More Ingrates

I promise one day the hospital strike will end and you won’t have to hear anymore from me on that score! Until then, I’ll keep blogging, sharing on FB, and bringing them Boxes o’ Joe. Right now we have other ingrates to talk about, yep more cheapass sonsabitches that aren’t even in control of a corporation. Seems Cheapness has risen to Epidemic Levels!

I put 2 novels and 1 short story up on my site to read FREE until December 31st.

That was nice of me, wasn’t it?

Yes, actually it was.

MANY people have come in and sat right down and read right through all of them.

That was nice of them, wasn’t it?


Not one could be bothered to say anything along the lines of ‘thank you’ or even ‘hey, I was here!’ Nope.

However, many other people can definitely email me asking…and in many instances telling…me that want it FREE NOW…SEND IT TO ME!

Fuck you.

That’s right, that’s what I’m here to say; Fuck you.

Reasons are far and wide as to why I should simply send these people copies of my work rather than having them read it online but they haven’t changed since my fanfiction days. Nope, seems more things change the more they stay the same. Except ‘way back then’ e-readers hadn’t even been invented…guess I was ahead of curve on that one…so asking people to READ ONLINE was a fairly new concept to them and they balked at it big time. I never once gave in and I don’t intend to now. Actually especially not now when Kindle and Nook and all of those lovely gadgets are so darn popular and I’m not really asking them to do anything different from reading their Kindle. I’m just not going to give them their own copies.

The following are samplings of the emails I’ve received since putting The Heart of War, Child of War-A God is Born and Christmas Eve on Olympus up online for FREE reading:

“I can’t finish it by the 31st. Send it to me.”

Tough. Read faster.

“I’m BLIND! Send it to me.”

HUH? Why is someone else going to read it to you? If so, is there a reason that person can’t sit at the computer and read aloud?

“I NEED a PDF copy. Send it to me.”

Oh, why is that? To wit I never received an answer. I don’t suppose it could be so that person could put it up a pirate site? No, certainly not.

“I’ve SAVED ALL the pages but they’re BLANK! What did I do wrong? I NEED TO PRINT THIS and it won’t PRINT either! SEND IT TO ME!”

Sweetheart, they’re blank because that’s the way the pages are encoded. It can ONLY be read ON the site no matter how hard to try. No, it won’t print either because it can ONLY be read ON the site. Sorry. (Not really)

“My back hurts. I can’t sit at the computer ALL DAY! I want to read it on my Kindle. Send it to me.”

Is it a Kindle Fire by any chance? If so, go for it. You can read those books just fine on your Fire in your comfy chair. It also works perfectly on ANY mobile device; phone, tablet, laptop…ALL of them.

My favorite; “I read all of the stories online but the others AREN’T FREE! Why not? SEND THEM TO ME so I can find out how it ends.”

No. BTW, no you didn’t read them online but I noticed you tried downloading the pages….how’d the go for you?

You’ll notice there isn’t a ‘would you be so kind as to…’ or even a ‘please’ in those requests anywhere cuz none of them said anything like that. If you’re gonna panhandle for books the least you can do is be contrite about it.

If you can’t do that much your choices are simple; Read it ONLINE like an adult OR…BUY a COPY!

You have 22 days left before your only option is going to be the second one.

Ahhhh….I feel a little better now.

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  1. hihi love the rant. some people, right? *shakes head*

    • Lol…thanks for understanding. I tried to be nice and let people have it free but it still isn’t good enough. Good thing I have a day job or I might starve to death!🙂

      Sent from my iPad

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