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Well, I think we may get back on track with “Kingdoms of War”. Yes, finally, I know. We had a lot of things to discuss after his firm ass got caught fooling around on me…again. I almost didn’t go back to him. I almost let the whole thing fall by the wayside right here in the final act. He broke my heart…again.

Yet it’s impossible for me to stay mad at him forever no matter how hard I try. So we argued, fussed, fought, begged, pleaded, and eventually made up for good just yesterday. In the tub, of course. Where else would we kiss and make up? I even put his handsome self back on my desktop. Yeah you know I’m pissed when I can’t stand to even look at him! LOL.

So, today, we’re going to rip the story apart. Yep. We’re going to start all over again. We’ll probably be able to salvage 80% of it in one form or another but the beginning chapters are hitting the road. We have a whole new beginning one we fiddled around before and then ignored but we’re going to dive into the deep end and hope we can still swim. We’re still deciding if we’re going to start on our island or on Plum Island but either way it will start with and focus on Raven rather than Ares and Alena. Hopefully, in the end, it will show his mindset, get him to redemption faster, move the story along and make it all a bit a tighter. I’ll let you know how we progress and which island we choose. In any event and with any luck whatsoever we will find our way back to Writing For Us and not for You. Sorry about that, don’t be insulted, those of you who are in the know are already aware that we do our best work and have the most fun when we’re writing simply for our own amusement with no strings and no demands.

I miss that. A lot.

Of course, helping with all of this is my new exercise routine and my faithfully taking the Pepcid, Ginseng, and Acidophilus. That stuff is awesome. Really it is. If you have digestive issues the way I do forget the yogurt and the fancy probiotic that cost an arm and a leg. Get thee to the herbal section of thy local grocery store or pharmacy. My tummy hasn’t felt this good in months! The elliptical is giving me energy–along with Ginseng–even as it makes me tired and achy. LOL All-in-All that’s going along very well. I know it hasn’t been that long but my jeans already fit a little looser and I’m feeling sexy again and that makes me feel randy again. In other words; I feel like me even though I’m still getting old over here.

Another thing that’s helping is that I’m finding my books have been pirated very little. Still not sure that’s truly a good thing but at least I’m not getting ripped off left and right. I think having all of that experience before diving back into publishing all-original fiction truly helped. I was already aware of just how much and in what manners people steal so I did my best to lock things down from the beginning. MUSO hasn’t come back with a single file yet, which is as nice as it is disconcerting in this day and age. LOL I think I found most of the pirate sites last year and most of them heeded my demands for removal.

E-books of the OF WAR Series returned to Kindle. It seems B&N may be moving away from its e-reader and is planning on putting far less money into the Nook in the coming year. Sales over there have never been great so I didn’t put the books back there. I also have not returned them to Smashwords which, unfortunately, means they are unavailable in iBooks, Kobo, Diesel, and a few other smaller places. I am not planning on returning them to All Romance Ebooks where sales were the most abysmal. So, for now, the OF WAR Series is exclusively on Kindle although it is not a Kindle Select Exclusive. Not yet. I may sell through my site again but if I do I’ll make it work for me. Right now the books are $3.99 each on Kindle, I’ll sell for $2.99 on my site, Kindle will catch wind of it and automatically reduce the price over there to $2.99 but it will look as though people are getting a nice little discount so they will be more apt to buy over there.

Lastly, I started cleaning house on FaceBook again. It seems there’s some type of new trend whereby an author spends probably hours stealing the right graphic off the web and putting some excerpt of their over it. The problems there are 1-when someone steals our work we bitch our heads off over it so why should we do it to someone else? A photographer’s work is just as important to them as our stories are to us. 2-they seem to spend more time putting this thing together than they do writing the excerpt. One that crossed my feed yesterday had the man ‘growling’ no less than 5 times in a single paragraph. I was also treated to a kissing scene in which ‘her lips tasted like Crest because she just brushed her teeth’.


Then there are the ‘writers’ who can’t tell the difference between their, there, and they’re or between too and to (sometimes even two). It’s annoying. Very bothersome to someone who’s been at this as long as I have. I complained that the curve had been brought down so low that one could walk over it now. There is no ‘bar’ and no one bothers to ‘aim high’ any longer.

OK, that’s not true of every single ‘writer’ out here but it’s becoming more and more prevalent. I knew that we were on the downward slide when my girls were in school and their spelling was never corrected by teachers. I had to do it and I did do it. When I complained about that to teachers I was promptly told “That’s what spell check is for.” I can only wish I was kidding on that one! I’ve been the Human Dictionary for my kids all their lives, not only are they unable to spell they can’t use the dictionary or the phone book! Know why? Alphabetizing wasn’t taught either. I tried. I really did but since I’m just ‘mom’ my girls didn’t feel they should listen to meager ol’ me over their teachers.

Every day some POS comes through my feed that’s grammatically incorrect, misspelled, sloppy, and simply not well thought out.

It’s very disheartening to those of us who struggle to put forth a good book. It’s demeaning and degrading and depressing as hell. So I’m getting rid of them…again. One writer took exception and even offense at what I had to say. She basically asserted the worn out adage that If You Can’t Say Something Nice Don’t Say Anything At All. I do adhere to that adage in certain situations but not here necessarily. She said she hoped I didn’t mean what I said and that my account had been hacked! LOL I told her I meant every word of it and if she couldn’t take it then she didn’t have a thick enough skin to be putting her work out here.

In this business you not only need skin that’s thick as leather you also need as asbestos suit. People are not obligated to tell you you’re great. The vast majority of us have received our share of bad reviews. There’s a difference between a bad review and someone who is ‘bullying’ you. A huge difference. I have lots of first-hand experience with both. Unfortunately, no one is obligated to offer “constructive criticism”. Nope.

Yeah, no, I’m not saying I’m a great author or anything like that but at least I honestly try. I screw up. I make tons of typos and do find myself reusing the same word but I go back and find alternative words when I discover I’m doing that or when I go back and edit. I don’t leave him growling 5 times in 3 seconds and think its Shakespeare.

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