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Quite often sucks! LOL

I’ve been making tons of changes over the last 24 hours and sort of, I dunno, “circling the wagons” I guess that’s a good way to put it. I’m doing several things just for my own sanity because I can’t take them one more moment! I really can’t.

I dumped a lot of people from my personal Facebook Page. If they were paying attention they got warning if not then they didn’t. I went through and dumped people I 1-didn’t know, 2-was never in contact with, 3- ‘friended’ me just cuz we’re both authors, 4-sent out more ads for their crap than you can shake a stick at.

I understand ‘networking’ and throwing the word out to Facebook. We all have to do it. I do it. I try to do it either in one big blast so I annoy the fuck out of people over the space of a single hour for promotional purposes. Then…I go away…for DAYS. But not them, it was a constant barrage of books and “buy me”. It was…depressing. Then it felt degrading. Then it became annoying. Then it was downright infuriating! And I wanted to grab my monitor, shake it, and scream: “Will you people just shut the fuck up!”

So…. I chucked that shit. I dumped people, pages, and groups that just sort of flooded me or annoyed me or whose work I didn’t freakin’ like anyway and I didn’t know why we were ‘friends’ except…we’re both authors.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t ‘unfriend’ ALL of the authors, bloggers, pages, publishers blahblahblah….I did keep some. I kept the ones who I’ve built an honest rapport with or whose posts I’ve just come to enjoy seeing in my feed. But, that’s what I wanted anyway. I want to use my personal Facebook page to stay in touch with friends and goof around and just generally be me. I don’t want to be bombarded by ads and promo 24/7. I have a Fan Page for that so I directed people to ‘like’ it, if they did then that’s great, we’ll bug the crap out of each other under our Fan Pages–which I vow to use more often, to ‘like’ things more often, and ‘friend’ more often, and to do the ‘group’ thing more often.

Yes, if you’re wondering, yes, oh my yes, the first author to go was the one who pissed me off and was the catalyst for something that was a long time coming. She was just the final straw. The bitch even has my initials. How do you like that? In fact, if you read her bio, you might think she was me. Kinda freaky and as disconcerting as it is enraging on so many levels. So yeah that’s where the very first blow of the ax fell. Yeppers.

Any-hoo….after going through a round of piggish piracy with an author friend who busts her ass just like me and gets damn little for it in the form of cash just like me. I belong to a few anti-piracy groups. I was always worked up and just itching for places to unload so….I took down ALL of the EBOOKS for the OF WAR Series. ALL of them. Everywhere. For the foreseeable future one can only purchase it in paperback. If “Kingdoms” ever does release it will be in paperback. That’s it for at least the first six months.

I also deleted my mailing list. So, if you were a member of that you aren’t any longer. I got the link off my site. I got the links to Kindle/Nook/blahblahblah off the main pages for each novel. “Christmas Eve on Olympus” has always been too short to put in print and it remains a $0.99 ebook on all retailers. I also unhooked Ye Olde Blog from Twitter, Amazon, GoodReads, FaceBook, and Google+. Oh yeah, and I pretty much deleted my GoodReads profile. I almost dumped my Twitter account altogether, I mean I don’t really use the damn thing cuz I don’t particularly understand it so….but it was saved. Why, I dunno.

Back to the ebooks and the piracy issue for a moment. I spent most of this afternoon looking at pirate sites and tracking down lists of pirate sites looking for my books. It seems I have a different idea of a “pirate site” then some other people. I don’t think a “cloud” or “driveway” type of site is actually a “pirate” site. I don’t like what they’re doing either but it’s hard for me to say that it’s ‘wrong’ for someone WHO PURCHASED a book to upload it to their stupid “cloud” and share it with their friends. I think it’s a bit shitty but I don’t think those people have ill intent. At least I like to think they’re just stupid/ignorant rather than malicious.

Then there are real Pirate Sites out there that simply specialize in ripping off the artist. There’s 2 kinds of them. The first does it FREE and the second wants you to PAY. So, you may not even know you’re downloading pirated copies of books! You may think it’s a legitimate site but it’s not. What balls on some people, huh? Big brass ones, baby.

