The Dam Breaks

7,372 words! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Woot!

Our page count now stands at 113,416! Yeah, I think it’s safe to say we can kiss 150,00 words good-bye or we will as we zoom past it in a few days.🙂

I knew this vacation thing was going to be a fantastic idea.

We been typing our little fingers off since yesterday morning and managed 10 pages. We FLEW through the chapter that I had been both dreading and excited about getting to. What a nasty bastard Apollo is. A real slime ball. 😉

We right through it without stopping except for this morning where we did a little sprucing and then followed the chapter through to its end.


I really tried not to make it tooooo much like the Infamous Chapter 35 in “Tarnished Heroes” but, well, it’s a very good homage to that chapter. Yes, it is, but with a nice twist since Ares is the one dying rather than the perpetrator this time around. And no one’s related this time so that’s good too. LOL

Sex. Sex. Sex. Not necessarily the ‘good’ kind but it still leaves me jazzed. In fact we’ve done A LOT of sex lately. I wondered over the scene with Raven and Apollo and caused me quite a headache but finally decided to leave it in. It’s just so sleazy. And as The Big Guy keeps reminding me we’ve never written a scene like that before so it was interesting if nothing else. LOL

With any luck at all this scene with Apollo and Alena does equal its build-up. I think it does and it’ll probably be a tad bit better if we go back over it and add in a few more twists of the knife although we’ve done quite a bit of that already. Right now I feel so good and I’m so proud of myself that I want to post CHAPTERS but I know that’s not a good idea.

People steal stuff, you know.

Then again, I do have Theft Prevention on my site. It is the weekend. Christmas is over. No one’s rushing out the door for the next few days. They have time to read.


I’ll think about posting 2-4 very adult chapters on the site. Could be fun.

If anyone out there reading this right now would like to read those chapters feel free to comment here and let me know. Your inspiration could persuade me to put them up for your reading pleasure and heat up your weekend.😉

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  1. Donna Ruggieri

    Congratulations Lisa!!!! I’m so happy for you…but of course for myself as well! So excited to think I’ll be reading about my friends again soon! I would LOVE to read anything you can throw at me right now, I need to clear my mind of all the “ghosts of Christmas past” that I experienced on Christmas Eve. I wish I had your talent-but if I wrote about the BS I’d upset a lot of people lol

  2. Oh yes, please! I’m so glad you’ve written 10,000 words -congratulations! After that stressful Christmas and Boxing Day I’d like me some Ares (or any character) loving my way.


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