Rights-What Are They

I’ve stayed away from the subject of Arizona until now. Congrats to the governor who proved she could actually get something…anything…right and vetoed the latest big of legislation that would have, in a very round-about, sneaky, and underhanded manner, made it “ok” to discriminate against any member of the General Population who walked into your store front so long as you could find a ‘religious reason’ to be a dick to them.

When I first heard about this the only thing I could think was; Arizona was a state in the 1960s…right? They didn’t miss the Civil Rights Movement, did they? You know that whole nasty upheaval where people marched in the street, were hung from trees, protested, burned crosses, fought, killed, died, and sometime just plain old disappeared in the name of Freedom. It wasn’t in a foreign country. It was right here in the Good Ol’ USA. At the end we, as a country, decided it wasn’t ok. We did appreciate discrimination and we would not tolerate it. We decided it didn’t matter what color your skin was just so long as the money in your pocket was green you could sit at the lunch counter or in the front of the bus or get a drink from a water fountain or walk down the street in broad daylight without fear. These were things all human beings deserved and should not be denied to them based on Race, Creed, Color or Religion.

Yeah, I know, we forgot to add ‘sexual orientation’ to that list when it was originally written. Sue us. We forgot to add a bunch of stuff to the US Constitution too which is why it has been amended so many times since it was originally written. The point is, when we realize our error we try to correct it going forward.

Contrary to misguided belief, the United States is NOT a “Christian Nation” and we never were and we never will be. Grab a history book and research the religious backgrounds of the Founding Fathers. You may be shocked to discover just how many Univerisalists there were among other religions, non-religions, and sects. The Founding Fathers understood the importance of religion but also understood the divisive nature of it which is why we do not now have nor will we ever have a Government Sanctioned Religion. You and me and John Q., we’re all free to worship as we choose.

To worship.

Not to discriminate. Not to push their religious desires and beliefs off on everyone else.

To worship.

We worship in houses designed to do so, among our own groups, and in our own homes. Government doesn’t tell those places they must allow everyone to be a member. The Court of Public Opinion might dictate differently but that’s separate from the Government.

Outside the stage of worship, out here in the Business World and indeed in the Real World, the only things that matter in a business transaction are:
The seller’s ability to deliver quality goods/services
The buyer’s ability to pay

That’s it.

When you open a business to the Public that means EVERYBODY. If you can’t handle EVERYBODY then go work for someone else in some other profession in which you do not have to deal with John Q. Public on a constant basis.

If we start enforcing religious beliefs in the business world where does that stop? I mean, you know, we have to accommodate EVERY religion, not just Christianity, so…..who wants to go first?

Is it ok if the Muslim store owner refuses service to the single woman who walks in? Or to anyone wearing a Star of David?
Is it ok if the Pagan store owner refuses service to anyone displaying a cross or crucifix?
Is it ok if the Jewish store owner refuses service to the Muslim? Or how about just any German that walks in?

There are hundreds of smaller but just as valid religions out there with their own rules and regs so…..Are you getting my point yet?

Worship in your Houses of Worship, at your dinner table, in your sewing circle, in your backyard…whatever. Out in Public you’re just another one of us, just another stranger on the bus. You’re no better and no worse.

If you can’t handle that maybe you should just stay home.

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