Let’s start with the important information….Google is changing. Yes it is. Google is watching out for your privacy now. Don’t laugh it’s kinda true. Web Masters and Mistresses, Dabblers and Wannabes take heed; The Keyword is no longer available to you through Google. That’s right, one of the things we pride ourselves on, keep track of, tweak endlessly, and use the trends to the best of our ability, the trusty Keyword is leaving us.


Google is now encrypting that information so web mistresses like me can’t see it. You may think that’s a good thing and I kinda agree but, for me, it’s a really bad thing. If I can’t see the words you typed in to get to my site I don’t know if you found relevant information or just crap. I don’t know if you actually searched for ME by typing ‘Lisa Beth Darling’ into Google of if you were just looking for ‘free ebooks’. If I don’t know that information I can’t track it, I can’t trend it, I can’t update it. In other words; Staying Relevant just got a whole lot harder. I imagine that it won’t be long before dumping of the Keyword META Tag will be The Thing To Do.

These are the current Keywords in my METAs on the site’s home page: lisa beth darling,lisa darling,dark romance,adult romance,romance books,romance stories,ebooks,ares, god of war,of war series,the heart of war,adult,novel,book,ebook,fiction

It’s like Fishing…the good kind, not like Phishing. You bait your hook with Keywords instead of worms and hope people bite–come into the site and hang out a while. You try to use the keywords that are the most relevant to your site. You can’t have too many of them. From what I can glean optimum is between 10-20 shorter than that you might not get picked up, longer than that it might get ignored. Same for the “content” META Tag. And, yes, of course, both Keyword and Content METAs should be very similar using as many of the same words as possible AND the first paragraph on your site should also contain those same Keywords. All that, combined with your verification codes for Google and Bing, will get you indexed the easiest. Your ranking depends on that because it depends on people being able to find you. THEN it’s all about how many people hit in for you and how many other places (not ‘guest blogs’ in the case of authors) link to you…not how many places you link to! It’s all a big rigmarole and a royal PITA that’s built upon the Keyword which has now been taken away.


I guess I should just go back to shouting the URL in the street or something.πŸ˜›

No…no…wait! Wait!

Oh yeah. If you DO use Google Web Master…and you SHOULD! You should be registered, up and running, and checking in at least once a month! SO IF you DO use Google WebMaster…oh looky! Keywords! Yep, from there you can still breakdown the keywords people use to find your site FROM Google. I think. Not from Bing or Yahoo or YourFavoriteSearchEngine. So if you use a program like StatCounter like I do then for keywords, it’s obsolete for Google and you’ll have to use Google WebMaster.

Now let’s stay with the Internet…kinda…even as we move off it and into My Town. Yep, Good Ol’ New London the Little City I Love To Hate.πŸ˜‰

Downtown’s not doin’ good. Nope. Lots of businesses are a closin’. In a way it reminds me of my youth. Lots a business did a closin’ then too. Lots of white-washed windows and vacant stores. Yep. Sure was. Mostly that was the fault of Captain’s Walk. Once Upon a Time, the City of New London took State Street (once the Heart of Downtown New London) and closed it off. Yep. In their Infinite Wisdom they closed the whole damn thing, bricked it right over, blocked off both ends, and made it Walk Only…hence the renaming of Captain’s Walk.

Are you laughing yet? Shaking your head? Scratching it?

Yeah. I know.

But, to be fair, they did build parking garages too.

Stop laughing!!!πŸ™‚

Nobody wants to park in a parking garage…nobody. Studies bear that out, ya know. They’re seen as dingy, dark, dirty, unsafe, and crime ridden little hovels. So it doesn’t matter how ‘convenient’ (which it never is) or how ‘inexpensive’ (which it never is) the place happens to be…no one will want to use it unless they absolutely positively HAVE TO.

Yeah, it didn’t take long for stores to close. Nope. But that’s mostly because, since pickin’s were very easy, the crime rate went up right along the same time. Funny, huh? Weird. How could anyone possibly have foreseen such a thing?

Ok, skip ahead to 2014.

Businesses are closing downtown, some that have been there between 50-70 YEARS. That’s sad. It really is tragic.

And, naturally, it’s ALL Mayor Daryl Finizio’s fault damnit!

No, it’s not, not by a long shot but if you listen to a small vocal group that nasty outsider bastard took a very beautiful and bountifully prosperous city and turned it into Skid Row…or something like that.

