I’m Still Alive

Yeah, I know. I’ve been very silent as of late but that’s because I had some irons in the fire. They didn’t pan out.


For those of you who don’t have the passwords; I did receive the offer of a publishing contract for the OF WAR Series. I turned it down…more or less. I won’t publicly name the company because I’ve learned my lesson there, I think I did A LOT of damage to a small press without meaning to do that several years ago. I think that because I recently typed their name into Google and my rant totally dissing them was the third thing to show up. It showed up before any web page they may have or FB page or Twitter account or anything like that. I dug into them on Kindle, Smashwords, FB, and more, and I noted they never went very far with their business…at all. Although I kinda felt vindicated and as though karma were confirming for me that I’d done the right thing in turning them down–one of their pages does still list whom I assume is the owner of the company as “She Who Has The Final Say” (cough choke…childish!) I kinda felt badly too. It wasn’t my intent to cause them distress or permanently harm their business and keep them from growing. I only wanted to rant and blow off some steam. Then again, maybe I saved someone else some heartache. Who knows?

Any-hoo, that’s why the posts that name this particular publisher are behind the passwords; so Google never picks them up and this place isn’t harmed in any manner by me in the future.

See? This old dog can learn a new trick or two.šŸ™‚

So, to those kind folks awaiting my becoming the next “Castle” know that your wait is going to be a bit longer. Mine too for that matter. Publishing isn’t what it used to be. Not at all. In a lot of ways that’s a very good thing–like Indies like me, people out here busting their asses for little to no profit doing everything for themselves, I gotta say that while our work may never garner us attention it could we are very tenacious and hearty folk. Publishing has also become a racket of sorts. It’s a great way for some people to scam those eagerly awaiting the fruition of their dreams and ready to sign with anyone who offers them a pen.

That’s not what this company did. Don’t get me wrong there. For the most part, this particular company is on the up-and-up and I can see that their hearts are in the right place. They were just too small and had too little pull for me to sign with them.

If you think that brings me joy you are sooo wrong.

Some days I wish to all the Gods that I’d never become this savvy. I’d never learned how to do soooo many things for myself. I’d never busted my ass so hard and shouted so long for someone to hear me and notice me. I wish I’d never spent 8 years working in a law office! Then I could sign any contract that came my way and think it totally awesome. I mean, c’mon, it’s a freakin’ contract after all. That’s what we’re all chasing…right? Yet signing with this place would have been a lateral move on my part at best and a slight step backward at worst. In the end, if I ever do it, I NEED to sign with a place whose name is enough to draw a bigger audience to my little novels.

Rather than opine any longer on this subject–cuz it hurts, ya know, it really does–let’s just say it didn’t work out and leave it at that.

Against All Odds and Superstitions I shall tell you that I did submit it to two other larger places… just “Heart” mind you, not the entire series. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone and “Heart” does standalone so a publisher wouldn’t be forced into buying the entire lot. I sent it to Carina Press (an imprint of Harlequin) and to Samhain Publishing–a smallish and indy-ish publisher that’s had some really good results producing a few NYTBSL and USA Today Authors. Although obviously I’m hoping for Carina, if either of them bites I’d be a fool not to say ‘yes’ and I know that for a fact.

All of my friends are so wonderful, even in the face of something like this (again) they keep pulling for me, encouraging me, and telling me that IT IS going to HAPPEN for ME. Gods love ’em and keep ’em dear. While I remain hopeful, I’m not that naive. Sucks. Cuz I REALLY WANT one of these…


I think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Not that I intend to go on ‘ride alongs’…nah, I’ll pass. Besides, I don’t do Crime Dramas although I probably should since I can’t get enough of them on TV.šŸ™‚

Although, ya know, the way things are going in my little city, owning your own bullet proof vest might not be a bad idea. Having it read WRITER is just the icing on the cake! Things are getting weird and violent around here to the point where even *I* have to take notice. A few weeks ago, as I came home from work, one of my neighbors came running up to me asking me if I’d ever seen the person walking down the street. I saw that person just long enough to watch them make a very quick turn into the parking lot for the apartments down the street. I had no idea who it was. I couldn’t tell anything by that time other than that turn looked a little too fast. I said “No” and he told me that he’d seen that person “making a bee line” for MY backyard but when the person in question saw my neighbor was watching them they “changed their mind” and “started down the street”.

