Strange Brew

I don’t like to make mountains out of mole hills so I’m just going to think out loud here for a bit.

I had the little skirmish on The New London Patch earlier this year after which someone tried to impersonate me on said Patch and even opened a bogus account for me under a real email address of mine albeit a very old one. Yes, I am now from Long Beach, CA and not New London, CT at least as far as The Patch is concerned. I had that little skirmish with the wacko from Sweeties Bakery in downtown New London earlier this year, you remember the business owner who thought she didn’t have to pay “non-employees” on the books. I’ve been very vocal about the strike at L&M lately–but I don’t think that’s the catalyst. It’s too recent. So I’m trying to figure out just what it was that I did which may have caused someone out there to go off the deep end. If they have, of course, if they have.

A little while ago I started getting a massive amount of phone calls from telemarketers and they’re still coming through although not so much anymore. Each one of them assured me that I had filled out a form on their website and asked them to call me. Schools. Banks. Real estate. Insurance. Survey takers. You name it, they called. Did I mention I’m on the National Do Not Call List so…why the hell would I ask them to call me?

Then I started getting emails along the same line; junk. Spam. Each email stated I’d asked for the contact.

Then I got a few strange bills in the mail. Right address. Wrong name. At first I figured someone transposed the house number but that’s not it. Then I even tried to find the addressee here in New London and was unable to do so. I called and told them they had the wrong address, please don’t send me anymore bills there is no one here other than us.

Then a Plumbing and Heating truck showed up at my house to fix my furnace because I didn’t have any heat. The guy gave a name I didn’t recognize along with my address. I assured him my furnace was fine and I didn’t call them. In fact, I’d never heard the name he mentioned and was unable to help him find who he was looking for.

Then I got all of those pictures of some guy’s dick. That was nice. According to his FB page he was in India but…well, we all know we can be from anywhere here in Cyber Space and the pictures didn’t show his face.

Then I started getting emails about jobs. I didn’t think anything of it. Employers cruise Monster and Career Builder where I have resumes for them to look at. Pfizer was particularly interested in hiring me and I never even considering applying there. It’s not my thing. I would never be happy in that atmosphere but they wanted me bad.

Today, I got a postcard in the mail from a local employer telling me they’d looked over the resume I had submitted and they were sorry to inform me that I didn’t qualify for the job.


I called them and explained that I didn’t submit a resume to them, I have been employed in the same place for the last 18 months and while I’m open to new opportunities I have not actually submitted my resume anywhere since I took my present job. She was certain that I had but ‘it could have been Monster’. I said that, even then I would have had to submit the resume to them…which I did not. I don’t imagine they go around the job sites looking for people only to send out rejection notices to people who didn’t actually apply. Right?

Did I mention that about two-three weeks ago our car was broken into? Yep. It was. Not only that but it seems to the ONLY car that was broken into on the street. Whoever did it didn’t get anything there wasn’t anything to get but they ransacked the hell out of it. Out of hubby’s car which I had been driving up until about a month ago when we got my car which nicely automatically locks itself. Cool, huh? I didn’t think much of it other than; kids. I left it at that and was slightly relieved to know that cars had been being broken into in my neighborhood. I shouldn’t say that I know but it’s a point in the favor of the This Is All In My Head Column so that’s nice.

Also there’s the fact that at least two accounts I use may have been ‘hacked’. I received notices from Yahoo and LinkedIn of ‘suspicious activity’ on my account and was forced to change the passwords for both of them even though I don’t really use them.

While, so far, I haven’t found any small items missing I am starting to feel a little like ‘Helen Makris’ in OBSESSION.

If these things were spread out over the course of the YEAR I wouldn’t think twice about them but they’re really only in the last 4-5 months…give or take. So they’re really sort of just glaring at me.

So if you’re of a mind to help me out here…what do you think? All random occurrences that have nothing to do with each other and it’s just Life or maybe more than that? I am pretty vocal, opinionated, stubborn, loud-mouthed, take-no-shit. While I’m no celebrity I do have a fairly ‘high profile’ with my books and all. I’m easy to find if you have 1/4 of a brain. Do you think I’ve picked up, well, someone? Or am I making a mountain out of a molehill here?

I guess I’ll wait until a rejection letter from either a publisher or a credit card company shows up. Then I’ll know for sure.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping an extra eye on the locks.

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  1. As soon as I started reading your retelling of the events, I immediately thought of Helen in Obsession! When I saw you had drawn the same conclusion it worried me a little. I’m no physic, but I get these feelings often. My spidy senses are tingling. Be careful and please watch your six!

    • Mine are too. Thanks for saying something I really appreciate it very much. Will be watching my six and post again if weird things keep happening.

      Sent from my iPad

  2. i would consider talking to some official person. cyber crimes these days … even for small things. if they can track down who it may be and if he/she is closeby that person might well be responsible for breaking into your car and all that shit.
    and i’d do another round of password changing wherever you can, just in case and write as much down of what has happened, dates names they used, the lot. tedious job but if you can hand over something documented they could see it’s not a single event.
    the odd thing you could brush off but this is starting to read like serious harrassment.
    i can see this person taking it a step further when they really start impersonating you for things…

    • If it keeps on this way I will start writing things down but I don’t know who’d I take it to. It’s all so small that I don’t know if anyone would take it seriously. If they try to impersonate me that’s when the joke will be on them I’m sure they will get tons of rejection slips from credit card companies!

      All the Best, Lisa


        i think these two could start you off to see where and with what you can file a complaint. it seems to me they do take this serious so i wouldn’t wait to long and read up and gather what you can anyways. just because you’re a public figure with her own strong opinion, it doesn’t mean that someone who doesn’t agree with that has the right to misuse your name and is actually making you look like a fraud all over town, so to speak, with all the stuff they’re doing, even with using a false name. they use your address!! so they know very well where you life.
        and well i’m sure that if you do file a complaint they can look into this with more detail and find out who did this or ping the address.

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