread stuffing and drizzled with fresh local honey. YUMMY! Well, the skin would have been yummy if my hubby didn’t eat ALL of it! I think I got a little tiny nibble. LOL This was the first year that we got a “fresh” turkey vs. a “frozen” turkey–the “fresh” one felt pretty “frozen” when I picked it up so…false advertising? I dunno. Any-hoo…it WAS BETTER. People have been telling me for years that I would “definitely taste the difference”. I thought they were crazy but they weren’t. Nope. It was succulent. Tender. Juicy. Just deee-lish. Going with a “fresh” turkey again next year.

I had to set the tables


Those green/white dishes are what’s left of the over “serving for 24” set of my grandmother’s that I had. OY! What a shame! The set was lovely but it was unable to survive life as everyday dishes in a family of 4…go figure, huh? The pink(ish) wine glasses belonged to my great-grandmother–my girls fight over which one will get them, I was so lucky to be an only child๐Ÿ˜‰ The rest of it I’ve collected over the years.

Another tried-n-true Family Tradition at our Thanksgiving table is homemade cherry pie. Cousin didn’t come this year so I wasn’t getting any pie and I know he makes it JUST for ME as a special ‘I love You’. But, have no fear Miss Nicole is here. She stepped up to the ‘plate’ and made a cherry pie.



Didn’t she do a nice job? It was very tasty, she even used dark bing cherries (which, I’m certain most of you know are my favorites) and made the crust from scratch. GOOD JOB NIKKI! I LOVE YOU!

Sunday we just sort of laid there holding our tummies and didn’t move very much throughout the day. No, not too much. LOL I rediscovered that someone should put a warning label on the turkey: While Delicious This Product is Akin to Nature’s ‘Colon Blow’. Eat With Caution. Yeah, I spent a great deal of Sunday and Monday on The Throne. Which, in my case is a very good thing, I know. I feel lighter and not so thick around the middle. I should eat more real turkey not that processed lunch-meat stuff.๐Ÿ™‚

Around December 10th, I’ll start poking around for items to fill our small Christmas Wish Lists. Then I’ll give myself a reward on December 13th and go see the new Hobbit Movie! Woot! I know, I should order my tickets NOW. I really should. I’ll do it tomorrow…first thing.

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamed of Blondie. How weird is that? Never before have I dreamed of “Patrick Jane” and never expected to. It was very tangible but my hubby woke me up abruptly this morning just as I began cemented and categorizing it and now I can’t remember it. Damn! BUT I guess that Febreze air freshener thing is working.


In fact, I know it is. I haven’t had a sleeping pill in over a month! I haven’t had a night sweat in the same length of time. Oh, I still get a hot flash and kick the covers off but it’s nothing compared to what it was. The next time I go to Stop & Shop I am going to buy out all of the Warm Milk & Honey refill-thingies I can lay my hands on! I’m going to get the spray too.

Back to my dream. I refilled that little wonder last night and watched Blondie yesterday afternoon so maybe that’s what brought it on. All I can really remember is standing by a fence, I think there are horses in a corral, and him telling me that he wants me to stop calling him ‘Jane’, he reads my blog, he knows I don’t call him ‘Jane’. He wanted to me to start saying what I always call him; Blondie. He said I was the only one who called him that and he liked it. That’s all I can nail down for sure…total bummer.

But, let’s just say, if you have trouble sleeping you should pick up one of these things and give it a go. For $3.35 you really can’t go wrong.

Now It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to All Our Company….I hope you had a lovely holiday and that you survived the first round of The Shopping Wars.

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    I’m with you Lisa… I don’t do Black Friday and didn’t do Cyber Monday. I did however “shop small” on Saturday. Cheryl and Lisa stopped by my office today. I was so thrilled to see them, it’s been a while! I’m glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • I’m glad you saw them i talked to Cheryl last week for the first time in forever. Thanksgivings was cozy I hope yours was warm and tasty๐Ÿ™‚

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