Let me make one thing very clear in this public forum; I don’t own a damn thing anyone would want to steal. Nothing ‘fancy’ or ‘out of the ordinary’ at all. I got not diamonds, rubies, emeralds, gold, or silver bars. Hell, I even used the collectable coins I had (20 pure silver dollars dating from 1890 to 1910!) to BUY CIGARETTES years ago. (I know…I’m an idiot. I kick myself over that on a constant basis.) So, if you break in to my house you’re probably going to end up very disappointed. However, if you do break into my house and you do find something of value, for cryin’ out loud drop me an email and let me know what it was will you???

If you happen to be the person who broke into my CAR 26 years ago (it was an orange/red two door Dodge Challenger, parked on Bulkeley Place) and stole my grandfather’s ring….I also want you to step up so I can smack you. All these years and I’m still waiting to kick your ass. That jackass took the ring and my graduation tassel and my crappy stereo and then left behind a HUGE screwdriver which I took to the NLPD without touching and the NLPD told me…and I shit you not…to “consider it an even exchange” and they walked away without taking the screwdriver or dusting it for finger prints, the original reason I brought it to them without touching it. In fact, I DROVE the CAR to THEM because I KNEW it would be HOURS if not DAYS before they came to me if I called them to report the crime. I know that because my apartment was broken into TWICE before that and they never did a damn thing about it. It took them a day to show up for the second report. That time someone broke in, stole a VCR (yeah I’m OLD…a VCR! LOL) and busted my daughter’s Piggie Bank. How LOW do you have to be to bust open a two year-old’s PIGGIE BANK???? Then take the PAPER and leave all the change?

Yeah. Go NLPD. Woot-woot.

I shouldn’t say that, I guess. They were good to me in later years when I moved into a HOUSE and started paying TAXES. That’s true enough.

However, I am still waiting to kick that son of a bitches ass. So if you see ’em, send ’em my way, ok?

Oh well…obviously I’m way the hell off track here. LOL I intended to use that as a “short” segue into the latest Floria “Stand Your Ground” fiasco but…fuck it. That bastard got what was coming to him even if he didn’t get convicted of 1st Degree Murder. I’ll take 60 years in prison and hope he hangs himself before the month is out. Let’s just say that Florida finally got something right. Woot-woot.

But, ya know, don’t mind me.

I’ve been ‘coming down with a cold’ since Sunday and finally ‘got a cold’ like yesterday. I took Monday off hoping to rest and fight it off. Didn’t work. I went in to work for two hours or so yesterday, came home, sat down on the couch and the next thing I knew hubby was home. I did go into work today and stay the whole day but that’s because I discovered the Dollar General and fell in love. If I find out this place plays dirty-pool with taxes/government/employees I’m gonna be very upset. I’ve missed places like Woolworth’s and Kresge’s (that’s KMart before it became KMart) for ages. While the Dollar General doesn’t have a Lunch Counter (ahhhh the The Good Old Days) it does remind me very much of those two places. I stopped there yesterday and got; cold medicine (name brand), 6 cans of cat food (name brand) 2 bottles of soda (name brand), 1 bottle of grape juice (generic), 1 1/2 gallon of milk (name brand), 1 box of tissues (name brand), 4 pack of toilet paper (generic), Turtles and Skittles for….$26.00!!!! The lady who checked out my stuff was very pleasant and seemed happy with her job.

So, ya know, Fuck WalMart.

I’m hoping to stay awake tonight, not for any particular reason other than I’ve been passed out fast asleep by 8:30 for the last two nights. While I do so enjoy being snug in my bed by 8:00pm I’m usually awake until at least 10:00.šŸ™‚

Despite being sick, I did manage to fix up my print books. I squished them. I hated to do it but I did it. I reformatted all of them to single space with a hanging indent between paragraphs. It shorted the books by A LOT. Enough for me to justify saying ‘ok’ to ‘Expanded Distribution’ especially now that CreateSpace a/k/a Amazon offers a ‘discount coupon’ for resellers. Now the novels, when available broadly, will have prices competitive with but not as low as those on Amazon.com. I fixed a few covers too. Smashwords didn’t like the cover for the combo set so I came up with this one instead.


I’m billing it as “the no-box set” LOL. You know how I can’t stand morons calling combination downloads of books “box sets”…ebooks don’t come in a friggin’ box!šŸ™‚

I made yet another header for the site/FB/Blog…all match now and look pretty sharp, especially on the site where it’s tightened up quite a bit


Yeah, I know, I know. I still couldn’t resist. Yes, I’m still waiting for the law suit.šŸ˜‰

I also made the “official announcement” on FB: “Kingdoms of War” has been delayed indefinitely. Sorry guys & gals. I don’t know when it will happen but I’m tired of forcing it so…you’ll have to just stick with me a while longer. With any luck at all it will be worth it.

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