Pope Francis & A Homeless Jesus

I gotta say it; I like this guy! I really really do! Trust me, if “the Church” had been more like Pope Francis and a little less like Stalin I might have stayed a Catholic! It’s true, it’s true.

Nothing brought that point home to me with a sharper edge than hearing about “Homeless Jesus” and how nobody but the Pope seemed to want anything to do with Him. At first I was confused, I didn’t understand at all. Then I went to the Almighty Google and…



That’s the only thing that came to my head upon first looking at the statue.


In fact, I think I actually had a Religious Experience looking at it. I understood why some people were pissed. If some people saw this guy laying on a park bench in the cold they’d just pass him by, maybe say something nasty to him believing themselves to be so much better than the shivering homeless guy.

I thought back to my old Catholic days and wondered why that would be. After all, so far as I know, Jesus WAS homeless. He was born in a manager and I never read anything about a fancy condo in Boca or anything not even a nice shack he called his own. You? Did you ever read about Jesus’ house, you know, the one he may have actually lived in not all those churches.

The guy depicted in that statue is the same guy that I tried to tell my priests and religious instructors about and they didn’t want to hear it. I’m glad I can see it. In fact, I’d put a poster of that statue up in my house without any hesitation at all. That’s the Jesus I READ about not the one I was TOLD about. That’s the Jesus I would have stuck with and trusted in his followers hadn’t gotten in my way.

Many thanks to Pope Francis for bringing Jesus and his teachings back to the Church! Dude, you’re aces in my book!

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