Still Working

I never stopped.

I had a wonderful two weeks off from work, I really got so much needed work done and my site stats are actually starting to show an improvement😉

When I came home from work today I made the last of the tweaks to the new swag. Yes, we still have all of the designs I posted the other day but I got rid of the individual book cover designs. I futzed with a few ideas and even thought I had it yesterday but was able to put the finishing touches on it this afternoon. What do you think?


It takes the place of the current 3 cover designs so I only have the one line to look after…not that anyone buys this stuff! LOL I spend countless hours scrutinizing every detail and maybe make 3-5 sales of swag a year. Bummer. I keep the prices as low as I possibly can. Stupid VistaPrint is charging me an extra $5.00 a t-shirt for the black ones…just cuz they’re black! HUH? I gotta find a different POD Swag place.

I know, “Kingdoms of War” is missing but I thought I’d do a line for its cover for this year and then add it into the design next year. “Christmas Eve on Olympus” is just a little kiss in the dark so it stays off…for now anyway.

Just so you’re aware, as of tomorrow January 7, 2014 ALL NOVELS in the OF WAR Series will be just (the dreaded) $0.99 on All Romance E-Books and Kindle until further notice. I have an ad coming up with them and thought I’d see if there’s any cash-in value to the $0.99 thing. I found a lot of headache and heartache with it but little profit. We’ll see. They’ll stay that way at least until Valentine’s Day so we get a little over a month in for a good comparison. Yes, I lowered the price on the Combo Pack and the Anthology…but the Anthology was selling very nicely at $7.99. That surprised the hell out of me! LOL The Combo Pack and Anthology sale prices are only on Kindle through this mini-event.

Now, I’m tired and while it was nice to be wanted when I came back to work I’m bushed! Big projects coming up there. Hopefully since the swag is done and we’ve nearly finished that big scene in “Kingdoms”….a little tweaking, a little One Step Up and Two Steps Back for now…work won’t totally get in the way of finishing this story and getting it out on time. I hate deadlines. They suck. Especially self-imposed ones. LOL But, I suppose, if we don’t make it the world won’t end, it’s not like Double Day is waiting for it or anything. It’s just me going down my merry little road at my own little pace, as always, I’m ever so grateful for whatever company wishes to travel with me.

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  1. LorettaLynn

    I think it looks great🙂

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    • It’s not freedom it’s theft. Why should you expect to earn some bucks showing people ugly banners when they’re downloading the actual work of others FREE. Why don’t you just put up your ugly banners without expectation of payment?

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