Playin’ Catch-Up

I know I haven’t made a post in quite a while. Truth is I guess I lost interest. nah, that’s not true, I figured maybe YOU lost interest and don’t want to hear what I have to say anymore. That’s ok if you have I know I’m not the most exciting person on the fact of the Earth.😉

I’ve spent about two weeks working on this one stupid chapter and it’s really getting me down. I went through it and thought we’d be off on our way to the next thing but no. I didn’t get it right. Not at all. It was all jumbled and had too much crap in it. I ended up yanking it out of the story, creating its own file for it, editing/deleting at all, making new files, saving junk, getting rid of junk, and basically re-writing the whole damn thing. I think we finally ‘got there’ with it and it’s over now.

If we could just find the next stepping stone that’d be great. I feel like I’m trying to cross a raging river in a deep fog and I have no idea where the next stone is or how far it is to shore. All I know is the water is rushing and roaring by like Niagara Falls and I’m stuck balancing on this cold, wet, slippery rock. I’m never going to finish this story. I think, if I manage it, it truly will be the last thing I do. So…I hate to say it but…yeah it’s looking more and more like I will have to make an official announcement about the release date and just call it TBD. At this point I just don’t know what else to do.

On top of that it seems there’s a new trend; people charging for blog hops. Now, ok, if the Grand Prize is going to be a Kindle Fire or something like that I can understand charging $10.00 a head provided the hop runner buys as many Kindle Fires as the pot allows. If there’s 50 authors that’s $500.00 and should translate into 2 Kindle Fires. People aren’t doing that, they’ve decided this is a nice little money-maker for them. In fact, some places are now charging up to $50.00 a head! It was $30.00 just to join and if you wanted your links given out during the ‘event’ that was another $20.00. DUH! Who doesn’t NEED to have their links given out? There’s little point to this whole thing if people can’t easily reach you or at least have the chance to reach you.

I know that it takes a bit of effort to run a hop but not too much if you use Linky and Rafflecopter, it’s really just a matter of checking links and making a graphic, the rest takes care of itself. If you’re running an ‘event’ it’s more involved. I hate to say that I would begrudge these folks making a few bucks for their efforts but I calculated the profit one place is on the verge of making and it’s $1,000.00. I’d like to make $1,000.00 in sales! Hell, I’d like to make the $50.00 in sales! Let’s not forget that we are essentially being asked to PAY so that we can GIVE something away.

It’s becoming just another scheme for some other than the author to openly profit like blog tours. What a joke those were. Sales did not increase. Hits to the site didn’t even particularly increase during either of them. So that was a waste of my time and my money. The only way I can make up any of this is to claim the loss on my taxes as advertising expenses, which, of course, they are; it’s all advertising, it’s all about ‘visibility’. So I have paypal invoices for every hop or ‘event’ I paid to be part of, I hope that all of the hop runners and ‘event’ holders are also claiming the revenue on their taxes otherwise Uncle Sam might come knocking on their door a little later in the year. Let’s face it, I’m not the only one who knows how to get this lost revenue back at the end of the year, other authors will claim it on their taxes too.

Needless to say, I probably won’t be joining too many hops and/or ‘events’ in 2014.

BUT, on the upside, my own little promotion seems to be working. Yeah, the dreaded $0.99 thing is actually working this time around. I’ve made many sales and NO returns! Woot! Of course, I’ll probably actually earn all of $20.00 off all of these $0.99 e-books which means I’ll end up with roughly the same amount of money for more sales. Bummer. Call me Gordon Gekko but I want more money and more sales.🙂

Oh well, whatareyagonnado?

On an upside, me and Blu are still together. I haven’t bought a pack of cigarettes in what…two weeks? Not too shabby. I bought cartridges last week and still have half of them. So this thing is working out A-okay. I’m slowly getting used to having it when I write as that seems to be the only time I actually crave a ‘real’ cigarette any longer. But it will fill in nicely soon enough I suppose. We did alright with it over the weekend as we trampled our way through those edits.

On another upside, we got some oil yesterday which was very nice considering we rode out that terribly cold snap on 5 gallons of diesel! I came home from work on Friday to find Miss Rebecca sitting in the living with her boyfriend and the heat was up to 70! I flipped out. I did. I hadn’t had a BATH in weeks, I sit under a blanket next to a space heater every night along with hubby and there they are soaking it up like…like they paid for it. All I could do was hope to make it through the weekend after that, which we did thankfully but it wasn’t all that easy. I can’t wait to see the electric bill! That should be pure hell next month. I did manage a long hot bath last night…heaven.

On a downside, since we had so little oil for so long and it’s the middle of winter and there’s a space heater in the bedroom along with a comfy bed, pillows, and tons of blankets, I’ve been spending a lot of time in there. That’s how I came to watch “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. I refrained from buying this movie because I loathed the remake of “Planet of the Apes” BUT there wasn’t anything else on TV that night and I happen to really like ‘Handsome Harry’.🙂 So I watched it. I won’t say it was a great flick but it was ok. The guy who played Smeagle/Gollum and King Kong plays Caesar the Chimp in this flick. That dude is AWESOME. He’s in the right business and doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing with his life. That much is certain. I watched the movie, thought ‘eh, it was ok’, I went to sleep, and had nightmares for two nights! TWO! That damn chimp just stared at me in my dreams. It was freaky. Terrifying, I tell you, I did not appreciate it not one little bit. I will not be watching that movie again. LOL

Well, I guess that’s All The News That’s Fit To Print for today. Wish me luck with this damn story, will you?

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