Finally A Wise Decision

Woot! The Nurses and Techs go back tomorrow.

The Good Guys win Round 1🙂

(What a long freakin’ round, huh? Geez. Rocky Balboa couldn’t do better.)

You can read all about in the article L&M Ends Lockout but Without an Agreement with Workers. A new contract has not yet been reached but this is first best step in the right direction.

I love how Bruce Cummings announces he “unilaterally” made the decision to end the lock out. I love The Day’s printed headline even more “Hospital Ends Lockout Unilaterally”. Let’s not go making him the hero, people. He’s the one who imposed the lock out in the first place so how else would it end if not “unilaterally” on the part of the hospital? It’s not as though the workers could end the lock out on their own! I hate that paper, I really do.

I think Mr. Cummings finally realized how much money he was losing and how much bad press he was getting…not in The Day necessarily but in other reputable news places and, of course, in blogs like this one all over the Internet. Not to mention how badly he failed the Public Trust. That was probably brought home to him by the roughly 1000 gifts that were donated to the Nurses and Techs….yesterday!

I suppose it didn’t help that the Chief Financial Officer quit! That’s right. He got a brain and took another job…yesterday!

But on the bright side, it seems one can teach an old dog a new trick or two. We’ll see. It’s not over yet. Mr. Cummings may have one or two more dirty tricks to attempt before all is said and done.

Personally I’m just happy those nice folks won’t have to walk around in the cold and snow anymore, that they’ll get to go back to work…I heard the place was an utter wreck throughout the ordeal from several people who had to use Lawrence & Memorial Hospital during the lock out. We knew that Op-Ed piece we discussed in the “What’s Your Price” post was pure brought-to-you-by-L&M bullshit.

On another note; I’m happy I don’t have to look at those damn scab buses anymore! Every time I saw one I felt my blood pressure rise, I surely did.

The war has yet to be won but this battle is over. Maybe we can all have a little peace until the New Year begins.

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