Duck Tales

I should make two confessions before starting this post; 1-my oldest daughter, Miss Nicole, LOVED “Ducktales” she flipped and went absolutely bonkers whenever the theme song came on. 2-I hate “reality” TV and do not watch one single “reality” TV show that includes “Duck Dynasty”. Then again I can’t stand anything swamp related–of which these is an overabundance these days–but my hubby loves that shit. I cringe whenever he stops flipping channels and settles on “Duck Dynasty” or the hillbilly Swamp Man or the guy who catches rodents with his bare hands or idiots hunting gators or wild hogs. Thankfully he’s never had an interest in Dawg da Bounty Hunner or any type of repo show and he doesn’t like Honey Boo-Boo. Dodged a bullet there, huh?🙂

OK, so Phil Roberson opened his mouth and out came a bunch of, well, swampy hillbilly hickish crap.

No big surprise.

It’s no big surprise that he caused a firestorm with it either. That’s the thing about Freedom of Speech. While you are certainly free to get up on your soap box and say damn near anything you want to you should not be surprised when there is a wave of backlash in your direction. Especially not these days when one can’t poop without the NSA having visual evidence of it and you can’t sneeze without it being all over the Internet in 30 seconds or less.

Do I support Phil Robertson’s Freedom of Speech? Of course I do. If need be, I’ll defend his right to do that and yours and mine to the death.

Do I like what he said? Nah, not at all.

Did it shock or surprise me? Nope, one must consider the source in these things after all.

Do I think he should have lost his job over it? Hell no!

Ok, not that he needs the “job” since he’s supposedly made a wad of money off his duck calls. Old Phil ain’t hurting if his “reality” TV show gets the boot. AND the rest of the public might be a bit better off if the time slot is freed up for something actually entertaining or educational. You know, something, anything, that doesn’t cause you to actually feel your IQ dropping as you watch it like so many of these “reality” TV shows do.

Still, I don’t think anyone’s job should be in jeopardy because of something that comes out of their mouth unless it’s “I’m gonna kill you” or something like that. Remember poor Imus? I defended him too and Jimmy the Greek. I don’t think either of them should have bee fired over what they said.

Yet, I have to admit I haven’t bought a box of Barilla Pasta since the debacle went down. I see they’re still in business and that guy’s still got his job so they’ll do fine without me. I’ll do fine without them and we’ll all still have spaghetti whenever we want it. Same for Chic-Fil-A. Never ate there. Never will eat there. We’ll all still have chicken whenever we want it. I’m still doing my best not to buy from Domino’s, although I have slipped once or twice on that, but I can still get pizza from other places…ditto for Papa John who just opened up a place near me. Never getting one of his pizzas. We all know my feelings on WalMart, haven’t stepped foot in one of their stores in years! I’m still Saving Money and Living Better without their cheap selves.

But I guess when you’re a “star”, even a “reality” TV “star”, when you open your mouth and something totally wrong/archaic/stupid falls out there are Advertisers to consider in the equation. Networks don’t like to lose money in fact they hate it it really puts ’em in a bad mood. If you’re the owner of the company and you say something that makes 50% of the population want to slap you silly you lose sales but if you’re just a “pretty” face and do the same thing you get fired.

I guess the moral of this Duck Tale is; Think Before You Speak. Let that inner filter do its job for you it’s there to help you get through life. You know, you can always just refuse to answer any question anyone asks you unless you’re on the Witness Stand and are unable to Plead the 5th. Believe me I wish the freakin’ Kardashians and Kanye West would shut the hell up and go away along with every “Real Housewife of ____________” out there. They say and do some of the dumbest “real stuff” I’ve ever seen in my life. That’s why I don’t pay much attention to them unless they get shoved in my face for some reason.

You don’t like what Phil Robertson said well you don’t have to. That’s the beauty of the First Amendment. You don’t even have to pay him any mind whatsoever you can just let him yak his head off to the wall. In fact, that’s probably the best way to go. I find silence is a wonderful tool when used properly. Instead of bitching about the Kardashians I just don’t watch them and I let them go on about their frivolous meaningless lives without me. Do I wish they’d all get fired? Hell yeah! But because they’re dumb and inane and don’t contribute anything positive to society not because of something idiotic that comes out of their mouths. (Not that they ever say anything intelligent, mind you.)

So don’t hate poor Phil Robertson because of what he said, like I said you need to consider the source. In so doing, you may pity him just as I do. After all, chances are he just dun’t know no bedder. Perhaps if he could be introduced to this guy


instead of the…well…the other people in The Bible, Phil might have a better understanding of things like charity and loving ones neighbor and the whole Judge Not Lest Be Judged thing.

That’s one lesson in The Bible we can all take to heart whether we’re Christian or not; don’t go around judging people or it might come back to bite you in the duck tail.

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