He didn’t. Duh.

Honestly, it’s really just a Sign of the Times.

Klingerman Travel is considering moving away from New London after 52 years. Awwwwww. That’s heartbreaking. But, my guess would be, they won’t do any better anywhere else because, let’s face it, who uses a travel agent anymore? We have Expedia and Travelocity and TriVago and Priceline and…who in their right mind uses the travel agent? In my humble opinion this industry is destined to go by the wayside for domestic travel. Foreign travel they might hold on to a small market…maybe.

The Book-A-Zine CLOSED! OMG! The PORN STORE CLOSED! Holy Shit! Now THAT’S BAD! Seriously, from the bottom of Aunty Moon’s aging heart…that’s bad! You might think people aren’t having SEX anymore!

They are.

The Book-A-Zine was the epitome of a “dirty bookstore” in every possibly way. But mostly it was just plain old filthy. Nasty. Disgusting. Only the most hard-up perv would go in there. Yes, despite the tales of ‘booths’ and ‘upstairs rooms’, I did venture inside but we discussed that in detail in a different blog entry.πŸ˜‰ It was a place that you would never want anyone to see you coming/going from because it was just icky. BUT, here’s the rub, for many decades it was the ONLY store of its kind with a 15 mile radius so if you wanted to play you had to go there.

Enter the Internet. Shop in the privacy of your own home.

More importantly….Enter the really NICE Adult Stores in Groton and Buh-Bye Book-A-Zine. It was written in the stars long before the doors closed, in fact I’d venture to say that the second the doors of In The Mood opened the Book-A-Zine’s days were numbered. Say what you want about “the porn store” but it makes big money and even bigger money when it scales up and caters to adults who aren’t afraid of sex or being sensual or exploring their sexual nature. And, ya know, personally, intimate toys aren’t something I can really shop for online (although I’m dying to get something from Adam & Eve!) I like to SEE them, HOLD them, and give them a good once over before plunking down my hard-earned money. And I don’t go ‘cheap’ when it comes to my toys. Nope. That’s the one area I allow myself to indulge.

But on the It Sorta Breaks My Heart side…two long-term drinking/restaurant establishments have also closed; Stash’s Cafe and The Bank Street Cafe. Both had very Rough n Tumble reputations! My Goodness! I didn’t step foot in either place until I was in my 40’s! When I did go in I swear I heard my mother screaming at me to GET OUT of there!

These places catered to bikers or did before Pfizer moved in and then moved out. Both had been plummeting downhill for quite a while before they actually closed. The last time we at Stash’s Cafe we swore we’d never go back it was absolutely HORRIBLE. As for The Bank Street Cafe, well sometimes they had a working kitchen and sometimes they didn’t. It was really Hit or Miss on that one. For me, it’s difficult to go to a bar, hang out (especially before I got my Blu!), drink, and have a good time if there isn’t anything to EAT. Personally, I think it should be a LAW; if you serve alcohol you must serve FOOD. I don’t care what kind, you can microwave hot dogs for all I care but something. Quite a while back the City became Biker Unfriendly when it lost Pappy’s Run and it lost the bikers. The City thought that would be great except the bikers had money. They spent it downtown where they used to hang out at Stash’s and The Bank Street Cafe. They don’t anymore, not so much anyway.

The one business we’ve lost in the last few years that REALLY made me sad was Robert’s Audio. I almost cried when they left downtown. I considered them the Last Bastion of Real Music. They were on Bank Street for more years than I’ve been alive…I’m pretty sure about that one. Not to fear, at least not yet, they moved to Waterford. Sooner or later they will go belly up. iTunes and Beats Audio and such. Then again, with any iota of luck, maybe not, there are still a few true audiophiles in the world. Perhaps enough to keep a place like that in business in the face of the Digital Age.

But, you know, Never Fear The Coast Guard is Here. They’re going to build a new “national” museum downtown on land the City gave them. Yeah. Gave. Hate them so much! Both of them. This museum is going to save New London, or at least downtown, in a few years.


Never mind that they already have a museum that no one ever visits. Who cares about that? This NEW museum will really rake ’em in. Just like the USS Nautilus Museum did in Groton.

(The what?)

(Yeah, you got it, Precious.)

Gee, I miss Captain’s Walk.πŸ˜‰

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