It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

I’m here to bitch for a while. If you’re not up for that come back another day. I’ll probably make a “super secret” password protected post after this one.

I opened my “news” this morning to this:

Utah School Draws Ire for Taking Kids’ Lunches Debt Cited


What kind of person takes LUNCH AWAY from a hungry KID right there in the lunchroom? Then they throw it out? Because their parent(s) owed the school money? Seriously, just what type of hard-nosed, cold-hearted, empty-headed and soulless individual do you have to be to even remotely think this is ok?

Jimmy Da Fish

Oh, yeah, that’s right. He’ll do it.

Yes, I understand the parent(s) were “warned” but I also understand the “warning” was about 2-3 days…at the end of the month. I remember being poor and let me tell you most weeks, between pay days, we didn’t have $0.50 our name. The least the school could have done was give two weeks notice–some people get paid bi-weekly and others, undoubtedly many of them, are on some type of public assistance and the checks won’t even arrive until the 3rd of the month. So really…who was doing any thinking here at all? For some those kids that’s the 1 good meal they get in a day and they had to stand by and watch some ‘elder’–who’s supposed to be respected and know better than them– toss it in the trash.

These people are entrusted with the well-being of the next generation 8 hours out of the day. Yep they’re supposed to look out for these kids, keep them safe, and educate them. Wow. Yeah, I don’t think they’re doing a good job and they should probably come up for re-evaluation very quickly.

Thankfully I didn’t read a whole hell of a lot of comments commending this school on its great and noble gesture of ‘fiscal responsibility’.

Phew. Score one for Humanity, I guess.😉

As the day went on I was greeted by the news that Rand Paul had a twisted idea:

Senator Floats Idea to penalize Low-Income Women Who Have Children

Oh bother.

I know, on the surface some of you will think this is a good idea. BUT….The Senator also told the luncheon audience that being “married with kids versus unmarried with kids is the difference between living in poverty and not” and that the government “should sell that message.”

WOW! Really? I had no idea! I mean ALLLLL those YEARS hubby and I struggled to put food on the table for our family and we weren’t impoverished at all! Silly us. We were married therefore we were not poor.

Yeah, he probably spearheaded the disposal of those Utah school lunches.


It really is getting to the point where we should just shoot them all. Every last one. Show no mercy for they show us none.

Then on a personal note and just-for-fun….I gave away 5 ebook copies of “The Heart of War” through a fairly recent blog appearance. That’s nice, huh? Two people thanked me. Two I never heard from. The fifth emailed to say that it wouldn’t work so they wanted me to send them a PDF copy or a print book. I don’t usually do this but I got a creepy feeling about this person so I offered to ‘gift’ them the book through Kindle. I asked for their Kindle address. A few days later they sent it to me. That was ALL they sent. That’s the entire body of their email, one email address. I ‘gifted’ them the book. They haven’t picked it up. Kindle is supposed to let me know when they do. A few days later I got two emails from them both very strange. I love the fact that G-Mail shows me a little snippet before I open it. When I read the snippets I decided to open them on my phone. Seems something was terribly wrong and it was ‘confidential’ and they wanted me to go to Google Docs and see something. Except when I clicked the link on my phone it didn’t do anything. I tried again from a tablet and it opened and was NOT Google Docs, the URL wasn’t anywhere near it. The first thing it wanted was my GMail name and password. I ‘x’d out. I checked that email from said phone and said tablet because there ain’t shit on them. So if they got a virus I don’t really care. I don’t do any banking with either of them and they don’t have any of my stories on them. I did change my email password after that though. So it was nice of this “winner” to try and dupe me…3 times. I have no doubt they would have pirated a PDF copy of the book in a heartbeat.

As a result, you should probably look for even fewer giveaways in 2014.


That’s the end of this little rant. Wasn’t too painful, was it? I may make that “super secret” password post in a few.

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