Just Me I Guess

When I was younger than today one thing I repeatedly swore I would NEVER do was the; “Back in my day” or “When I was your age”. I did. I swear.

The older I get the less I’m able to keep that promise to myself. Funny, huh? Who’d a thunk it?๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s just start by showing you my age. Most of you KNOW I’m 47 but here’s a visual

I can name the make for almost all of those cars! I posted this pic to my FB page yesterday and it went WILD! My friends went nuts remembering the ‘good old days’ at the New London Mall. I was tickled to bring them so many happy memories with just one picture. AND I discovered Two Guys was not a ‘local’ store. It was a chain of some type. Friends outside of New London piped up to say they also had fond memories of Two Guys. Although, in my New England accent when I say ‘Two Guys’ most people look at me and say; “What’s a Ta-guise?” LOL

And one more picture just for fun and reference๐Ÿ˜‰

We didn’t have any “advisory warning” and YES, damnit! Pete Townshend croons; “Ahhhh, who the fuck are you?” And Steve Miller declares he doesn’t “want to get caught up in any of that funky shit going down in the city.” I don’t give a crap what anybody says Telsa, at least, decries the “Signs” that are “fucking up the scenery” along with the “fucking sign” they made up for the Lord to tell Him that they’re “alive and doin’ fine”. The Five Man Electrical Band may have had slightly different words but Tesla did not.๐Ÿ˜‰

I digress, as always. LOL

Now, Back in My Day we were totally terrified by….the measles. Nope. We weren’t. Not at all. In fact, we didn’t really think much of it other than to say that ourselves or one of our friends was going to be out of school 7-10 days and when they came back they’d probably still look like they had a bad case of acne. That was about it. Same for chicken pox and mumps. They were simply considered part of growing up; you got them, you were miserable, you put up with it, eventually they went away. For the most part it was No Harm No Foul.

Yesterday, my local news channel posted to their Facebook page that there are currently 2…that’s right TWO…cases of the measles in the State of Connecticut. Do you know what? People went batshit insane! I can only wish that I was joking, really I WISH I was joking. You would have thought the news just reported two cases of SARS or Anthrax or even the Black Death.


Seriously, there’s just no other word for it anymore.


Not just pussies…STUPID pussies. Man, if you read those comments you’d think the measles was THE WORST thing that could EVER happen to someone! More than that you’d think those two kids were at death’s door. AND you’d think there hadn’t been a case of the measles since The Dark Ages. This is a “dreaded disease” and it was “eradicated ages ago!”



I am older than dirt!

Worse than that, people kept remarking on the ‘poor thing’ (the baby pictured with the article) and how ‘hideous’ the marks were. The kid is not scarred. He simply has the measles. That’s all. There’s a 99% chance he’s gonna be just fine. I looked at those responses and wondered if any of them knew just how hysterical they sounded or ridiculous or just plain….like a pussy. A stupid little pussy. I had to tell those…people…this wasn’t even news worthy and, btw, has anybody found that MISSING JETLINER YET? In the end, I actually called them sheep before I exited the thread.

Is it not possible that something as almost silly as the measles made us stronger? Gave us some intestinal fortitude? Maybe even some character?

Not that I’d know…I wouldn’t. I have never had the measles or chicken pox or the mumps or whooping cough or scarlet fever or any of that crap. It wasn’t necessarily because I was vaccinated against them because ‘getting vaccinated’ back in my day wasn’t what my kids have to go through today. We got one shot. ONE and that was it. Ok, the one shot had four or five needles on it. It did! In one good pop we were vaccinated against said disease sans chicken pox–there was no vaccine for that when I was young(er). I think I was…I dunno…six? Seven? Yeah maybe seven or eight. It was definitely early elementary school anyway when, practically, the whole neighborhood was dragged downtown, waited in line, and made to get vaccinated. The Great State of Connecticut mandated booster shots in high school or we couldn’t graduate. No shit. We would be unable to complete our senior year if we did not comply.

In between those events many my friends did get the measles and the chicken pox and the mumps. I don’t think anyone I know got scarlet fever. They did get mono but that was a tiny bit later in life. Funny thing…not one of them died. Nope. Some of them have already passed on, that’s true, but it wasn’t from the measles. I state again I have never had any of those disease and that includes mono.

That’s wonderful (I guess) because it seems that getting the measles is the worst freakin’ thing that could ever possibly happen to someone. Glad I escaped unscathed. And yeah, no, I haven’t had a ‘booster shot’ since high school. In fact, I haven’t had ANY shots (other than those what come in a glass) since high school. So I’m guessing those have worn off by now. I could be wrong. Probably not.

Back to that character building thing. You know, when I write I write some DARK shit. I do. I own it and I love it. Mostly because others don’t dare go where I do cuz they’re…oh yeah…pussies. Nah, that’s not true–no, they are pussies, not that–I do it because I honestly believe that it is only within the dark times of our lives where our character is created and defined.

Maybe even within something as small and insignificant as getting the measles for 7-10 days.

We’ve created an entire generation of pussies. No lie. Didn’t you hear about the family that let its CAT chase them into a bedroom, keep them there, and had to be rescued by the POLICE?

So these pussies can’t even handle cats anymore! WTF?

Moreover, they can’t handle their kids. If you’re familiar with the story then you know it began when their infant pulled the cat’s tail. That seems innocuous enough but, back in my day, when our tykes pulled an animals’ tail, they got their hand smacked and told ‘NO’ then they were made to PET the animal as we said ‘nice kitty’ or ‘nice puppy’ and ‘be nice to him, nice, be nice’. We didn’t smack their hands incredibly hard, we didn’t leave bruises or break bones but it was enough to induce tears and wail or two. In teaching them to ‘be nice’ we aided our kids on their journey through life.

Know how we did that?

We were THERE when they pulled the cat’s tail.

I don’t know where that Mom and Dad were or why they didn’t intervene at that point. Chances are the cat didn’t immediately turn around and become Attack Kitty on the baby. Every single cat I’ve ever known along with every single dog has put up with a good amount of crap from an infant and looked to its master for help, yelped, hissed, cried, and so on way before going all Ninja and shit. Me thinks Mom and Dad were not very close by.

Why should they be? It’s only a baby. It’s not like it’s something important like a video game or texting with your best bud.


Then when they finally noticed there was a problem one of them boots the cat in the ass.



But then to actually RUN from the CAT with your DOG “fleeing for your life” from THE CAT and CALL THE COPS! OMG…shoot those parents now! Just shoot ’em and the dog too. Give that sweet baby to someone with a brain and balls who will raise it to be a competent adult not someone who expects an award just for showing up.

The cat had more sense and intestinal fortitude than those pussies walking around believing themselves to be adult human beings.

On a closing note, I’d like to get back to that missing jetliner. Did anybody else out there go to Google and look up the Flight# for that Oceanic plane that went down several years ago??? I know I did. Not the same number. Nope. Darn. I keep tellin’ hubby that the searchers should not be looking for a plane or wreckage, they need to be looking for a disappearing/reappearing island.๐Ÿ™‚ C’mon, face it, this IS “LOST” come to life.

Damn, I loved that show. I still miss it, all these years later and I still miss it more than any other show I’ve ever watched.

I know, I shouldn’t joke. Those poor folks are probably dead. However, I doubt it was an act of terrorism as the news would like you to subliminally believe.

I can’t help but wonder if they’re on “the island” somewhere. I really can’t.

Then again, I think maybe we’re all stuck on “the island” and ‘Jacob’ is losing fast.

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