Old Dog…New Tricks

I admit I haven’t written a thing since uploading that BIG ADULT SNEAK PEEK! I’m still so proud of myself with that one…LOL. Yes, there are 3 chapters up and running on my site, if you want to know where they are leave a comment below and I’ll send you the link. Mature Audiences Only Please.

Instead of writing I’ve been working on my website. Check it out MoonsMusings.com. Along with the new graphics I’ve instituted entire reams of new code on nearly every single page and I am now in complete compliance the SEO Best Practices🙂

There was A LOT to learn! I couldn’t believe all of the new lines of code that should be added for better search engine position and indexing! OY! You know, it’s not like I ever went to school for this stuff or anything. I sat here staring at lines of code until I made my old brain understand what they mean….that was quite an accomplishment! hahaha

Now each book is properly indexed from the main page with search engines easily picking up author, title, genre, ISBN, and ‘more’ link. Then each book page was overhauled to properly index me as the author, the book title, the format/excerpt/blurb and so on. I even had to redo the titles of each page along with the METAs for ‘content’ and ‘description’. What a pain in the ass! I went through it all, went to Bing and Yahoo, checked the pages and OY MYYYYYY….everything looks fantastic!

I was on the right track with the things I was doing to update and rank-up but was unaware there was specific code which would allow me to do it a bit better. Oh, I long for the days when a Google Bot is simply taught to how READ plain words.🙂

With any luck at all, the site will rank a bit higher in general searches and for people who are specifically looking for me. It better considering I’ve spent over 12 hours on this project.

I also went to Kindle and Nook and lowered the price of nearly every ebook! Everything that was $3.99 is now $2.99. While I was on those sites, I checked my sales and was very happy to see that I’d had a very good Christmas. Not fantastic, mind you, but we’ll be able to go to dinner and movie on it come February! LOL Hopefully the lower but not too low price will encourage a few people to buy a book.

WOW…and I’m on vacation, huh? LOL When does the rest and relaxation part begin????

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  1. Wow! You have been productive. I wish I could figure all that stuff out. I’ve out sourced my new cover to my son to design for me (how odd it that – but its good for his portfolio).

    It sounds like you need to write a “program” or some kind of indy publisher boot camp for us who haven’t figured it all out. You are so much my guru!

    • LOL! Thanks! I”m glad you liked it. I just went to Google and typed in something like “what are the best META tags for 2013” and it spit back a bunch of stuff at me. I went to Google WebMaster Tools and updated my files and got more information there and did the same with Bing. Every place it has my name there’s a META tag that goes with it telling search engines I am an “author” and the same for the books. It’s pretty cool. I’d be glad to help you anytime! Just tap my shoulder and let me know. Can’t wait to see your new cover I bet he’ll do a great job for you.

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