Bad Eyesight or Part-Timer’s?

A little while ago I stated in a blog post that several things of mine had gone missing lately and could not find them. The most important of which was my nice marble rolling-pin! I needed it to make the Filled Cookies that I make every year at Christmas no matter how much it kills me. I posted that I looked ALL OVER THE PLACE for it!

And I did!

I swear!

I looked in the Junk Drawer. I looked on the Baker’s Rack. I looked in EVERY cabinet!

Honest….I DID!

I found it the other day but I’ve been waiting to make this post cuz I wanted Miss Nicole (who’d earlier asked to borrow said rolling-pin) to see it first hand rather than read about it in Ye Olde Blog. I figured she should have that joy since Hubby and Miss Rebecca had already gotten to experience it.

Let me state that I love Obsession perfume. I keep a bottle of it in a cabinet in the kitchen and EVERY week day morning I open up that cabinet, give myself a few spritzes and close the door. See?

That’s the cabinet.

I open it.

(Stop laughing! I know YOU can see it already!)

I get my perfume and that’s it. I go about the rest of my day.

The other day I was looking for a certain piece of glassware and I opened up EVERY cabinet in search of it including this one.

When Lo and Behold!



That’s right….EVERY weekday I open that cabinet, reach PAST the rolling-pin, pick up the bottle of Obsession, give myself a few spritzes and then reach past the rolling-pin AGAIN to put it back. I’ve done this for roughly 1 full year. I know that because hubby gave me that bottle of Obsession LAST Christmas and I put it in the cabinet soon after so I wouldn’t forget to put it on before leaving for work.

For roughly one full year, the fact that I’m reaching over and past the rolling-pin has never entered my addled feeble brain. :p

Now if I could come across my little tea cup that says “New London, CT” on it I’d be a happy camper. My mother bought it in an antique shop in Pennsylvania one year. Of course we just had to have it when we saw it, even my dad said ‘get it’ when she picked it up. It’s white and lots of gold…real gold leafing…on the back and the letting too. It had a matching little saucer. It is somewhere with my two or three rose patterned tea cups. Somewhere safe. Somewhere out of the way.

Somewhere right in front of my old eyes no doubt.

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