Take Your Time Do It Right

We actually did get the elliptical machine yesterday. Yep. We drove up to Occum, picked it up, the darn thing slid into the back of the Explorer like it was made for it. Didn’t have to take it apart or anything just tie down the hatch, that was it. The lady who owned it was very nice and the second I saw her I thought of my ‘Alena’. She had the most beautiful silver/white hair, smooth skin, and twinkling eyes. She also had a decent body…not that I was checking her out or anything but, still, I thought; I want to look like her when I’m her age. That’s why I’m buying this damn thing. šŸ™‚

I was fortunate enough to get the price down from $400 to $300, hubby didn’t want to ‘deal’ but, why not? Why do we keep watching “Pawn Stars” and “Pickers” if we’re not going to learn anything from them? She was happy to accept the $300 just to get it out of her basement. As it so happens, we had $348.00 in the bank account. So….it’s like Fate wanted us to have it.

It really is. We’ve been looking for one for a long time and they were either way too expensive or way too huge. I always wondered how we’d get them home and if they would even fit in the room. When we saw this one


Well, as you can see, it’s a perfect fit for its intended space. By the end of the week we’ll find a TV to put on the desk. Hubby will hook up his xBox and my Wii to it, I’ll bring down my hand weights and my Thigh Master, we’ll finally have that nice little Game/Workout Room we’ve been wanting. Although it’s rather basic I suppose it’s also rather cool. It tells you how many calories you’ve burned, how far you’ve gone, what speed you’re traveling, how long you’ve been at it, and your heart rate. It also has settings for Weight Loss and Performance. If you use those then pretty much the machine takes over and you have to keep up with it or fall off.šŸ™‚

We played around with it a little last night and then had tacos and watched “Star Trek”. I got up this morning determined to use it before sitting down here at Ye Olde Computer–I figure I’ll use it a few minutes every morning after hubby leaves for work and before I have to do the same then again when I come home. I got on it and heard;

OK, I know you’re not talking to me over the book stuff still but you ARE going to listen to me here, got it?


BUT he’s still the expert on the fitness subject. So I listen. We agreed to do 5 minutes, that’s it. 5 minutes. We’d do it at a nice pace.

Canter…I said canter.

I’m not a bleedin’ horse!

But, yes, that is what he said. A nice canter. So I started and the next thing I knew my right thigh was screaming the way it tends to do. I wanted to stop.

Sing along with John Foggerty, c’mon, ‘We’re goin’ up around the bend…’ No, don’t look at the timer, eyes up and forward.

So I sang along and I didn’t look down and my thigh kept screaming. Oh it hurt so much! Just that one spot too…weird, huh?

Hey! I thought we agreed on a slow canter, huh? You’re going too fast. Slow down.

It took a bit of effort, believe it or not, but I did slow down in a few seconds and got back down to that slow canter. Then I saw there was a minute and half to go before reaching the 5 minute mark and thought; Well, that wasn’t so bad.

Hummm, we’ll discuss again in another 90 seconds…keep going, nice and slow, even, keep an even pace, keep going.

He was right. I sooo wanted to quit right around the last 45 seconds! My thigh was killing me.

Keep singing, you got this, c’mon, ‘Doctor my eyes….’

With the help of The Big Guy and Jackson Browne I hit the 5 minute mark without stopping.šŸ™‚

We went on to do 5 more minutes like that. Not too shabby. I had no illusions about doing a full half hour right off the bat, none. We’re not just burning calories and trading fat for muscle here, more than anything else, we’re building up endurance, which I sorely lack from having smoked so long. So singing while using that thing is really a huge help. It keeps me breathing whereas I have to tendency to hold my breath–I don’t know why–and the Big Guy doesn’t like it when I do that. So….I know it’ll be a week or more before I get up to that. When that happens and I start doing with it relative ease then I’ll use the Weight Loss settings and see what the machine does.

I had to walk around the first floor for a few minutes before I was allowed to sit down. I was chastised for reaching for a fresh cup of coffee right after getting off the machine, and suffered with my thigh still screaming. My legs were rubbery and right now my thigh tingles as though there’s ice on it. I have no idea why it’s just the front part of my right thigh when everything else about my legs feels just fine.

All I want is for my thighs not to touch. That’s all. Really. Honestly. It drives me fucking CRAZY! I HATE it! It even wakes me up in the middle of the night. The day I can see daylight between them again will be a Red Letter Day for sure.

We’ll get there 5 to 10 minutes at a time for now.

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  1. Ok, as a professional sport massage therapist (ooh, that sounds like I actually know what I’m talking about),

    I would recommend stretching and hydration. Yes, that means WATER – not coffee. When you were done, it was good that you kept moving. No one who finishes a marathon just sits down right away and neither should you. Post exercise is the best time to stretch. The stretching and water will help the most in your recovery.

  2. Yah, in my head I kept hearing him tell me we couldn’t sit down, we had to walk around a little and cool down. Silly, I know! LOL I know I should of had water. When I did my second ten minutes I had cranberry juice after and a Special K Protein bar before. Altogether I’ve been on that thing 20 minutes today. I will try stretching after maybe once the Wii gets downstairs I can do some of the yoga poses after the machine.

    Yes, of course you know what you’re talking about! You’re a highly trained professional!

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