A Touch of Grey

Don’t mind me, I’m just here to babble and ramble today.

Back to work this week and things have been a very busy. A big job is breaking…two of them actually but I only to have deal with one right now…and we may actually get something like 70-80 people back to work. That’s awesome! Trust me…that is fan-freakin-tastic. Members are very happy, excited, and eagerly awaiting this opportunity. That’s good because this is not generally what one would consider a ‘happy job’. It’s a lot like my last job in that mostly what I hear from Clients/Members is how broke/poor/needy/electricity shutting off/no oil/no groceries….blah blah blah… they are. I don’t mean to be callous about that, but like my last job, there isn’t jack I can do about any of their situations either except to listen and sympathize and by the end of the day it doesn’t always make for a happy Pooh Bah.

Unlike my last job, they’re not insane with the paperwork to prove it so that’s very nice.πŸ˜‰

They’re all good-natured and good spirited, well no, not all. Like the last job about 70% of them are doing their best to smile their way through it and 30% can’t stop crying/whining to save their own souls.

Hummmm….I guess that’s pretty average as far as numbers go, huh? Yeah, about 70% of Americans are doing their best to smile through the struggle and 30% just won’t shut the fuck up. πŸ™‚

So it’s been very busy but it’s a happy-busy so that’s good. And, like the last job, it does make me feel like I’m helping out and doing some good in this world as far as the whole My Fellow Man thing goes. That’s also very nice. I like that. I’ve stayed right on top of my game all week. All of my little duckies are in a row and I’m actually waiting on other people to do other things before I can go much further. No, not ‘them’ (for once)…it’s some other place.

It’s also been very cold. Oh so bitterly cold.

How cold was it?

Glad you asked! It was soooo cold that my car door froze. It wouldn’t latch. I stood in my driveway on Tuesday morning looking at it, scratching my head, knowing what was wrong with it and almost how to fix it but afraid I was wrong and would end up breaking the damn thing. SO…I drove to work with the door open. Yep, driver’s door…open. I drove from my house to the office holding the damn thing shut with my left hand and OMFG did my hand and arm ACHE the rest of the day! I should really see a doctor about this carpel tunnel thing it’s getting to be a royal PITA. It was like someone was shoving a big, fat, and very hot needle up my arm. Awful. But I made it in. I thought that when ‘it warmed’


Yeah, yeah, yeah….the thing would work. But it didn’t and I really didn’t want to have to hold it closed all the way home. I mean, it was ok, mostly, but taking a right hand turn was no joy. That sucker opened up on me twice! I had to struggle with it while moving on down the road to keep it shut. Yes, I wore my seat belt so I wouldn’t fall out. (And it’s The Law here in CT, too.) Feeling like an idiot because I couldn’t solve the problem on my own, I swallowed my pride, I trudged into my boss’ office where he and 3 or 4 of the Members were gathered and sheepishly asked him; Can you help me for a second? Before I could explain my problem ALL of them stood up and were ready to lend me a hand! Less than a minute they were ALL gathered around my car door examining and discussing the problem. Two minutes later the damn thing was in perfect working order!

I love having men around. I really do.πŸ™‚

When I told them I’d driven in like that and struggling to hold it shut my boss gave me a puzzled expression that had me half-expecting him to reach out, put his big arm around my shoulder, kiss the top of my head and say “I love you, Pooh-Bah.” Just the way my hubby would have done if he’d been there. LOL! Yeah, it was a Kodak Moment for sure.

The thing is fine now and I’m not having any problems with it at all. Woot! I won’t splat flat-out on the road as I try to get work. Yippie!

I worked on another Promotional Campaign over my vacation and finished it up this week. ALL e-books in the OF WAR Series are $0.99 on Kindle, Nook, and All Romance Ebooks…among other goodies in the Book Store. That was a lot of work. It really is a labor of love but it can be exhausting. People on Facebook were kind enough to toss out a graphic into their feeds for me


Nice, huh?


I went to put that graphic on my site, and did so for a few moments. I put it into a Mass Mailer and, thankfully, I ‘scheduled’ it for the next day rather than sending it right away. Something about it caught my eye. Can you spot the difference?


I felt like an idiot. I ripped it off the site, went over to Mail Chimp and ripped it off the mass email. Like I said, thankfully I was able to get those two! There’s nothing I can do about the ones that went out to FB.😦

Not that I should feel too badly about it. It’s not like these things ever generate a whole bunch of sales or anything. Visibility seems to rise a bit but sales not so much. I don’t know what the big magick trick is but I wish I could find it. But, we’ve always said that this is a Fool’s Game, we knew that when we decided to sit down at the table and deal ourselves in. Talk about a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy!

It’s all just a pure Labour of Love. Sometimes I think trying to do this for-profit is the worst mistake I ever made. I know, I know. I’m slipping into Pathetic Needy Writer Mode. I need to put the brakes on that it’s creeping up and holding me back again. I should be blazing away with the story now that Ares is healed and we’ve at least gotten the outline of The Price paid for his new-found health. But, I am still unhappy and dragging my feet. I’m supposed to finish this novel by the end of next month so I can have March to edit it and do some flourish and fill on it. At this pace, I’ll be lucky if it’s out by Mid-Summer’s Eve.

I guess we should stop there before I go sliding into The Abyss.πŸ™‚

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