I want to speak to thee individuals who frequent the first type of pirate site for a moment: We have bills just like you. We need to eat just like you. Our kids need shoes just like yours. So if you wouldn’t work for free, what gives you the right to expect me to do it? What…you’re cheap? You’re broke? You’re poor? Join the fucking club. We all like to get something for nothing but stealing is still wrong and illegal. When you stop to consider that the majority of us ‘sell’ our work for $2.99 or LESS and we’re very often found running contests, taking part in blog hops, and otherwise just GIVING IT AWAY…well what kind of dipshit does that make YOU? Honestly, grow up.

Thankfully, during my search today I didn’t find my books on a single site! No, I didn’t! Woot! For as often as someone hits this blog or my website by searching something along the lines of ‘lisa beth darling free’ or ‘heart of war free online’ or ‘heart of war free download’ and all of the rest I would have thought it would be in far more places. BUT I noticed something when I first started using Google to look for my books and myself that way; MY blog posts on this subject come up FIRST. So whomever comes in from something like that, the first thing they get is me in their face telling them what a self-entitled asshole they are.

Go Me.

BUT, as I searched and didn’t find, I started to become torn. I mean either I’ve done an awesome job locking down my books–which this last year or so I have but I was not always so careful and I’ve given away hundreds and hundreds of ebooks–OR…I do totally suck and no one will even download me for FREE! That sucks, huh? Yeah. It does.

So…if you should find any of my works on any type of “pirate site” I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know. I won’t make any judgments. I won’t ask why you were on that site. It’s not my business. Just, if you’re an actual friend or if you just like me some way, let me know so I can be aware. Be a pal, huh? Grease the Wheels of Karma, that’s always a good thing. AND I signed up for a “free trial” on a site that claims to search for books for you. The goal of this site is to help authors track down pirates. It will be interesting to see if it comes back with anything and if so, what.

The Big Guy and I have been talking. Well, we’ve been ‘having words’….not many good words either.
He says I’m too much like ‘my mother’.
I say I’m too much like him and he wouldn’t put up with me if the tables were turned.
He throws ‘Colonel Kevin T. Smith’ in my face.
Yeah. Right. Rethink, sweetheart, rethink.

Last night I dreamed I was in a castle. I was there on a bet that I wouldn’t spend the night because it’s haunted. Duh, I’ll jump at anything like that in Real Life so I did in the Dream World. I can remember looking at the heavy doors; monstrous and black with wrought iron re-enforcing them, they had to be twenty feet high. I walked in, some woman wished me luck and said she’d see me in the morning. I went to close the doors thinking they were going to be very heavy and hard to move but they swung exceedingly easily. I went to lock them but there was no lock and no crossbar. Then I saw two turnkeys embedded in the space between the doors and the jamb. They were brass and well worn. I thought they were strange but I turned them and the doors locked. I went walk further inside the old castle and suddenly heard the wonk-wonk of a truck horn, a big truck, a semi. I turned the turnkeys, I opened the door, there was a semi, red cab with black pinstripe and a white trailer. The headlights were very bright I raised my hand to my eyes and shouted out over the engine; “What do you want? You’re lost.” The driver leaned out the window and it took me a moment to realize who it was, he just sat there, chewing gum like a cow with its cud, staring at me from behind mirrored sunglasses. Then he smiled. He looked just a long haul trucker! Flannel shirt, baseball cap, needed a shave….totally weird.

Two things hit me at once; one, the dueling banjos from “Deliverance” and, two, the movie “Dual”. Both movies I HATE. They give me the chills. I never want to see them again. I don’t even like thinking about them!

He just kept smiling at me and chewing that gum.

I dashed back inside, I slammed the doors, turned the turnkeys and didn’t hear the engine anymore. I breathed a sigh of relief. Turned around and;

“Really? A door?”

I saw him for a split second, he dashed toward me, grabbed me…I don’t remember anything else.

Well, that’s all the News That’s Fit To Print.

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  1. Don’t sweat it, woman. We have all cleaned house on FB from time-to-time. You just have to or it gets to be too much. I did it too, not that long ago, with all of the FB pages I was a ‘member’ of. I couldn’t believe how many pages I had ‘liked’ over the years and it just got ridiculous. Mostly, I removed tons of political pages I had ‘liked/joined’ as it just got too depressing seeing all of those posts constantly, every day. So, do what you have to do to keep your sanity. We all totally understand.🙂

  2. It was way too much! I just couldn’t do it anymore. I lost track of my actual friends and it was driving me crazy!!!!! Thanks for understanding my plight🙂

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