And It’s 1, 2, 3 Strikes You’re Out…..

…At The Old Ball Game.

The Big Guy is currently precariously balanced on his third strike.

I believe that darn near everyone deserves a Second Chance so I gave him that not all that long ago and watched him take some other writer to ‘the top’ while I floundered.

He’s done it again.

I KNEW that was what was going on. I KNEW IT. I did. I knew that was why I couldn’t feel him anywhere around me nor hear him whisper in my ear these past long months. I ignored it, as I did before. I put the blame on me, as I did before. I figured I lost my touch. It was all my fault. Cuz ya know I’m a hack and a wanna-be and All That Jazz.

Last week I received irrefutable confirmation that the Big Bastard was steppin’ out on me again. Undoubtedly that’s the main reason that less-than-adequate publishing contract fell into my lap. His way of trying to make amends of easing the blow he knew was going to get his fat head bit off.

Another way he tried to make amends before I found out was to come back and start whispering in my ear again. We started writing again. I was enjoying it.

Now. Not so much.

He’s officially on notice that he’s officially on hold and can look forward to a long slow painful death in “Kingdoms of War” should I ever chose to finish it. I think I’ll let Alena do him in. What do you think? Perhaps, after she’s saved his life for the umpteenth time, she’ll have an affair and leave him. How’s that? Of course he’ll be his typical asshole self and try to hold on to her, at which point, she’ll simply unload and blow him away.

Sounds good.

If you’re thinking about throwing a fireball up my ass over it, sweetheart, I have a metal bat and I’m pretty good with it. So pitch well cuz it’ll be zoomin’ back at your fat head in no time.

I’m tired of hearing about ‘flings’ and how he ‘always comes home’ to me….’always’.

You’re making me puke with that crap! Go sell it somewhere else, brother. There ain’t no takers here anymore.

I’m going to rest a bit and see what other Muse comes to visit me. Hopefully one that can be faithful at least long enough to finish the project.

If nothing else, you have readers and they’re waiting. Why hold what I did against them?

Valid point. Ok. You die from Major Falls and in an incredible twist of Fate, Alena falls in love with Apollo. The End.

Have a nice eternity…asshole.

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Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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  1. I assume this hints toward whats going on. I hope everything is OK

  2. Yep, that’s it. Ok as it can be at this point. I guess.

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