Lawrence & Memorial Hospital’s ‘final offer’

If you get to this post within 2 weeks of today you’ll be able to read the entire article on The Day L+M Makes ‘final’ Offer

If you’re tardy to this post, let’s pick the article apart a little bit.

“No meetings took place between the two sides on Wednesday, and none have been scheduled. However, spokesmen for both the union and the hospital said a session today or Friday is possible.”

But what The Day infamously left out is that a meeting WAS scheduled for Wednesday and the Hospital didn’t show! They didn’t even have the common decency to call and cancel. They just didn’t come. Although, I guess the people at the Best Western are more ‘deserving’ than the hospital’s own employees as the Hospital did let Best Western know it wasn’t showing.

Nice, huh?

“Since the strike, the hospital has been staffed by 150 to 250 replacement nurses and technicians.”

Ok, so L&M is either grossly overstaffed or grossly understaffed, you take your pick considering there are 800 people on strike at the moment.

“The hospital posted the offer on its internal website and at, its public site. In his letter, President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Cummings urged nurses and technicians “to express your views of our proposal to your union and request that your voice be heard through a vote of union membership.””

Read that one again if you want. I’ll wait.

So, instead of showing up in person to the meeting they posted their ‘offer’ on their website! How cowardly can one possibly get? It’s like being fired via text message by a low-down boss too sheepish to look you in the eye. BTW, Mr. Cummings I’m fairly certainly the nurses are speaking loud and clear. I’m equally certain Mr. Cummings & Crew simply are not listening because no one’s saying what Cummings & Crew want to hear.

Mr. Cummings, I know science is behind the curve on this one, but if at all possible it really would behoove you to GROW A SPINE. We know you don’t have anything where it would count on a man and we’re pretty glad about that but a spine might be nice. It would hold your greasy-self upright anyway instead of continually showing you for the Neanderthal that you truly are.

“The offer, which the union dismissed as a “rehashing” of proposals it already has rejected, addresses the union’s central sticking point of job security with a commitment that L+M “will not transfer any acute care services currently performed by the bargaining unit members to other L+M entities.” Acute care services include the Emergency Department, operating rooms, medical-surgical services and labor and delivery services, among others. According to the Connecticut Hospital Association, treatment for severe injury, episode of illness, urgent medical condition or surgery is considered acute care.

Regarding non-acute care services, which includes many outpatient departments, the hospital’s offer states that if those are transferred to hospital affiliates, unionized workers who are laid off as a result would be eligible for special assistance and support, components of which are described in the offer.

Hospital spokesman Michael O’Farrell said the language regarding transfers of non-acute services is included so that the hospital can remain “efficient, flexible and adaptable” to the rapidly changing health care environment.

“There are no mass transfers planned,” he said. “We’re not hiding behind a grand plan.””

1-as usual, Mr. O’Farrell you are so full of shit it isn’t even funny. 2-that’s why no one believes you. 3-if L&M didn’t have some grand plan (like ultimately using their new parking lot for 2nd shift instead of 1st shift) why is L&M creating shell corporations to hide behind? Why doesn’t L&M simply continue being its piggish self under its own name? Why the shell(s)? It couldn’t be because the shell(s) aren’t held accountable to the unions because the shells don’t have any agreement with said unions…could it? No, of course not, L&M is much too above-board for anything sneaky and underhanded like that…right?

Please note the services which are being or have already been removed from the main campus of the hospital. I mean, with a list like that, why even GO to L&M at all? Soon the building will be an empty…shell. If that happens maybe the City of New London can get an above-board employer in there to take it over. It’d make an awesome factory, it really would. And a factory would pay taxes. That would be nice.

“In an email message, Gary Cass, L+M’s director of human resources/labor relations and lead negotiator, told Greg Kotecki, his counterpart at the union, that “both sides have gone as far as they can on this subject,” referring to the transfer issue.

“Because there was no change on the union’s part on work transfer or any of the remaining issues, the hospital is transmitting its last, best and final offer,” he wrote.

O’Farrell said the 800 union members should decide what happens next. “We hope (union leaders) will take (the offer) to the members,” he said.

Matt O’Connor, spokesman for AFT Connecticut, said the hospital’s offer has not changed since before the lockout began.

“We have already rejected it, so it cannot be considered a last, best offer,” he said.

The hospital’s attorney has contacted Kotecki and federal mediator John Carpino to schedule a meeting for Dec. 10, O’Connor said.

“If they were truly offering a LBO (last best offer), they would not be offering to continue negotiations,” he said in an email message.”

Agreed! If it were ANY type of offer at all it wouldn’t be made via email. The least L&M could do is spare the penny for a scrap of paper, don’t you think?

“In the union’s latest counterproposal, which preceded the hospital’s offer, L+M would pledge that if any services are transferred from the hospital, affected union members would be able to keep their jobs at the new locations. Guarantees that unionized staff would be able to “follow the work” are the heart of protections the union is seeking in the new contract. The counterproposal was presented during Tuesday’s negotiation session.”

All in favor say ‘Aye’! I think this perfectly reasonable and L&M doesn’t because it undermines their ‘non-existent’ grand scheme. But not all of us are blind. A lot of us see far better than L&M would like us too. I think it’s only fair that when L&M finally moves damn near every single service it possibly can off the main campus that the employees already there go with the work. Just to back up my assertion that this IS the reality;

“O’Connor said that next year, the hospital plans to move the Joslin Diabetes Clinic and occupational health and infectious disease services out of the hospital. L+M officials said the only active transfer plans are for the Joslin Diabetes Center, which does not employ any unionized nurses or technicians.”

Note the term ‘the only active transfer plans’. That simply means the others are probably in-the-works but they haven’t moved on it just yet. Let me tell you one thing, L&M Hospital Corporation if you dare to take one more piece of property off the New London Tax Rolls I think the lot of you should be hunted down and destroyed like the rabid dogs you ARE.

The Hospital and I agree on one thing; the entire union should vote! All of them. With any luck at all they’ll come back with a resounding “Go Fuck Yourself”.

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