A Tale of Two New London’s

I’m just going to opine for a while, don’t mind me.

You read here often enough you know I keep up on current events through the New London Patch and The Day Newspaper website…sometimes I actually read the paper because my place of business has a subscription. But reading the paper isn’t quite as much fun as reading the comments. Funny, huh? No one ever had ‘comments’ when I was younger-than-today we just had The Paper and then we talked about it face-to-face or maybe over the telephone–still attached to the wall with a cord and maybe even a rotary dialer). As I’ve said before, I often come away from the ‘comments’ wondering if we’ve all just read the same article.

Earlier this year there was The Rape that Wasn’t….my posts concerning that particular topic are:

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Here’s the resolution City Fires New London Police Officer Over Leaks This is very recent which is why we’re here today.

I don’t have an account with The Day, I don’t post on their site. I ended up with an account on The Patch and I try not to use it. I do read a lot. It seems to me that some city residents are very hypocritical. They are defending the actions of this police officer and basically accusing the mayor of ‘union busting’ and in the next breath call the nurses striking at L&M “union thugs”.


Yeah, I don’t get it. I really don’t. The nurses are striking and fighting for something the hospital agreed to…their jobs. The hospital decided to do an end-run around that contract by opening up a few subsidiary companies that don’t have contracts with the union and then go ahead and outsource jobs–what should be union jobs– to their little satellite locations.

Those people are THUGS! I tell you, they’re nothing but TRASH! If they get “more pay” (which they’re not fighting for) then the cost of healthcare will go up! I hate that bullhorn! They’re soooo annoying out there in the rain and cold with their signs!

The cop leaks false information to the press then lies under oath about it several times.

He’s the subject of a witch hunt! He shouldn’t be fired if the rape never happened!

Are you kidding me?

Yes, officer McElroy was fired and rightly so. As an officer of the law he’s supposed to uphold the law not circumvent it or use the information in his possession for his own gain in trying to discredit Mayor Finizio. He certainly supposed to send it to FOX News! If you or I leaked sensitive material from our jobs we’d be shit-canned posthaste! I’m not going to speak to the second one there it’s so mind-bogglingly stupid it doesn’t deserve reply.

The nurses are now fighting for Unemployment Benefits and are lodging complains against the hospital because their health insurance was dropped as of December 1st even though they are still technically employees of Lawrence and Memorial Hospital because none of them have quit, been laid off, or outright fired.

They want everything! They’re going to ruin us all! They walked out why should they get anything!? They’re lucky to have a job!

So was officer McElroy.

I think the same can be said for Lawrence and Memorial Hospital who was kind enough to set off this firestorm lately: Executive Behind the Hospital Behind the Lock Out Are Paid A Lot (yeah, you’ve got two weeks from the date of this posting to read it before the link goes dead. Sorry.) Talk about dirty pool! They took out an AD in the PAPER and disclosed the nurse’s salaries??? WTF? You’ll notice they didn’t disclose their own. You’ll notice that someone at The Day had the stones to call out the hospital on it and say their ad was not correct. Many thanks to David Collins the author of the article!

If this was an attempt to get public opinion on the hospitals’ side, again I say, they NEED A NEW PR FIRM!

In the end, officer McElroy and Lawrence and Memorial Hospital have behaved in such a manner that they have abused their positions and shattered the trust that New Londoners placed in them.

If only our problem with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation could be taken care of easily.

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