Sanity in Politics

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking; Moonie, you’ve gone off the deep end!

I’d be thinking the same thing except I woke up to this article this morning Hospitals and Colleges Would Pay Property Tax Under House Speaker’s Plan


No freakin’ way!!!!

My goodness somebody grew a brain, how the hell did that happen? DAMN!

Any-hoo, under said plan those lovely ‘not-for-profits’ like, ya know, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital Corporation and even Connecticut College, would pay their fair share of taxes. Wouldn’t that be nice? I know it would be great for New London where half of the property has been gobbled up by the greedy disguised as the philanthropic. Granted, in the case of Connecticut College anyway, some ‘nod money’ is given to the City but it’s not much. The tax money we should be getting from them and are not is ‘reimbursed’ by the State of Connecticut at a whopping 32%. Wow! 32%! Geez.

Let me help. If they paid taxes like the rest of us we could expect about 12.5million a year from them whereas we’re currently getting 5.6million in ‘reimbursement’ from the State because these places are too good to pay taxes. Oh yeah, and BTW, that money from the State…that’s us getting our own money back. That’s TAX money. We already paid it on behalf of places like Lawrence & Memorial Hospital and Connecticut College. So it’s not like a gift or anything. It certainly didn’t fall from the heavens.

Of course the hospital and colleges don’t want to pay taxes. I don’t want to pay taxes either. They claim they do so much good for the community that basically they shouldn’t have to pay taxes.


Prove it or Pay up.

If they were made to pay up several things would happen in financially strapped cities like mine; 1-the burden of the home owner would ease so we could spend that money in other ways in our community or we could even save some! 2-all of those businesses that close because of ‘high taxes’ (you know, mom & pop shops) would stick around because they too would pay less taxes which means 3-those places could expand and hire more people so 4-the economy could grow, really grow not this trickle-shit.

It is such a total WIN for cities like mine that some damn jackass will come along with pockets full of cash and put a stop to it. They’ll whine and cry about ‘community good’ without being able to produce any evidence of it and everything will remain crappy Business as Usual.

Yes, Connecticut College does let a few New London residents go to there for free or at reduced cost. That’s nice. But it really only benefits those few kids and I doubt that tuition cost is anywhere near what they would pay in yearly taxes. And L&M admits it doesn’t do shit for the City of New London. They don’t even pay a nominal fee, just a little nod to the City that’s hosted it and bent over backwards for it for over 100 years, just say ‘thanks’ in some meaningless manner. Make no mistake about it, these are businesses just like any other business, there’s nothing particularly special about them. They make a hell of a lot of money. So much so that L&M’s got offshore accounts. Gee….hummmm…never mind that’s another blog post. However, I admit that I would dearly love to watch L&M pay taxes on ALL the land/buildings it’s taken off our tax rolls thinking they were being oh so clever.

While no one is talking about taxing churches yet, I don’t have a problem with houses of worship paying nod money. They do rely on the fire department, the police, the city worker and so on so why shouldn’t they pay for it just like the rest of us? If we had them pay a little nod money maybe it would cut down on the opening of new ‘churches’, some of which are obvious tax dodges to begin with.

Right now I’ll just content myself with the fact that someone in the Statehouse has a brain and it’s working.

Yeah. That’s miracle enough for one day.🙂

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