A Little Spring in Winter

My new Plant Room is working out quite well! I knew it would. It used to be our bedroom and it’s the sunniest room in the house, I think I’ll be able to grow pretty much anything I want whenever I want from now on. To prove it…I have ROSES!




I even have a bud on the other rose bush too!


Even though I was royally ripped and the room STUNK for WEEKS! I think Charlie pooping in the rose pots and scratching the dirt up actually did some good! LOL The kitten loves that room, I can’t let him in there. He slinks around like a wild cat in the jungle then attacks the plants, shreds my ivy and my spider plant then poops in the roses.

My Rosemary is loving the room too
Yes, that’s my leather jacket. No, I don’t wear it anymore. Yes, those are BOWIE and Guns ‘n’ Roses patches on it that I sewed on myself by hand and suffered with nasty blisters on my thumb and fingers for my efforts.

ALL of my plants are really loving it
I know the three Christmas Cactisuses(?) Cacti(?) are looking a little beleaguered now but they were absolutely gorgeous just last week.

Even the Orchids like it
It has new growth all over the bottom but doesn’t show any signs of sprouting a new stem for new flowers😦


This one is doing better. It has new little leaves on its stem indicating that it will flower for me by Mother’s Day.🙂

If I can keep Charlie out of there that is.

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