Aunty Moon is Depressed

All right so the FOOD was AWESOME yesterday! LOL

Hubby made a smoked pork roast that was TO DIE FOR! It really was and I don’t much like smoked pork. But check it out

01 (4)

02 (4)

03 (4)

04 (3)

05 (3)



It was quite divine, especially when served on fresh olive oil ciabatta bread with a drizzle of BBQ.🙂

Yes, you’re seeing that right. He fried up bacon to a lovely crisp WITH onion and then STUFFED it with the bacon, onions, and bacon grease. I know, I know, it’s a heart attack on a roll but it was AWESOME!

We had pigs-in-a-blanket, home made chicken nuggets, veggie platter, brownies, coconut cake, a 30 inch turkey sub thanks to Miss Nicole! So we ate like little PIGGIES..yes we did! LOL

The Big Game SUH-UUUU-CKS! Oh it was painful to watch even though I was secretly cheering every time the Seahawks scored or overturned the ball…yes, freakin’ Manning beat out Tom Brady of my beloved Patriots to get to the Super Bowl. Bastard. While Manning did his job…well, after the very first play of the game that is…the rest of the Broncos couldn’t get any traction if GoodYear sponsored them.

It was awful.

Know what else is awful?

What else is awful, Moonie?

My book sales!

I got my tax info today and what I made doesn’t cover the cost of last year’s advertising!!!

Which is GOOD…in its own way. It means not only do I get to forget about what I made I get to take a loss and get a bit more back from that greedy bastard, Uncle Sam.

BUT…it also means that I’m right and doing this for money isn’t worth it any longer.

It’s a Fools’s Game!

To that end…gasp and swoon!…I actually sent “The Heart of War” off to a publisher on Friday.

I know. I know. I swore I’d never do that again.

Trust me, it’s not a big publishing house. Not at all. BUT I do know some authors who are with it and they seem happy. I guess that’s something. While I don’t really regret turning down Siren-Bookstrand several years ago because I still feel that we weren’t a good fit…I have begun questioning that decision as of late. Perhaps it wasn’t exactly in our best interest.

Perhaps, as a good friend once suggested; I truly am ‘afraid of success’. Especially under these particular set of circumstances when my leading man is so blatantly absent and his shoes can never be filled.

Then again, perhaps it was it was in our best interest. Perhaps we’ll never know for sure.

I mean it wasn’t like it was Penguin–my Ultimate Wish!–or Viking or Double Day, or some place like that which would really jive with what we’re putting out here. Yes, it’s true, part of Aunty Moon’s old heart still holds out hope for being us being picked up by a decent publisher. A BIG Publisher. An ACTUAL PUBLISHING HOUSE.

(Deep mournful sigh)

I know, we’ll be Van Gogh if that happens! When we’re DEAD someone at Penguin will stumble across our stuff and say; “Oh WOW! Look at this!” And my KIDS will get rich off it.


Yeah, that’ll be our luck; we’ll never see a profited DIME off this but the kids, well, they’ll be living in high style. Perhaps we’ll get a decent nursing home out of the deal!

Until that happens, I’ve spent almost the whole of this snowy day grinding the promo wheel…again.

Facebook is great for getting connections but my problem is remembering them! So I went through my ‘likes’ today and got in touch with or posted on every appropriate ‘liked’ page for the Of War Series. Yes, that means I solicited reviews…again.


This is disheartening. It really is.

It makes us not want to write anymore…doesn’t it, Precious?

Yes, my Love, it does.

Which, of course, is why I solicited a small publisher…again.

Can you say….


There’s nothing wrong with a Small Publisher. In fact, the person I contacted initially said that they were “excited!!!”…then again, I haven’t heard from them since. BUT, they were the ones to ‘friend’ me on FB several years ago and not the other way around. Their authors were the ones to ‘friend’ me as well. It’s just that I didn’t think about reaching out to this person….or any of the others…until Friday for some odd reason.

Oh well. This is a Fool’s Game. And there are far fewer bigger Fools than me! LOL

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