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That video was a half a second away from absolute perfection. It really was and I never say anything is ‘perfect’ because I firmly ‘perfection’ is an unattainable goal. There will always be at least some teeny tiny thing wrong with just about every darn thing under the sun. Mostly, after I uploaded it I realized I totally forgot to give credit to Bad Company! UGH! Shame, shame, shame. So I went back and fixed that. Tweaked a few other minor things and now….looks around sheepishly for the Sword of Damocles….it’s really kinda perfect.πŸ™‚

Watch me get sued now.😦

FREE copies of OF WAR 1&2 are flying off the virtual shelves. We were up to #23 in ‘sagas’. Not too shabby. I managed to get a boatload of my FB friends and contacts to toss out the link for me. Woot!

Yeah, I know, I know….when am I gonna make the REST of it free?

Dunno. Maybe around June 21st or so “Christmas Eve on Olympus” and “Rising Son” will become a combination pack and be offered free on Kindle. I finally found the secret there. Make combo packs (NOT boxed sets of ebooks!) Upload those to Kindle only thereby making them Kindle Select Exclusives and have fun. Keep the novels on ALL other channels. Win-Win. So…Nook and them won’t get the OF WAR 1&2 Combo Pack but they DO still have ALL of the solo novels. See? What a PITA but so far so good.πŸ™‚

Hey! Guess what! That exercise…is paying off. I put a pair of stretchy jeans away just for today cuz they’re green and it’s St. Paddy’s Day AND because the last time I put them on I felt like an overstuffed sausage! I really did. ICK! I didn’t want to wear them again and I was soooo disgusting because 1-they’re Gloria Vanderbilts that that I got for a song and 2-they’re size 8! I put them on today and…. Know what? They’re a bit loose! hahahahaha I slid right into them buttoned them up and wasn’t gasping for air. It’s wonderful! In the shower this morning hubby said; “Your butt’s moving up.” WOOT! Even some of my dimples are ‘filling in’ according to him. YEAH!

I’m not going crazy with it. Just whenever I think of it and for however long I want to do it. Last night it was late when I got around to it but I forced myself to do 5 quick minutes on the elliptical (still getting winded and that’s worse than sore legs but it doesn’t hurt to walk up and down stairs anymore so I guess that’s something!) but then I played Wii tennis and bowling for a half hour. That’s fun. I love the tennis. I keep taking my pills every morning. All is well. However, I’m told that the thighs not touching thing is mostly an unattainable goal AND it isn’t all that healthy. So, I guess my thighs might touch a while longer but if I can just get them to stop overlapping I’ll be happy. LOL And little sunlight between them is a good thing although I admit I have seen several women/models whose thighs were too skinny…toothpicks…no good. So I’m aiming for something between a Weeble and a toothpick.

Right now…I get to fix Chapter Three and Ares and Alena are about to have SEX! OMG! This is awesome. We might actually get this damn novel out around mid-summer. Don’t hold your breath or nothing but maybe. I’ll keep you posted on the finale is coming along.

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