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I think that those of us who write all have one thing in common. We may have more but we definitely have one. We’re Observers. We study the world around us and mostly the people who inhabit it. We study them singularly and in groups big and small. I imagine that someone like Stephen King is the life of the party at this stage in his career. For the rest of us writers, if you’re so inclined to do so, you can kind of pick us out if we’re at a party or something because we’re the one in the corner or sitting alone at a table probably with a drink nearby. We’re staring at YOU. We are or it seems that way anyway. Actually we’re staring THROUGH you…just to be clear on that one. And because of that it may take us a second or two to notice you staring at us staring at you. When we do notice, chances are, we don’t even acknowledge you. We just turn out heads and go on to observe someone who doesn’t realize they’re being observed.

We do this again and again and again throughout the course of our lives in the hopes of using you in a book/story one day. Most of the time it doesn’t happen but something you did or said or a movement you made may become part of a character one day and that’s just as good.

Yes, I know, it’s all kinda creepy. Sorry.

Eventually, because of all of this observing that we do no matter where we are–party, work, grocery store, bank, it doesn’t matter–we come to develop a pretty good understanding of Human Nature. In fact, I dare say that a lot of us develop near ‘psychic’ abilities when it comes to some groups/people/situations. We know what you’re gonna say and do before YOU do! I swear…we do. That’s kind of annoying. Again, I’m sorry. It’s all part of The Process.

With that in mind, I’d like to talk about two Recent Events. One will probably be very short but the other we may get into for a bit.

In the last post we talked about the idiots in Utah that took away and then threw away perfectly good food from students who had unpaid lunch balances. Most us seemed to think this was deplorable. A small group seemed ok with it all.

Today Lunch Angel Pays Kids’ Overdue Accounts at Elementary School.


Meet Kenny Thompson….Awesome Dude with a Heart. Go Kenny! Woot! Woot! For me the BEST part about Kenny’s story isn’t that account balances were paid off, it’s this; “It was the best money I ever spent,” Thompson, 52, told TODAY.com. “It was the best gift I ever gave myself. I went into my car and screamed.” Giving to those kids made HIM absolutely delirious with joy proving the old adage that It Is Better To Give Than To Receive. Does it get any better than that? I mean, c’mon, it’s a total Win-Win…right?

Being the Student of Human Nature that I am, I knew there would be some backlash to this gentleman’s very kind and unselfish gesture. I didn’t quite expect the ‘reasoning’ to be; This doesn’t teach the parents a lesson.


Someone remind me, what grade are we all in?

There also seemed to be a plethora of ‘poor kids’ who never grew up and they decried they ‘always had moldy cheese on week old bread’ for lunch and ‘they grew up right’. Or some crap like that, you know what I mean. The old It Was Good Enough for ME It Should Damn Well Be Good Enough for YOU shitty attitude. Along with several of the No One Ever Helped ME Why The Hell Should I Help YOU variety of dumbass. It was sort of easy to understand that these people probably grew up the way they did because they grew up with a bunch of people just like them and no one has ever been strong enough to ‘break the cycle of abuse’. Yeah, no, I know, no one’s getting physically beaten here. I get that. But it is a form of abuse when, for generations, the community fails in teaching its young something as basic and Chri–never mind–as compassion. The idea that BECAUSE one “only had moldy cheese on week old bread” and “no one bothered to help them” that they would want to HELP the person behind them so that said person didn’t suffer the way they had.

Compassion. Empathy. A desire to change things for the better.

Instead of that they got



That sucks for them.

BTW, who do they believe themselves to be that they should be put in a position to “teach” anyone “a lesson”?

Luckily they were in the vast minority. So, while I have to put up with Sour Grapes on a rather large scale that scale does still tip more toward Faith in Humanity than Run Like Hell.

Well, I’m sorry about that little rant, it actually turned out longer than I thought it would! LOL! Still, that Mr. Thompson is a HERO he’s one of the GOOD GUYS and he should be hailed as such. His actions shouldn’t be used to “teach” anything other than what it is to be a good human being, to have morals, and ethics and principles and to pay more than mere lip service to them. I think someone should buy him a steak dinner. Your mileage may vary.

Now on to….


Before Half-Time of the Super Bowl, Miss Nicole was checking her phone and she turned to me to say: “Who’s Philip Seymour Hoffman?”

I said: “He’s an actor, why?”

She said: “He’s dead.”

My heart skipped a beat and I mumbled: “Was it an accident?” I mean, I knew he had to be right around my age so I didn’t want to hear ‘heart attack’ but thought it a possibility. But it’s Hollywood and he was an awesome actor and before I could say it even to myself, she spit it out:



It saddened me but it didn’t surprise me. I’ve always heard that Genius is so Very Close to Madness. On the whole, I would say that within my lifetime and the things I have seen, that holds true. He was a Great Talent. He had a real Shine. I know that mainly because I believed him in every part I ever saw him in and…I’d have done him. He’s not my type at all. But, like Jack Nicholson, I wouldn’t have turned him away. So he was exceedingly talented and, on some level, attractive–all of that’s the Libra in me talking, you understand😉

When I learned it was heroin, again, I wasn’t surprised. Sad but not surprised.

Most of the comments online have been of condolence and remembrance. Some have been dickish. I didn’t comment on them anywhere. Today GMA was doing a segment on Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death and heroin and ‘the connection’ and blah blah blah. My husband started to bitch, he started griping and complaining, saying some of the very things I was reading but ignoring online. It mostly came down to No One Forced Him To Do Heroin.


I looked at him and said; “No one forced you to smoke cigarettes for thirty years.”

He sneered at me and dropped the subject.

My point there is simple; Addiction Is Addiction. No matter to what the Addiction pertains it is still an Addiction. It is a Battle With An Inner Demon. For those who are Genius Bordering on Madness, those with the extra-special Shine, that battle is more vivid, it’s somehow realer in its delusion and therefore more seductive. Shiner or not, in the end, we win or we lose the battle. That’s How the Game is Played. No matter the outcome it is still Human. So celebrate the Victor and mourn the Defeated, learn from both, and then move on.

Really, there’s no need to tear down an Oscar winning actor or anyone else for whom the joy they brought to this world greatly outweighed the sorrow.

Lastly…my little town!

We had some snow😉

Today I read on The Patch of how Mayor Finizio suspended garbage pick up for a week! This, of course, wasn’t an article endorsed by The Patch but it looked rather official. Well, it looked as though the poster went to the Mayor’s Official Page, picked up some info, reposted it with a bit of ‘new stuff’. Just FYI, my trash was picked up on time today but I did think they’d be at least a day behind so I didn’t put it out.😦

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital has settled its strike with the Nurses & Techs. Finally! Woot! Details are not forthcoming. No reasons given. Suspicions abound and none of them concern making the hospital ‘look good’. But it’s over.


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